List of Free code Template


  • Ajax Snippets
    Ajax Snippets is a small framework built on Microsoft Ajax that simplifies serving up small forms and sending the values back using web services. Ajax Snippets is a take on a technique Scott Gu demonstrated in his blog post - Cool UI Templating Technique to use with ASP.NET A...
  • ASP.NET MVC CMS ( Using CommonLibrary.NET )
    A powerful ASP.NET MVC 2 CMS / Blog / Web Application Template, providing core features ( environment selection, config, logging, email services, account management, administration console ) out of the box. Uses TDD, DDD, Model/Code Generation, CommonLibrary.NET.
  • ASP.NET MVC DB Editor (Entity Framework, AJAX Validation, AJAX Paging)
    Simple template for ASP.NET MVC (C#) database table editor with following features: 1. Entity Framework model. 2. Data Annotations validation. 3. AJAX validation with floating-point numbers validation fix. 4. Table paging with AJAX, jQuery and browser history. 5. Authenti...
  • ASP.NET MVC3 Site Template
    A site template using: - MVC 3 (used Razor engine) - jQuery - EF 3.5 (slighty modified) - Combres - Unity (IoC) the whole solution includes a web, model and a database project. all images are found on the internet and should be replaces as i have no idea about their co...
  • CarrotCake, an ASP.Net WebForms CMS
    A template-based ASP.Net CMS built with C#, SQL server, jQueryUI, and TinyMCE. Supports multi-tenant webroot and database and works well in medium trust.
  • dasBlog
    dasBlog is a blogging application that doesn't require a database! It runs on ASP.NET 2.0 and up and is developed in C#. It has a rich templating engine, easy to develop macros and lots of great features.
  • DocProject for Sandcastle
    DocProject drives the Sandcastle help generation tools using the power of Visual Studio 2005/2008 and MSBuild. Choose from various Visual Studio project templates that build compiled help 1.x, 2.x, or an ASP.NET help web site for all project references and external sources.
  • Enterprise ASP.NET Suite
    Incorporates everything you need for an enterprise ASP.NET application into a suite of easy-to-use libraries. There's support for easy localization, e-mail (and e-mail templating with localization), custom configuration on a per-machine basis, URL rewriting, Windows services w...
  • - A blog built with EPiServer and ASP.NET MVC
    This project is the personal blog of Joel Abrahamsson. However, it is also an open source project which aims to provide inspiration and templates for working with EPiServer Community, EPiServer CMS and ASP.NET MVC.
  • Migrating the SharePoint 2007 ?FAB 40? templates to SharePoint 2010
    Migrating the SharePoint 2007 ?FAB 40? templates to SharePoint 2010
  • MVC Templates for DevExpress
    Scaffolding templates for use in ASP.NET MVC 2 with DevExpress MVC Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
  • MvcApp - ASP.NET MVC Web Application Template
    This solution provides a base set of projects and libraries which you can be used to build web applications from a higher level starting point (all the plumbing has been done fore you already).
  • Odyssey.Web - ASP.NET Ajax Control Library
    ASP.NET AJAX Controls Library Currently contains a templated TreeView with custom commands, client script, data binding and ajax support.
  • POC using ASP.NET Web API
    A Simple POC which uses : ASP.NET WebAPI AdventureWorksLT2008R2 Table AutoFac ( Dependancy Injection ) Restful Service JQuery Template Functionality : User search for a product Add/remove product to cart user can register himself for a new account Submit an order
  • Razorblade
    Razorblade is intended to be a template for WebDesign/WebDevelopment. It is based on HTML5Boilerplate and uses ASP.NET wtih the Razor Syntax (C#). Original HTML5Boilerplate comments are intact with some added comments to explain some of the Razor Syntax.
  • Smart Code Generator (Asp.Net)
    Smart Code Generator is 100% ASP.NET based codegeneration framework with intellisense, compilation, debug, sourceview and designview support powered by Visual Studio 2005. Smart Code Generator is an Asp.Net application and is a full fledged template based code generator that ...
  • T4MVC
    T4MVC is a T4 template for ASP.NET MVC apps that creates strongly typed helpers that eliminate the use of literal strings in many places.
  • TechDays Kanban
    TFS 2010 Kanban Process Template sample and ASP.NET Kanban Board
  • Visual Studio 2008 XHTML 1.1 Templates
    Visual Studio 2008 XHTML 1.1 Templates is as set of item and project templates for ASP.NET developers using Visual Studio 2008 that provide XHTML 1.1 compliant alternatives to the standard web form and master page templates.

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