List of Free code Lucene


  • axiom lucene
    Fork of Apache Lucene ( html ) to support things needed for Axiom Stack.
  • HebMorph
    This is an open source effort for making Hebrew properly searchable by various IR software libraries, while maintaining decent recall, precision and relevancy in retrievals. Includes Hebrew Analyzer for Lucene, and already produces results for Hebrew texts which are much better than the default Lucene implementation. Available for Java and.NET / Mono.
  • IPAddressZipCodeStateCountryLucene Java Search
    Automatically downloads a database of known IP addresses as well as other location data and creates a lucene index for spatial searching for IP addresses within a specific range (or other criteria). Stores lat/lon, zip, city, country, and IP addresses for fast lucene search. Index is 1GB upon completion.
  • loogle
    Lucene searcher example basead on Google engine.
  • lucene compression
    Lucene Directory that compresses the field data file (fdt).
  • lucene ws
    A REST compliant Java servlet capable of searching and managing multiple Lucene indices via the web.
  • lumeo
    Implementing Tinkerpop Blueprints API via Lucene (not yet done see blueprint api tests!).
  • your question gp contest
    This application is built using Spring framework on Java. It allows creating user accounts, for asking question or answering. It uses Apache Lucene for text searching. It can also utilize webservices of GP (Grameen Phone, a Bangladeshi Mobile Phone Operator) for sending question and receiving replies via SMS.

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