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  • Build Status Indicator
    Build Status Indicator(bsi) is a Team Foundation Server Build Status application framework. The aim is to build a generic framework that makes it easy to add different indicators for TFS Build Status changes.
  • Custom Build Creation and Execution on TFS - Earlier Build + Selected Changesets
    This tool will provide creation of custom build and execute it on Team Foundation Server. User can select an earlier build and view subsequent changesets. User can select a few changesets out of all and execute a build for changesets in the selected build and selected changesets.
  • Dynamics AX Build Scripts
    Sharing build scripts for Dynamics AX integration with source control, focused on Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • fdTFS
    Team Foundation Server Source Control Plugin for FlashDevelop
  • GovDev for TFS
    Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft?s application lifecycle management solution. In addition to core features like source control, build automation and work-item tracking, TFS enables teams to align projects with i...
  • Hemi
    Hemi is a tool that helps you move work items from one team project to another in Team Foundation Server. It was just a little project I put together in my spare time. Since I first sent out links to it, I've actually had quite a few requests for features and what not. I haven...
  • MyStream
    MyStream is a tray icon application based on the ShelveSet feature provided by Team Foundation Server. My stream allows developpers to automatically backup theirs pending changes to be able to retrieve more versions of their code than they have uploaded on TFS by checking in....
  • Practical Kanban Guidance
    Visual Studio ALM Rangers practical and scenario based guidance for the use of Kanban in Team Foundation Server.
  • Scrum Planning Poker
    Scrum poker is an application developed in C#, WPF and used to facilitate a Scrum planning session (traditionally using planning poker cards). The application uses Team Foundation Server (tfs) with the Conchango Scrum template as the source for product backlog items.
  • ScrumPilot for TFS
    ScrumPilot is a dashboard and tool for use with Team Foundation Server. It provides a global & consolidated Agile management perspective of your projects.
  • Search Work Items
    This plugin for Team System puts a little search box right into Visual Studio to make it easy to find work items. It is an addin for Team Foundation Client (Team Explorer) and is accessible from the Team menu when you're connected to a Team Foundation Server and is also avail...
  • SvnBridge - Use TortoiseSVN with Team Foundation Server
    SvnBridge allows you to use TortoiseSVN and other Subversion clients with Team Foundation Server. It converts the calls made by your Subversion client to the API supported by TFS.
  • Team Alert
    Team Alert is a plugin for Team Foundation Server used for sending notifications to stakeholders when an event occurs. It allows you to notify recipients specified by any person field in the events, including custom work item fields. It also supports filtering by event fields.
  • Team Build Screen
    Displays the active status of build definitions from Team Foundation Server 2010 or 2008. Can be used on developer workstations and/or displayed on a large screen so that a development team can monitor the status of the build.
  • TFS Event Manager
    Allows you to manage Team Foundation Server event subscriptions as well as help troubleshoot event job processing.
  • TFS Team Project Manager
    TFS Team Project Manager automates various administrative tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server.
  • TFS Test Plans Word Addin
    TFS Test Plans Documentation makes it easier to document your test plans building word document content including test cases, test steps and shared steps extracted directly from Team Foundation Server. It's developed in C# language as a Microsoft Word 2010 add-in
  • TFS Timesheets
    A custom work item control for Team Foundation Server that allows timesheet data to be captured against a work item.
  • TFS Tools and Utilities
    In this project we'll publish useful tools and utilities for Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server.
  • TFS WitAdminUI
    Team Foundation Server 2010 RC WitAdmin simple application with UI
  • TFS Workbench
    TFS Workbench is a rich desktop UI providing access to your Team Foundation Server Projects.
  • TFS WorkItem Watcher
    TFSWIWatcher is a service allowing you to register for watching workitems in Team Foundation Server. The service can be configured to use different logic to retrieve accounts to be notified and to deliver messages to the accounts to be notified.
  • TFS Workspaces Cleaner
    TFS Workspaces Cleaner deletes Team Foundation Server workspaces that have not been accessed in a number of days, along with their files locally on disk.
  • TFSChangeLog
    TFS ChangeLog allows Team Foundation Server (TFS) users to extract information related to Changesets and associated WorkItems into XML format that is transformed into HTML. TFSChangeLog automatically produces Change Log / Release Notes based on selected changeset range. T...
  • TX Looker
    TX Looker is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to utilize Team Foundation Server (TFS) through the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface.

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