List of Free code VSTO


  • .NET COM Library Samples for Microsoft Access
    VSTO Samples for Microsoft Access --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C#, Framework 2.0
  • AntySpam Microsoft Outlook Plugin
    Anty spam plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010, based on article lines version 1.x.x for MS Outlook 2007 lines version 2.x.x for MS Outlook 2010 All it's developed in <C#> VSTO 4.0
  • CreateHandouts
    PowerPoint 2010 VSTO Add-In to restore the pre-PowerPoint 2007 behavior of exporting slides + notes as text (versus the current behavior of exporting the slides as (low res) images) when creating a PDF / XPS Its kinda slow due to using interop but it works. Written in C# 4.0
  • Multiple Authorship Detection Automation
    The System to detect multiple authorship automatically is being created as a means of primarily detecting plagiarism in forged/outsourced documents through computer aided statistical analysis. This project is being developed using C# with VSTO and WPF for UI
  • PowerPoint Timeline Control
    PowerPoint Timeline Control makes it easier to use use with the PowerPoint presentation time control, slide to slide, even when the application is paused.It's developed in .NET 4.0 Framework with c# and VSTO. Minimal Version of PowerPoint : 2010
  • VSTO Contrib
    VSTO Contrib is a collection of useful helper classes and extensions which make it easier to write better VSTO apps. The goals of VSTO Contrib are currently: - Provide IoC support - Make it easier to deal with COM Interop - Simplify common tasks (i.e. Item Synch in O...
  • VSTO Stocks
    Excel VSTO add-in demo: retrieve and analyze stock history.
  • VSTO Test Automation
    Analyses and suggestions for possible approaches of UI automation for a Project involving VSTO solution

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