List of Free code SQL Server


  • ASP.NET MVC Club Site
    This is a club site starter kit using the ASP.NET MVC beta. It is developed using C#, Sql Server Express, and the ASP.NET MVC Framework. Features: Events, Photo Albums, News, Forum, User Management.
  • BugTracker.NET
    BugTracker.NET is a free, open-source, web-based bug or customer support issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server (or its free cousin SQL Server Express). It is in daily use by thousands of development and support teams around the world. BugTracker.NE...
  • DEWD
    DEWD is an Umbraco 4.0 extension used to edit sequential data such as rows in a SQL server database table. It's meant to allow developers to quickly set up user friendly table editing in Umbraco (eg. for editors) without having to write custom code. Written in C#/ASP.NET 3.5.
  • InBiz
    Opensource ERP System written in and for storage SqlServer 2008 used. InBiz targeted for small company to carry out their operation and those for whom proprietary ERP solutions are too ambitious to operate. Though the system targets samall company but the architecture ...
  • Online Invoice System - Open Source Invoicing System (ASP.Net, MVC)
    Online Invoice System is open source free web based invoicing system for any organization developed in ASP.Net, MVC, SQL Server.
  • Open Source ASP.NET Forum
    Comm100 Forum Open Source is the powerful and easy -to-use open source forum software based on ASP.NET and SQL server. You can download the forum package with no limitations for free and install it in your own environment.
  • RMT E-Commerce Website
    Website kit for creating simple websites for RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) businesses. Uses ASP.NET for web frontend and C# with SQL Server 2005 for the backend. Functionality: RMTs can change their profiles. RMTs can change their work schedules/profiles. RMTs can view ...
  • Robs Web Development
    All Projects by Rob using TFS. Current Projects - Online/Offline Media Management. This project is made with Visual studio 2010, sql server 2008 r2 and mvc 3. The goal of this project is to learn new skills in and to manage my media. I'm not a designer, ...
  • SocialBookster :: Social Networking Script
    An open-source social networking script in c# 3.5 with sql server 2005.
  • SQL Connector
    SQL Connector is a .DLL file that make it easy to comunicate with SQL Server Works in : Windows Desktop Applications ASP.Net Web (MVC - WEB Services) Windows c
  • SQL Server Web Admin
    SQL Server Management Studio in ASP.Net ASP.NET SQL SERVER ADMIN SQL Server Management SQL Server Studio SQL Administration SQL Admin SQL management c# SQL Server
  • SQL Web Data Administrator
    The SQL Server Web Data Administrator enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data, wherever you are. Using its built-in features, you can do the following from Microsoft Internet Explorer or your favorite Web browser: * Create and edit databases in SQL Server or Microsoft
  • Student Grading System - Class Grades .NET application
    This ASP.NET - C# web application is a Student Grading System. Its purpose is to record students and grades to prepare progress reports. This application uses a SQL Server database ?ClassGrades?, however the application uses the dbProviderFactory class to be database agno...
  • Web Application Installer
    This project will enable you to build a Windows Installer package (msi) for your Web Application ( / PHP / Perl / MS SQL / MYSQL) within 30 minutes - only by utilizing open source software. featured technologies & tools: WIX MSI Installer WixEdit PHP Tigerduck
  • Web Time Tracker
    A simple web based application to track time for employees and consultants. Chosen Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC Proposed Technologies: SQLServer, Entity Framework, Dynamic Data, ADO.NET Data Services.

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