List of Free code EJB


  • Book StoreLivroEJB
    EJB das funcionalida do gereenciamento dos livro na Book Store Pos 2010.
  • ejb 3.1 cookbook ejb 3 1 cookbook/book.
  • EJB3 Michael Sikora
    EJB3 Book Michael Sikora Examples in Maven.
  • embedded glassfish example
    This is just a simple example of using glassfish's embedded ejb container for unit testing supplementing a blog entry of mine.
  • javaee bookstore
    Sample Java EE (EJB3 + JSF ) Maven Application.
  • JavaEe6Web App
    This is a skeleton web application built on java EE 6, using persistence, EJB, JSF & Jersey.
  • javaonion
    Plataforma Java em suas mais variadas tecnologias (Jar, JPA, Swing, Web , JAAS, JNLP, EJB, Web Services, Cache, Cluster).
  • jboss ejb 3 container
    JBoss EJB 3 Container SPI.
  • jboss ejb 3 ext api
    JBoss API Extensions for EJB 3.
  • jboss ejb 3 jndi
    JNDI binder for EJB 3.
  • jboss ejb 3 singleton
    JBoss EJB 3 Singleton implementation.
  • jboss ejb 3 timeout
    Model the different timeout method requirements for EJB 3.0 vs 3.1.
  • jboss ejb 3 timerservice
    JBoss EJB 3 Timerservice implementation.
  • jboss ejb 3 timerservice mk2
    JBoss EJB 3.1 timerservice implementation.
  • jboss ejb 3 tutorial
    JBoss EJB 3 Tutorials.
  • jboss ejb 3 tx2
    JBoss EJB 3 TX Requirements Implementation.
  • jboss ejb api spec
    JBoss EJB API 3.1 Spec.
  • jboss ejb client
    JBoss EJB client for AS7.
  • jboss ejb3
    JBoss EJB 3.x implementation for JBoss Application Server.
  • jeedemo
    Java EE 6 demo app (JSF + RichFaces, EJB 3.1, JPA ).
  • jpauc ear
    Ear application (WEB + EJB module) GWT 2.4.0 + Maven 3 + Eclipse Indigo + GlassFish + JRebel.
  • Liquibase Ejb
    LiquiBase EJB integration for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • mdoc ejb
    Poursuite du projet mdoc appliqu? aux EJB 3.
  • multi javaee6 archetype
    Generates a *very basic* multi module Java EE 6 project composed of a parent pom project and 4 nested modules : Java Utility, EJB 3.1, Web 3.0 and EAR 6.0. No JSF nor persistence involved.
  • oreilly ejb 6thedition book examples
    Book Examples for "Enterprise JavaBeans from O'Reilly Media" by Andrew Lee Rubinger, Bill Burke, Richard Monson Haefel.
  • plain framework
    This framework enables it to use Servlet3.0 async, and EJB 3.1 and JAX RS and Thymeleaf simply. The license of this framework is Apache License 2.0.
  • plain framework sample
    This framework enables it to use Servlet3.0 async, and EJB 3.1 and JAX RS and Thymeleaf simply. The license of this framework is Apache License 2.0.
  • ProSt
    ProSt or ProzessSteuerung is a project which uses Activiti as process engine, OSGi for modularity and EJBs for client server communication. "Prost" is the German word for cheers.
  • template ejb
    EJB template tested against Oracle GlassFish Server with Java EE 6 (ejb/ web /ear components includes jms).
  • teste EJB
    Teste do projeto Panoptes.
  • topicpopularity
    Example of a Java application that integrates ejb, twitter4j, flot and web sockets.
  • VenteEnLigne
    Source code of the book "Les EJB 3 (avec Struts 2, JSF 2, JasperReports 3, Flex 3)" Celinio Fernandes.
  • wicketjee6 example
    Example Project sporting Apache Wicket, CDI, Bean Validation and EJB 3.1.

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