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  • .Biz ITSM / ITIL Suite of Applications
    .Biz is an integrated suite of IT Service Management Applications based on ITIL best practices and Microsoft .NET standard technology. .Biz is a Visual Studio 2005 ASP.NET Web Application using Web Forms and VB.NET as the code behind. In World Wide production since 2002
  • .NET Error Manager (Devv.Core.Erroo)
    Devv.Core.Erroo is a very easy to implement error handling library. It supports writing to the system event log and log files, displaying detailed and customizable error dialogs to the user and also reporting using web services. Works with, Windows Forms, ASP.NET and also with...
  • .NET Extensions Methods Library for C# and VB.NET (ASP.NET, MVC, SL, WPF, EF)
    The .NET Extensions project is monthly updated library of C# und VB.NET extension methods for ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, WPF, Silverlight and Entity Framework. It's part of a column published by Patrick A. Lorenz ( in the German magazine "dotnetpro" (
  • ASP.NET MVC Forms
    ASP.NET MVC Forms makes developing forms faster and easier. Forms can be rendered either automatically or get your hands dirty with a completely custom layout. The design is based off the Django Project forms module, ported to ASP.NET MVC.
  • ASP.NET MVC Localizable Theme Engine
    This is a library with a demo project for ASP.NET MVC3 websites using the Razor Engine although it works as well for the Web Forms engine. The library builds upon work by others by fixing flaws and enhancing it with new functionality. It allows the developer to seamlessly i...
  • AspNetPager
    AspNetPager is a free custom paging control for ASP.NET web form application. It's one of the most popular ASP.NET third party controls used by chinese ASP.NET developers.
  • Composite C1 CMS - Open Source on .NET
    A top rated ASP.NET web CMS here on CodePlex. Quality web CMS with a great API and solid usability. Friendly with ASP:NET Razor, Web Forms, MVC and XSLT.
  • Dauphine SmartControls for K2 blackpearl
    Dauphine SmartControls for K2 blackpearl simplifies the integration of K2 blackpearl processes with ASP.NET web forms.
  • Form State Keeper
    Form State Keeper is a HttpModule that will keep the state of a web form, even if the the forms authentication times out and the user has to login again after clicking the submit button. Works with WebForms, Ajax and ASP.NET MVC.
  • Formsy
    Formsy is an XML driven forms engine built with ASP.Net 3.5. Formsy is super easy to use, is completely extensible and generates clean markup for easy styling.
  • Library System
    Telerik ASP.NET Web Forms Exam - Library System
  • MForm webcontrols
    MForm is a set of webcontrols that can be used to create, modify and view typed Xml data. Mform allows generating fully functional web forms from Xml Schema, WSDL or objects in a matter of seconds with the use of a designer, preserving both the structure and data restrictions
  • Mobile-enabled ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC application samples
    Code samples for the whitepaper "Add mobile pages to your ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC application" linked from
  • Model Binder for ASP.NET Web Forms
    Bind models to ASP.NET web form controls!
  • Model View Presenter (MVP) For Win Forms and ASP.NET Examples
    Model-View-Presenter (MVP) is a great pattern for creating re-usable and testable applications whether it is for Windows Forms or for ASP.NET. You don?t need any DLL files at all to turn your project in to MVP project. You just need to follow some basic guidelines and rules.
  • Navigation for ASP.NET Web Forms
    Navigation for ASP.NET Web Forms manages movement and data passing between ASPX pages in a unit-testable manner. There is no client-side logic, so it works in all browsers, and no server-side cache, so it works with the browser back button.
  • Navigation NerdDinner
    Navigation NerdDinner is a conversion of the ASP.NET MVC NerdDinner application to ASP.NET Web Forms using the ?Navigation for ASP.NET Web Forms? framework. This framework allows the use of ASP.NET Web Forms but with all the layering and unit testability typical of ASP.NET MVC.
  • Nucleo Mobile Detection
    This project wraps around Wireless Universal Resource FiLe (WURFL) and provides added server-side mobile detection features for ASP.NET web forms and ASP.NET MVC. It provides controls/helpers and extension methods that make device detection support much easier. It also provi...
  • SharePoint custom forms
    Two example of ASP.NET forms for SharePoint content types. First shows New item form with default values set from code behind. Second shows a form with master-detail relationship between two fields of a content type.
  • SharePoint Custom Forms Authentication Feature
    With WSS V3 and MOSS 2007 you can leverage ASP.Net pluggable authentication modules. Thus providing the ability for a WSS site to leverage user authentication via a datastore other than Active Directory or Windows based logins. This project provides WSS site's with a Featur...
  • Skywave Class Library
    Skywave Class Library will contain multiple projects (one at start) targeting classes, interfaces, controls and ... for different .Net technologies like ASP.Net, WPF, Windows Forms, ... and one Core Project including shared classes. It's my shared library of 10 years development.
  • SQL Compact ASP.NET Membership, Role and Profile provider
    Implementation of a ASP.NET 4.0 Membership, Role and Profile provider for SQL Server Compact 4.0, for use with Forms Authentication for web sites using only SQL Server Compact 4.0.
  • Survey? Project - web survey & form engine
    Survey? Project is a free & open source web based survey and (data entry) forms application for processing & gathering data online. Written in C# and ASP.NET.
  • SurveyMaster - web survey form engine
    Survey Master is a free web based survey generator written in
  • Web Forms MVP
    A simple Model-View-Presenter framework for ASP.NET Web Forms to aid in building testable and maintainable ASP.NET projects. Features support for normal server controls, data-binding and async pages. Requires ASP.NET 3.5 SP1
  • Webflow Extension for ASP.NET MVC
    The Webflow Extension is a library which aims to provide easy and quick way to model the flow between forms in applications created with ASP.NET MVC

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