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  • - Mobile Device Detection and Redirection
    Support mobile handsets today. accurately and quickly detects mobile device information providing these details to .NET developers via the Request.Browser collection. It takes less than 4 minutes to integrate with an existing ASP web site. See video tutorial.
  • AirLib - C# Library and Client App for sending pictures and video to an Apple TV
    This is a library for interfacing with the Apple TV from C# based on Unofficial Airplay Protocol Specification:
  • AsfMojo
    AsfMojo is an open source .NET ASF parsing library, providing support for parsing WMA audio and WMV video files. It offers classes to create streams from packet data within a media file, gather file statistics and extract audio segments or frame accurate still frames.
  • AtomPlayer
    AtomPlayer is an open-source video and music player.
  • Augmented Reality Strategy Simulator
    Augmented Reality Strategy Simulator is a software suite to promote computer aided strategy planning. Sports team can visualize their strategy using computer graphics in 3D mixed with reality images captured from video camera. The software is written in C#.
  • AVS Reflector
    AVS Reflector is a stream analyzer for AVS video encoding format. It is developed in C# 4.0.
  • BASE32 Encoder
    This awesome app let you convert all your music, pictures and video to brand new BASE32 encoding!
  • C#.Net Library for BigBlueButton
    .Net API's for quickly and easily integrating with BigBlueButton - A video conferencing and Learning Management System. This project is contributed by GloriaTech (
  • C4F Vista Peer-to-Peer Toolkit
    Develop peer-to-peer (P2P) applications for WinForms and WPF applications with no lines of code. Includes WinForm & WPF drag 'n drop controls including P2P Chat, P2P File transer; P2P Audio and P2P Audio & Video controls. All source code for samples available in both VB and ...
  • ConferenceXP WebViewer
    CXP WebViewer is a client application used for playing back specially prepared video archives with presentation slides and ink.
  • Create Thumbnail from video files
    Video2Thumbnail enables users to extract single frame images from video files. Usign this application, you can load a video file, select a specific time in the video and extract that frame to an image file of your choice. This application is developed in .NET 4 / C#
  • DeadRinger
    A fork of the Duplicate Images Finder project (, except the goal of this project is to explore more advanced algorithms and possibly video and audio.
  • ExifToFileName - Rename video audio files using exif tags o files property
    The software allows you to rename automatically in the format: yyyy-mm-dd all video or image files of a directory.
  • Grax ARK (Augmented Reality with Kinect)
    Library and sample code for building augmented reality Kinect apps. Sample code is for WPF. Project active as of May, 2013, but waiting on new video card.
  • HB Batch Encoder Mk 2
    HandBrake Batch Encoder Mk II This Program was adapted from an original project downloaded from codeplex by the name of "Handbrake Batch Encoder" authored by "buzzby" which appears to be dead. Uses the HandBrake CLI to convert all video from a folder.
  • Head First C# Presents: Invaders
    Invaders pays homage to one of the most popular, revered, and replicated icons in video game history. The final project from the popular book "Head First C#".
  • Home Media Center
    Home Media Center is a server application for UPnP / DLNA compatible devices. It supports streaming and transcoding media files, Windows desktop and video from webcams. This project is developed in C#, C++ and uses DirectShow, Media Foundation.
  • InstantWatcher
    Allows a user to view their Netflix Instant Watch Queue and launch a video.
  • M.O.M
    Mom (My Online Music) is a web based music library and player which allows you to bring your music anywhere. It has alot of neat features like getting lyrics and videos for your songs, support for album covers and more. It's also integrated with
  • Media Player
    This is a Simple media player that plays media items *Music *videos *pictures * DVD can be played with outside this Application is Made in C# using .NetFrameWork 4.0
  • Media Tool
    A collection of tool to manage media files (Pictures and videos)
  • MIXer
    A downloader and a renamer app for Microsoft's tech event videos.
  • Movie Gallery
    All your movies listed in a nice styled Metro experience! It scans your chosen directories for various video files and looks up the metadata from IMDB before putting them all in a database.
  • MP3D
    Plugin to render 3D Videos and TV Channels in MediaPortal
  • myChannel9
    The wp7-app 'myChannel9' displays news and videos from, and offers features like the ability to favorite a show, browse by tags or search by keyword. You?ll also be able to use the app to watch videos right on your device, whether in portrait or landscape mode.
  • NTheora - Theora for .Net
    NTheora was created to provide a thin wrapper around the theora codec. For demonstratio purposes there is a video conferencing application included in the source code using WCF as the underlying transport layer.
  • NVPX - VP8 Video Codec for .Net
    NVPx allows you to use the now open-source VP8 codec on the .Net platform.
  • Onuprova 3D Camera
    'Red Cyan 3D camera' uses two webcams to capture 3D image and video. Place the two camera about 4" appart and plug them in to the USB. Turn on the software and capture. Its that easy. You will require a red cyan 3d glass to watch the images or videos.
  • Ovik
    Open Video Converter with simple and intuitive interface for converting video files to the open formats.
  • Owlpal
    Owlpal is a complete personal web blog or publishing tool with the following features: - Posts, Videos, Audios, Photos, Articles, Books - Archives and permanent links - Archives page Urls - Comments - Categories - Calendar - Templates - Syndication - Pings - Trackback - Emai...
  • Power Video Player
    Power Video Player is a slim feature-rich video/dvd player that meets everyday needs in video playback on PC with a bunch of advanced features on board.
  • Proverb Teleprompter
    Proverb Teleprompter is a simple teleprompter software useful for video shoots that require the talent to read a lot of text (i.e. news shows, talk shows etc.).
  • Quest
    Quest 5.0 is a brand new system for creating and playing text adventure games, also known as interactive fiction. It lets you create sophisticated text-based games which can even include graphics, sounds and videos, all without having to know how to program yourself - a ful...
  • ScreenGrabber
    ScreenGrab can grab screens from a played video. It will grab the screen in the same resolution as the original file is recorded in. Used @ to capture screens from played demos
  • Simple WMV/ASF files muxer/demuxer
    Simple WMV files muxer/demuxer implemented in C#/C++. It has simple WPF-based UI and allows copy/replace operations on video, audio and script streams (including scripts stored in a header). Could be used to mux wmv files with embedded scripts (Chessbase videos, for example).
  • Splicer
    A library for the .Net framework to simplify developing applications for editing and encoding audio and video using direct show editing services (DES) and windows media encoder.
  • Starter XNA Game Projects
    Source code for the Starter XNA Game Project The Video tutorial for the 3D project can be found at the Dark Genesis blog hosted on XNA-UK.NET here: The Tutorial series for the 2D project can be found at the Dark Genesis blog hosted on XNA-UK.NET her...
  • Task Manager DNN
    Projecto teste, DNN Task Manager video series.
  • Taygeta - The video shadering library
    This library allows rendering YUV and RGB pixel formats using Direct3D 9 runtime. You can also apply shaders and add text, bitmap and line overlays.
  • Transitionals
    Transitionals is a framework for building and using WPF transitions which provide an easy way to switch between UI views in a rich and animated way. Think of transitions for applications in the same way you think of transitions for video editing. Wipe, Cut, Dissolve, Star, Bli...
  • VianaNET - Videoanalysis for physical motion
    The VianaNET project targets physics education. The software enables to analyze the motion of colored objects in life-video and video files. The data can be visualized in charts and exported for further analysis. It's developed in C#.Net.
  • VidCoder
    VidCoder is a DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application. It uses HandBrake for the encoding engine, but has a revamped and easy to use UI written in WPF.
  • Video Snack Downloader
    Download all of the MS Training snack videos to your local machine!
  • - Media Player (WPF/XAML) is a Media Player that support audio, video and Internet radios. Play your music directly from your PC, DVD/CD or from your iPod. offers great new ways to manage your music library, to create playlist, to copy the music from one device to another one and even
  • Vkontakte Wpf Client
    This is a simple client for social network Vkontakte. It can send message to your friends, download audio files or play it,list user video. Also you can view user status and change yours.
  • VP8.NET
    VP8.NET is a dual-licensed commercial/GPL C++ CLR wrapper which allows .NET applications to easily use the VP8 video codec.
  • Windows Azure Video Conversion App based on FFMPEG
    Windows Azure Video conversion is Azure based automated video conversion application based on widely popular FFMPEG. This application has demo purposes to show off Windows Azure capabilities.
  • WPF Con10uum : 10/GUI Software part
    R. Clayton Miller posted a nice video about bringing computing to the next level with multitouch called 10/GUI The goal of Con10uum projet is to continue his work.
  • WPF MediaKit - For webcam, DVD and custom video support in WPF
    A library to quickly build DirectShow and MediaFoundation media player controls in WPF. The kit comes with a MediaElement replacement, a VideoCaptureElement for web cams and a DVDPlayerElement that plays DVDs and supports interactive menus.
  • WPFResumeVideo
    Play video on any computer, and resume where you left off
  • xspf to m3u converter
    xspf2m3u tool is a video playlist converter from xspf format to m3u format. It is developed in C# (.Net 2.0).

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