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  • 1 vs 100
    This is a project based on the popular game show 1 vs 100. This project will use C# and utilize WPF as the GUI and 3.5 .NET framework. Developed to learn more about WPF *All images and music used is not used in any commercial way, strictly used for enhancing learning experience
  • Airport Express Streamer (oAEP)
    Airport Express Streamer in short oAEP. This small application records the music and sound played by your pc and streams it to an Airtunes enabled Airport Express. It has never been this easy streaming music and sound to your Airport Express without using ITunes.
  • AlarmClock
    A program that allows the computer to be used as an alarm clock with customizable playlists. In all truth, I was bored and wanted to write something fun outside of my work. Features include: - Alarm offset. This will make the music start a given number of minutes before th...
  • Blindspot
    This project aims to create a fully-functional windowless desktop application allowing blind/visually impaired music fans the chance to access Spotify.
  • Bravura
    Bravura is an extensible framework for: Composition of music. Creating and hosting of audio plugins. Audio synthesis and processing. It is developed in C# and targets the .NET 4.0 framework.
  • Bulk File Manager
    Bulk File Manager was created to help automate organization and deduplication of large amounts of movies, music, photos, and other documents. The project is developed in C#/.NET 3.5 and Windows Forms.
  • DirClean
    DirClean is a command line tool for deleting empty directories within a folder structure and is ideal for tidying up large folder structures such as music libraries.
  • Espera
    Espera is a portable music player, specialized for partys. It is written in C# with WPF as frontend technology.
  • fishteam
    Connecting people by their music interests
  • Flatland
    Artificial life, or A-Life, is a broad and ever emerging field that has found its applications in almost any field: economics, medicine, traffic planning, shopping habits, patterns in music. And it is evident that work with modelling logical life in artificial environments is ...
  • Google Music Player
    A desktop client for Google Music that supports minimize to tray with a dragable playback control bar and support for multimedia keys.
  • GoogleMusic Player
    .NET based internet music player, choose and play music from newly launched google Music Option to create and save playlists locally
  • iPodShuffleSync
    iPodShuffleSync updates your iPod Shuffle device playlist with the files you saved in its drive. If you save music or podcast files to your iPod Shuffle using it as a USB drive, iPodShuffleSync could enable the iPod Shuffle to play your new music files.
  • iRingtones
    iRingtones is a FREE open source tool for converting music into iPhone compliant ringtones. It uses the AAC Encoder made freely available by Nero to convert .WAV files into .m4r AAC encoded ringtones for the iPhone.
  • iWatchSyncer - iTunes auto music importing
    iWatchSyncer is a small WPF c# program that will monitor a given location for file/folder addition. When a mp3 file, or folder containing mp3 files, is added iWatchSyncer will automatically add these to the iTunes music library. Instead of doing this yourself manually in iTunes!
  • Kinected Music
    KinectedMusic allows users to create music using Kinect. It is developed in C#. The libraries used are: BlueWave.Interop.Asio Jacobi.Vst.Core Jacobi.Vst.Interop KinectSDK (not included, I have rec...
  • libspotify.NET - a managed interop library for libspotify
    libspotify.NET is a simple interop wrapper library for libspotify written in C#. It enables .NET developers to write applications that can browse, search, and stream digital music from the Spotify platform. This project is compatible with libspotify API version 10.1.16. Req...
  • LOMM - LOTRO Music and Macros
    LOMM runs alongside Lord of the Rings Online and adds two areas functionality: - a UI for accessing .ABC files and playing them in-game - a macroing facility to create custom toolbars with buttons that execute series of slash commands, emotes, and key-bindable actions LOMM ...
  • Mp3Cleaner
    Mp3Cleaner is used to "clean up" and organize the music files external and internal (tags) information. Despite the name, supports most types of music files (flac, wma, wav .... ogg, ?), it uses the tagLib library.
  • Music Store Lab
    Music Store Lab migrates the original to MVC4, using code first migrations.
  • myCollections
    myCollections makes it easier to manage all digital collections (Movies, Music, Games...). You will no longer have to manually add your collections.
  • RtAudioNet
    RtAudioNet is a managed C++ wrapper around the unmanaged RtAudio C++ Library. It's tested and used mainly in C#. Original RtAudio:
  • SharpMik, pure C# mod player
    SharpMik is a library to play Amiga music using C#
  • StereoClood
    StereoClood is a lightweight windows Client for Stereomood : "Stereomood is the emotional internet radio that provides me music that best suits my mood and my activities" -
  • Transpose Music Notes
    This is a program to Transpose the notes in a scale. The user can select the seven notes comprising the scale and the program transposes the notes on every combination. It is developed using .NET 4 and C# 2010.

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