List of Free code UI


  • .NET UI controls for the Dojo Framework
    This project implements the Dojo Dijit widget library as ASP.NET server controls, making it easy to build a good looking and functional web interface from ASP.NET.
  • ASP.NET MVC XForms
    ASP.NET MVC XForms is a simple, strongly-typed, extensible UI framework based on the W3C XForms spec. It provides a base set of form controls that allow updating of any complex model object, even complex nested lists. It uses clean, semantic HTML and a fluent, lamba-based API.
  • Company Website Starter Kit
    CWSK is an ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX Open Source Starter Kit by Yousef Wadi. Aimed to create small and medium company websites. It helps developers create company websites fast and easy. Very simple to modify, uses AJAX giving a better UI for website Admins. Efficient for Freelancers.
  • CSS Mixer
    CSS Mixer provide a GUI that allow you to combine many css files into one. And use the "Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor for .Net" to minify it. Use it to improve your themes when you deploy a web application. Choose a css folder and go !
  • DJ - jQuery WebControls for ASP.NET
    jQuery Contorls for ASP.NET makes it easier for ASP.NET developer to using jQuery and jQuery ui in ASP.NET developing.It not only provides cool web controls for jQuery but also provides a ui lightweight framework to write jQuery plugin Server Controls super fast!
  • EF4.1 and mvc3 Shop Online
    EF4.1 and mvc3 Shop Online use EF4.1 mvc3 jquery ui,Shop Online Site
  • Faceted Search
    Implementation of faceted (advanced) search with composite client side UI. Abstraction interfaces for intagration with different server side technologies, implementation for ASP.NET MVC.
  • JQuery Ajax Progress Bar
    Ajax Progress Bar provides ASP.NET developers the facility to display a progress bar while retrieving a result of an ajax call and it also allows uses to display real time progress of ajax process. AjaxProgressBar is devloped using ASP.NET, Jquery UI and Jquery ajax calls.
  • jQuery UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
    jQuery UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
  • jQuery Ui Server Controls
    JQueryUi Server Controls provide MVC server controls which output JQuery UI controls (only tab control at this time). This ensures that your page is always displayed as you intend & doesn't have a delay while the JQuery UI script is applied, which can look unprofessional
  • Kendo UI ASP.NET Sample Applications
    Sample Applications for ASP.NET using the Kendo UI Framework.
  • KendoUI
    Demonstrations using Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC
  • Managed UI Flow for ASP.NET MVC Framework
    If your web application getting more complex, understanding and managing of complex UI flows(pageflow of application) getting harder and harder, If you are spending too much time developing your own approaches to generic problems like state management, Start Managed--->UIFlow now
  • NetMX
    NetMX is a port of Java Management Extensions (JMX) specification to .NET. NetMX is a lightweight technology that enables remote monitoring and management of .NET applications using built-in ASP.NET UI and/or standard protocols, like WS-Management.
  • PerceptiveMCAPI - A .NET wrapper for the MailChimp Api
    PerceptiveMCAPI - A .NET friendly wrapper for the MailChimp Api written in C# by Perceptive Logic. Also available is an UI to assist in testing and that can be used as example code for your projects.
  • ProDinner - ASP.NET MVC Sample (EF5, N-Tier, jQuery)
    ProDinner is an ASP.NET MVC demo application, it uses EF5 Code First for Data Access, SOLID principles, jQuery and MVC Awesome for Web UI
  • SharpPieces - Smart Asp.Net Controls For a Fancy Web 2.0 Experience
    ASP NET is a great framework for building web applications. However, its Web UI lacks on functionality and this is where our mission comes into place. The purpose of the SharpPieces project is to be an open-source contribution to the ASP NET variety of resources. You too are ...
  • SSCC Membership
    SSCC Membership is the system used by Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club to manage it's users. It uses SQL server to store data, web services for data access and Silverlight for the client UI.
  • UI Expert
    UI Expert for ASP.NET MVC
  • WebsiteManager
    A simple ASP.Net MVC 3.5 based UI to manage the ASP.Net Membership, roles etc.
  • WebTools - XML XQuery class, ASP.NET Server Controls
    A solution for storing serialized objects in an XML data type column and using XQuery to query into the serialized XML and retrieve records. Also includes the WebTools.UI library which is a collection of ASP.NET server controls for rollover images and other controls.
  • WEV - Web Event Viewer
    WEV (Web Event Viewer) is an ASP.NET MVC 3 based web application for viewing Windows event logs. It has a simple UI, powerful filtering (filter event text, dates, source from the list) and allows you to aggregate event log entries from other servers that have WEV on their web ...
  • WPF Membership API Management Studio
    A lightweight WPF UI wrapper around the ASP.NET membership API for managing users and roles.
  • YUIAsp.Net - Yahoo! UI Library YUI controls for ASP.NET Ajax
    Highly customizable, easy to use, fast Yahoo! UI Library (YUI) controls designed to work with Microsoft Ajax Extensions.

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