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  • AndroidOperaLink
    OBSOLETE Java library to access the Opera Link API. PLEASE USE Client INSTEAD.
  • brave
    Java implementation of Zipkin (
  • cascading
    Cascading is a feature rich API for defining and executing complex and fault tolerant data processing flows on a Hadoop cluster. See for the release repository.
  • casperdatasets
    CasperDatasets is a concise dataset modeling framework written in java. CasperDatasets was initially written in 2007, was added to the google code repository in 2009 (licensed under LGPL), and moved to github in Sept 2012.
  • common
    Domain definitions common to server and broker. Issue tracking at server /issues.
  • D2 RQ maven
    A D2 RQ maven project based on sources from d2 rq/ ( D2 RQ only; not D2 RS)).
  • dasein cloud core
    The Dasein Cloud Core project defines the API against which your applications interact. Your applications do not need direct references to any other part of Dasein Cloud. You simply include the right cloud specific JARs at runtime. For more information, see the Dasein Cloud home page at cloud.
  • dspace cris
    dspace cris is a new additional open source module for the DSpace platform ( It extends the DSpace data model giving the ability to manage, collect and expose data about all the Research aspects (people, organization units, prize, project, grants, etc.). See the wiki for further information cris/wiki.
  • dspace rest
    github fork of dspace rest api with development of integration tests.
  • ghapi
    A Java wrapper for the GitHub API.
  • git bamboo plugin
    Git and GitHub Plugin for the Bamboo Build Server.
  • github api
    Java API for GitHub.
  • github api gwt
    github api for GWT.
  • github hook jar
    github hook jar is a container for running existing and custom github services inside a Java web application server (i.e. servlet container). github hook jar is a polyglot container and allows running Ruby based github services simultaneously with services implemented in other languages, such as Java.
  • github java
    A Java client for the GitHub API.
  • github java api
    Java API using github's RESTful APIs.
  • github java sdk
    This project aims to provide a Java wrapper for Github API.
  • gitminer
    Java based tools for extracting information from GitHub and git repositories into a graph database.
  • groundhog
    A framework for crawling GitHub projects and raw data and to extract metrics from them.
  • highchart java api
    Java API for generating highchart JSON. This API is based on the work of one2team. ( serverside export).
  • hudson github plugin
    github plugin for the Hudson continuous integration server.
  • imapsn lib java
    Reference implementation of client. html.
  • java ddp client
    A DDP client written in java for the Meteor framework (
  • Java Websockify
    Websockify server written in 100% pure Java. It's designed to work with the javascript found at
  • jsonbeans
    GitHub clone of SVN repo (cloned by
  • jsunit
    The original unit testing framework for Java Script. These days we use Jasmine ( by default for JS testing; JsUnit is not actively developed or supported.
  • Jt Framework
    GitHub clone of SVN repo https://svn. (cloned by
  • k2. graph .git.github
    Let's try this again.
  • kraken
    Github mirror of Wikimedia analytics data services platform (analytics/kraken) ? our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing
  • linkedbrainz d2 rs translators
    The LinkedBrainz related Translator classes for D2 RS. See also d2 rq.
  • MineQuest 2 Core
    MineQuest 2 Core: fuzzy tyrion (according to Github ; D ).
  • OldSource
    Before Github, programmers would link to code samples. Here are a few from my vault.
  • piccolo 2d .java
    Inofficial github mirror of Piccolo 2D / Java. Updated evey 15min.
  • plivo examples java
    Examples of how to use the plivo java helper at java.
  • seam social
    ##### Seam social moved to social under Seam Master repo ######.
  • spring jpetstore
    A web application built on top of Spring, Spring MVC, MyBatis 3, and Spring Security forked from
  • spring rest security
    See Wiki: rest security /wiki.
  • spring social github
    Github API binding and connect support.
  • swagger maven example
    Example of using swagger maven plugin ( maven plugin).
  • websocket testbed
    Testbed for experimenting with Web Sockets. Hixie76 support originally based on the java websocket project on GitHub by tootallnate.

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