List of Free code Facebook


  • Android Simple Social Sharing
    Reusable instrument for simple sharing with popular social networks (Facebook, Twiiter).
  • android socialbuttons
    A simple Like Button with shares count, which open Facebook native app to let the user share links to his wall.
  • caralibro
    A Facebook Java API.
  • dataware.facebook
    dataware facebook resource (GAE hosted).
  • Facebook API ME
    Facebook API ME defines a compelling and well defined API for Java developers who wish to access Facebook's services. This project provides support for the main and more popular services, e.g., status posting, friends list, etc. More services are added.
  • facebook test java api
    Java API for performing tests on Applications integrating with Facebook.
  • facebook4j
    A most easily usable Facebook API wrapper in Java.
  • FacebookGWT
    Facebook API for GWT.
  • FBPwn
    A cross platform Java based Facebook social engineering framework , sends friend requests to a list of Facebook profiles, and polls for the acceptance notification. Once the victim accepts the invitation, it dumps all their information,photos and friend list to a local folder. Extensible module interfaces and built in modules for advanced social engineering tricks.
  • hadoop 20 warehouse
    Facebook Data Warehouse based on Apache Hadoop 0.20.
  • Mvsb Samples
    This project includes different uses of Spiffy UI's Multi valued Suggest Box: single valued, multi valued with defaults, advanced (Facebook like) styling of suggestions, and suggestions retrieved client side (without REST).
  • PayItForward PhoneGap
    Sample application demonstrating the JavaScript library for PhoneGap: data storage, login with Facebook, caching and offline saving, and push.
  • photo picker plus android
    This is the official Chute Photo Picker Plus Repository. PP+ is a library which will help you fetch images from services like facebook, instagram picasa as well as ones from the device itself.
  • Social MUD
    Mud to be played across social networks , like facebook.
  • spring social facebook
    Facebook API binding and connect support.
  • unity facebook
    Facebook library in unity 3d.

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