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  • .NET Proxy (netProxy)
    ASP.NET and Javascript proxies for accessing external content. The ASPX file can be used for returning external content over the current channel (HTTP/SSL). Used with the ASPX, the JS file can provide remote server access (no "same origin policy") with XMLHttpRequest sy...
  • Ajax.NET Professional
    Ajax.NET Professional (AjaxPro) is one of the first AJAX frameworks for Microsoft ASP.NET and is working with .NET 1.1 and 2.0. The framework will create proxy classes on client-side JavaScript to invoke methods on the web server with full data type support working on all com...
  • Ajaxna - C# .NET & Javascript API Framework for 3D Web Games without Plugins.
    Ajaxna is a javascript API enabling 3D games for the web, without using plugins. This programming framework targets Visual Studio 2008, follows an XNA inspired API, is implemented as a C# ASP.NET control and is built around dynamic client class (lazy) loading and intellisense.
  • ASP.NET AJAX jQuery Extension
    ASP.NET AJAX jQuery Extension is components library based on ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit approach and jQuery javascript library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions.
  • Cadmium Team Online Bank
    Cadmium Team Online Bank JavaScript SPA application using ASP.NET WebAPI. Teamwork project for Telerik Academy's 'JS-Frameworks' course - 2013.
  • Calibre.Net
    Calibre.Net is a simple and flexible, HTML, CSS, and Javascript web app Demo here:
  • Cookie Free Analytics
    Cookie Free Analytics (CFA) is a free server side Google Analytics tracking solution for Windows based websites running IIS & ASP.NET. 100% javascript & cookie free - with CFA you can track your visitors & file downloads in Google Analytics without cookies or JavaScript. I...
  • EasyDiagram.Net
    A custom composite control using pure AJAX and Javascript to provide real-time diagram and flowcharting to your 2.0 pages. Unlike most commercial products that I've seen, EasyDiagram.NET offers a smooth real-time redrawing of node hierarchy. Please visit www.EasyDiagra...
  • ExtJS based ASP.NET Controls
    About: ExtJS based professional ASP.NET Controls. Mission: Create No JavaScript, No CSS, No UpdatePanel, No ViewState and No WebServices web application.
  • Google Analytics Script Injector
    .NET 2.0 HttpModule and Response filter that will read your Google Analytics (e.g. Urchin) account number from an ASP.NET config file and inject the appropriate javascript into every page on your ASP.NET site. Just drop the assembly into your /Bin directory and add a couple w...
  • Javascript Calendar
    Javascript Calendar without any server side postbacks. It has a simple javascript file and a images folder to hold related images. A Sample html file demonstrating the usage of the javascript based calendar control is also added. This can be used with simple Html, Asp, Asp.Net
  • Javascript Window.Open to extend ASP.NET functionality
    Use Javascript Window.Open function to set ASP.NET web page attributes and make it look "window application-like"
  • JsAction
    JsAction is a simple and lightweight RouteHandler for ASP.NET MVC and WebApi that will generate automatic jQuery based Javascript and provide a direct way to call MVC and WebApi Action Methods using a single data annotation. You will no longer have to write custom ajax calls ...
  • jsInject
    jsInject is a httpModule that injects javascript into files served by Using a defined folder structure it will inject javascript into aspx pages using one of the following rules: -matching file extensions -matching filenames -matching file paths
  • Knockout.js with ASP.NET MVC
    This project implements a system which maps .NET ViewModels to javascript ViewModels for use with knockout.js, using Razor markup syntax.
  • Login with google using Asp.NET
    Login with google using and Javascript, no 3rd part DLL. very Simple and working example with how to setup guide and working source code
  • Lord JS
    ASP.NET MVC4 project to integrate some libraries of JQuery and javascript.
  • MbCompression - Complete compression library for ASP.NET
    MbCompression is a library of handlers and modules to compress Css files, JavaScript files, pages and compress WebResource.axd It is easy to implement and improve the overall performance of your web project.
  • MvcMaps - Unified Bing/Google Mapping API for ASP.NET MVC
    A single unified API for both Bing Maps and Google Maps JavaScript development within ASP.NET MVC.
    UMBRELLA Consulting - OMEGA CMS is an Open Architecture, MVC based Content Management System. Its architecture gives the ability to easily create advanced web pages, add-ons or even other CMS. OMEGA CMS is based on C#, ASP.NET, Java Script and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Ultralight Markup
    Ultralight Markup makes it easier for webmasters to allow safe user comments. It features a stripped-down intermediate markup language meant to bridge the gap between text entry and HTML. And the project includes an ASP.NET MVC implementation with a Javascript editor.
  • XML Editor - A Framework and Developer Toolkit
    XML Webpad is a framework to view and edit XML files that can also be integrated embedded with any ASP.Net web application. It is developed using C#, .Net 3.5, JavaScript. It has web based GUI xml editor and implements tree correction and XML to JS DOM mapping algorithm.
  • ZS Modal Window
    ZSModalWindow is a modal window very easy to use with javascript as well as

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