List of Free code Solr


  • alfresco webscript manifold connector
    Alfresco Solr API Repository Connector for Apache ManifoldCF.
  • elasticsearch mocksolrplugin
    Use Solr clients /tools with ElasticSearch.
  • solr stuff
    Normalization and other routines useful for dealing with library data in Solr.
  • nominatim ac
    Solr backed place name autocomplete based on Open Street Map Nominatim data.
  • qalingo b2c engine
    Qalingo : B2C Engine (opensource Java eCommerce/mCommerce/Marketplace, sync with ERP/CMS/CRM) (based on Spring, Hibernate , Velocity, Drools, SOLR).
  • SARQ
    SARQ Free Text Indexing for SPARQL using a remote Solr server.
  • scrutineer
    Compares a source of truth sorted stream with another to find mismatches. Designed for verifying indexes such as ElasticSearch & Solr are synchronized with their source of data (usually a DB).
  • solrjt
    Simple test framework for java applications with solr integration.
  • spring data solr
    Spring Data Solr integration.
  • spring data solr examples
    Spring Data Solr Examples.
  • touchstone
    simple solr data generator and pusher.
  • wikipedia solr
    A sample installation of solr setup for indexing wikipedia.

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