List of Free code 2D


  • 2D Sprite Editor
    This is a 2d sprite editor. Import your sprite sheet, trace your animations frame and export the coordinates points in a simple txt file, ready to import.
  • ADN - Animate.NET is an application for creating 2D animations using vector graphics. It has a vector drawing interface similar to Inkscape and animation tools similar to Flash.
  • BreakIt
    A retro break-out game. It is a well rounded example of a 2D XNA game.
  • CreateContour
    This project creates a 2D contour plot from functions specified. It can either take a delegate from the user application or it can use CodeDom methods. If you need contours it will be useful. If you want to know how to compile user supplied functions, it will be useful.
  • ESRI Shapefile Reader
    Shapefile is a .NET library that supports read only enumeration of ESRI shapefiles, including any metadata. All 2D shapes are supported: Point, MultiPoint, PolyLine and Polygon.
  • Farseer Physics Engine
    The Farseer Physics Engine is an easy to use 2D physics engine that focuses on simplicity, useful features and enabling the creation of fun and dynamic games.
  • GLEED2D - Generic Level Editor 2D
    GLEED2D (Generic LEvel EDitor 2D) is a general purpose, non tile-based Level Editor for 2D games of any genre that allows arbitrary placement of textures and other items in 2D space. Levels are saved in XML format.
  • Kinect SDK Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) Gesture Recognition
    This project allows developers to include fast, reliable and highly customisable gesture recognition in Microsoft Kinect SDK C# projects. It uses skeletal tracking and currently supports 2D vectors. Included is a gesture recorder, recogniser and sample gestures. You can sa...
  • Kinect: Tower Defence
    Kinect: Tower Defence is a 2D tower defence game programmed in C# using the XNA Framework, played on the PC. It will make use of the Kinect hardware and motion tracking to add more fun to how the game is controlled and played.
  • KLib Engine (XNA)
    KLib Engine is a 2D Game engine for the Microsoft XNA Framework. The Goals of KLib Engine are to make many useful features and tools including a physics engine, scene graph, particle engine, post-processing effects, input management and more! Currently KLib Engine consists o...
  • Krypton XNA
    A 2d light engine for XNA 4.0. Krypton allows users of the XNA framework to easily add 2D lighting to their games. Krypton is fast, as it utilizes the GPU and uses a vertex shader to compute 2D shadows, relieving additional stress from the CPU to compute more game-like tasks.
  • MicroStar Particle System
    MicroStar is a 2D particle system created in XNA 3.1 and is intended to make adding cool visual effects to XNA games simple and easy to do.
  • Oddworld Level Gen
    A 2D platform game, with Oddworld : Abe's Oddysee asset. The game introduce a dynamic system to generate the next level according to the previous level and according to the grade of player's skill. Developed on XNA platform, in C# language The current engine is an alpha version
  • Open Game Kit
    A open source 2D game engine designed for ease of use and fast development.
  • RazorGDIPainter
    ! Fast 2D draw in .Net WPF and WindowsForms
  • SlimDX SpriteTextRenderer
    This library is intented to help rendering 2D sprites and text using SlimDX / DirectX11.
  • Snowball 2D Game Framework
    Snowball is an in progress 2D Game Framework written in C#. It uses SlimDX under the covers but the underlying technology is abstracted away from the end user.
  • Solanum Solstice
    A 2D Survival-Horror RTS. You command the last human survivors in a zombie-infested town. You must build barricades, collect food and resources, cleanse buildings of zombies, and research and upgrade your survivors to ultimately defeat the never-ending horde of shambling spec...
  • Triangle.NET
    Triangle.NET generates 2D (constrained) Delaunay triangulations and high-quality meshes of point sets or planar straight line graphs. It is a C# port of Jonatha
  • WPF 2D Physics+
    WPF2DPhysics+ builds on the WPF 2D Physics Demo developed by Chris Cavanagh. It will provide additional "coolness" by adding ability to remove, nudge, drag, rotate objects in the 2D scene.
  • WPF 2D Space Multiplayer Game
    Simple 2D Space Game with Multiplayer. Game was made using WPF and c#. Network will be realease using udp winSockets and irc protocol.
  • WPF Win32 Interop Render Control
    Breath new WPF life into those legacy Win32 controls. Win32HostRenderer is a WPF control that will host a Win32 control and render it onto a WPF bitmap buffer allowing you to interact with the control and apply anchors and other sweet WPF trickery and magic. It works with 2D ...
  • XNA 2D Lighting System
    A 2D Lighting system that includes support for Point Lights, Spot Lights, soft shadows, and coloured lights.
  • XNA Map Editor
    This is a Map Editor that is still in development. It's a map editor for a 2D Platformer. Grid tile placement,loading tiles and objects Made with XNA and C#.

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