List of Free code JEE


  • agoncal application petstore ee6
    A Java Petstore using the Java EE 6.
  • agoncal application petstore ee7
    A Java Petstore using the Java EE 7.
  • agoncal sample javaee
    Samples about Java EE.
  • agoncal training javaee6
    The labs I use for my Beginning Java EE 6 Training.
  • arquillian examples
    My personal arquillian show case application. It started as Gda?sk JUG JEE6 sample application (24 01 2013) and evolved into a showcase of differences between configuration of different app servers for same arquillian testing.
  • auction
    java EE web project for organization on line of auctions.
  • clusterbench
    Java EE 5/6/7 Server Clustering Benchmark Application.
  • config
    Config Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides alternate bean metadata providers, such as XML based configuration.
  • contentieux
    Java EE 6 with CDI in EAR example.
  • crmaas
    SaaS CRM web application developed in Java EE.
  • darkroast framework
    A super lightweight MVC web framework built to leverage Java EE 6 CDI. Brew better software with better beans.
  • example webapp
    Example J2EE web application.
  • exquisitusj2ee
    Showcase about last J2EE technologies with code and examples.
  • FJ31
    Projetos do curso FJ 31 Java EE Avan?ado e Web Services na Caelum RJ.
  • hslu enapp webshop
    Webshop Java EE project for HSLU ENAPP module.
  • iForum
    Semestral project from the KIP/ JAVA 2 class. Simple web application written in Java EE.
  • international
    International Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides a unified approach to language and locale.
  • java ee testing
    Java EE testing code examples.
  • java Security Sample
    Java EE Security Sample APP.
  • Java SvnRPC
    Using J2EE B/S Framework to complete SVN operation.
  • javachat
    HelloWorld Java EE project simple web chat.
  • javaee 6 demos
    Examples of how to develop using several Java EE 6 technologies and frameworks.
  • javaee addon
    A Vaadin addon for easy creation of a Java EE 6 based Web Application.
  • javaee addon sample
    A sample application to show the usage of the JavaEE Addon.
  • javaee6 sample
    Java EE 6 Sample.
  • javaee7 examples
    Examples of Java EE 7 applications that demonstrate APIs and integrations.
  • javaee7 samples
    Java EE 7 Samples.
  • JEE Data Tier Design and Implementation
    This project provides a simple foundation to compare different Java frameworks for data tier implementation.
  • JEE Test
    collection of simple JEE tests (tx, security , etc).
  • Jee5Unit
    Small Java EE 5 unit test framework.
  • kitchensink example
    Demo application on OpenShift | Kitchensink quickstart shows off all the new features of Java EE 6, and makes a great starting point for your project.
  • library
    A prototype library system dynamic web module, build with every possible Java EE versions.
  • lightweightEE
    Sample of a lightweight Java EE application.
  • Node Java
    A simple framework for writing web applications without the J2EE overhead.
  • pebble
    A lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool.
    Web application for iPhone PEM app ( Java EE).
  • persistence
    Persistence Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides improved management of persistence and transactions.
  • petclinic
    Sprint to Java EE migration example.
  • picketlink
    PicketLink is a security framework for securing Java EE applications.
  • RecipeMix
    RecipeMix is a comprehensive meal planning and management service. A web application written in Java EE 6 that provides a centralized place to share, discuss, and discover recipes with like minded peers.
  • remoting
    Remoting Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides direct invocation of managed beans from Java Script.
  • RS MVC
    Small MVC framework for Java EE 6.
  • security
    Security Module: A portable extension for Java EE that provides a more comprehensive security API.
  • Security Filter
    It's a Security Filter which can protect you against XSS and Bruteforce attach. It can be used for any J2EE project.
  • teaframework
    Java EE Application Framework.
  • Teamspeak 3 Web Chat
    This is a Java EE 7 and Primefaces based Webchat for Teamspeak.
  • the jee architect cookbook
    the jee architect cookbook samples.
  • Twitter4Pirates
    This is an University final project for the "Taller Web I" Signature, this project aims to be an introduction to the basic development on the Java programming language based on the J2EE Platform.
  • University Social Network
    Project for university course (Java EE).
  • Web Media Browser
    Java EE Web Based Media Browser.
  • webtools. java ee config
    Java EE Module Configuration Editors project repository (webtools. java ee config).
  • webutilities
    Java library that helps you to speed up and improve client side performance of your J2EE web application.
  • workspaceJEECom Frameworks
    Java Project Livro JEE com frameworks.

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