List of Free code MSWord


  • bib2Word07Xml
    bib2Word07Xml creates a Word 2007 XML bibliography from your TeX bibliography, by mapping bib fields onto the most appropriate Word 2007 biblographic fields. You can utilise the citation manager in Word, and still use JabRef or equivalent to manage your references. Written in C#
  • DocX
    DocX is a .NET library written in C# which allows a developer to manipulate Word 2007 files in an easy and intuitive way.
  • ebInterface Plugin for Word 2007, 2010 & 2013
    The ebInterface PlugIn for Word 2007 makes it easier to use ebInterface, the Austrian XML standard for electronic invoicing.
  • FactOffice Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007
    This Add-in installs on Microsoft Word 2007 to allow invoice management, based in the spanish XML format facturae. It creates a new Ribbon entry with dedicated electronic invoice options. The resulting system complies with the European Directives 2006/112/CE and 1999/93/CE.
  • fleXdoc: template-based server-side document generator (docx)
    fleXdoc can be used to produce Word 2007 (docx) documents without the need to have Microsoft Word installed.
  • Kassandra
    Software that will translate plain text from multiple different source types (MS Word, HTML, etc.) into formats that have the characters represented as images that can be more easily read by people suffering from dyslexia.
  • Word 2007 Source Viewer
    Allows you to view and edit the Open XML markup from a selection inside the document using a taskpane.
  • XML Mapping Task Pane for Word 2007/2010
    The XML Mapping Task Pane for Word can be used to build templates that utilize content controls and XML mapping in Word 2007/2010. You can use the task pane to add XML parts to Word documents, view a part's XML structure, and drag and drop XML nodes into the document to cr...

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