List of Free code AWS


  • aws price api
    Small API to get hourly and monthly prices for amazon web services.
  • aws sdk java
    Official mirror of the AWS SDK for Java. For more information on the AWS SDK for Java , see our web site:.
  • AWSAutomata
    , stop, start, describe and terminate AWS resources. Currently only a subset of the AWS resources (EC2 Instances, Elastic Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, RDS, EC2 Security Groups, RDS Security Groups, Cloudwatch Alarms) are supported. (more features are in the offing).
  • datamung
    An AWS solution that backs up RDS data in form of S3 object which is transfer'able across regions or accounts.
  • eclipse aws
    Eclipse plug ins for Java development on Amazon Web Services EC2.
  • java meme generator sample
    Sample code for a java application that uses Elastic Beanstalk, S 3 , DynamoDB, and SQS to create a meme generation website and processing pipeline. For a demonstration of the application in action, see this talk from AWS re:Invent 2012: D 81VA.
  • jsoda
    Simple Java object layer for AWS databases (SimpleDB and DynamoDB).
  • MiBox
    Java folder synchronization utility that uses AWS as the backend and BouncyCastle for security.
  • valet
    Simple Java API for AWS Route53.

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