List of Free code TFS


  • $log$ / Keyword Substitution / Expansion Check-In Policy (TFS - LogSubstPol)
    LogSubstPol is a TFS check-in policy which insertes the check-in comments and other keywords into your source code, so you can keep track of the changes even if you are not connected to TFS. It can be compared with the $log$ (and other) substitition in any other CVS systems.
  • Cucumber Integration for TFS
    Continuous Integration for Cucumber tests within TFS. This project gives you the ability to run cucumber profiles containing specified features and return a result that TFS can interpret as a passing or failing test. Credentials can also be supplied for impersonation.
  • Degaston01
    First Round of Degaston Tools in TFS
  • Estoque
    Estoque is a Todo-App that comes with TFS integration an sync.
  • first use of tfs
    first project. connection to tfs
  • Getting Started CodePlex
    This is a demo for using TFS in CodePlex
  • NDepend TFS 2010 integration
    NDepend TFS 2010 integration provides build activities, a build report customization addin, and extends the TFS Warehouse in order to leverage NDepend quality statistics for your projects.
  • SocialCDE
    SocialCDE (formerly SocialTFS) is an extension of TFS which provides members of a global software team with information collected from SNS.
  • Team for Word
    A componsant Word to create documents based on TFS WorkItem. Registration model, change management, updating WI TFS from Word.
  • TFS Build Light
    Use lights, lava lamps, street lights etc to notify the development team that the build is running, succeeded, and failed.
  • TFS Integration Platform
    The TFS Integration Platform enables developers to build tools that integrate other systems with TFS. Building one way and bidirectional tools for VC and WIT is much simpler with this platform, as most of the TFS interaction and migration/sync actions are provided for you.
  • TFS NuGetter
    NuGetter is a TFS 2010 Build Activity designed to provide packaging and deployment management to projects destined for a NuGet Gallery.
  • TFS Productivity Tools
    The TFS Productivity Tools project was designed to provide the TFS administrators with helper tools when doing Source Control or Work Item Tracking tasks.
  • TFS Project Test Migrator
    The goal of this project is to offer a solution to migrate a test plan from a TFS project to another.
  • TFS PS Integration Editor
    TFS PS Integration Editor is a tool that manage the main functionally of "TfsAdmin ProjectServer" command line tool.
  • TFS Release Notes
    This project enables you to create release notes automatically using Tfs & TeamBuild.
  • TFS Scorecard
    TFS Scorecard gives you insight in your own TFS environment and your organizations Team System adaptation. You can see trends i activities, source control, workitem tracking as well as the overall adaptation in your organization.
  • TFS Test Case Review
    Provides a means to review Test Cases created in Microsoft Test Manager in a clean, easy-to-read interface.
  • TFS to TFS Migration Tool
    The TFS to TFS Migration tool is based on the [TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit]. The toolkit is designed to make it faster and easier to build migration tools from TFS to other repositories. This tool provides migration of TFS work items and version control items, ...
  • TFS Work Item Hierarchy using a custom control
    This TFS Custom control for Work Items (requires SP1) allows setting a parent work item, displays parent work item as well as a child hierarchy and prevents closing a parent when any child work items are not closed. Known Issues: As with any TFS custom work item control, this...
  • TFS Work Item History Compare
    This is a little tool I wrote to show a TFS work items history. It allows the user to select the fields they want to see, and compare each revision of the field through the life of the work item.
  • TFS WorkItem Tracker
    TFS WorkItem Tracker helps developers to focus on their tasks and control their progression. It also helps Project Manager to visualize developments progression
  • TIBCO TFS Adapter
    TIBCO BW TFS Adapter
  • Ticket Management based on TFS
    TicketM is an extension to TFS 2012 to do support ticket management. It leverages Work Item Tracking Service of TFS 2012.
  • TSF Commit Monitor
    TFS Commit Monitor is a TFS clone of the CommitMonitor tool for Subversion.

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