List of Free code Security


  • ASecure
    Add more security to your phone.
  • ATM and Bank Security
    Homework #2 in CMSC 414 at the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • bdd teammentor
    A BDD Security project for TeamMentor.
  • CamAlarm
    Server to notify all occurrences on security systems.
  • Camel Security
    Apache Camel Security sample projects for payload and route security.
  • CCSRCH Optimisation Project
    This is a Java project to speed up the process of searching for Credit Card numbers in specified directories (for companies that store CC numbers and need checking for legal and security purposes).
  • Cloud Security
    Research project on Cloud Security.
  • CryptHelper
    A helper application for specific cryptography problems (which I encountered in university subject 'Codes and Security ').
  • Culebra
    On the cloud Programming Language with cross cutting and nity security features.
  • darklight nova core
    An open source security vulnerability simulation platform.
  • deegree securityproxy
    Security component for deegree.
  • eCommerce RBAC
    This project intends to provide a security system implementation fully compliant with RBAC standard. This security system is modeled starting from eCommerce applications security requirements.
  • EduTLS
    SSL/TLS is the most common and widely used secure protocol in Internet. It is a package of more than 30 cryptographic primitives and protocols. For students studying information security it is of a crucial importance to have a good understanding of how.
  • eit060 project2
    eit060 computer security , project 2.
  • faceit
    A webservice for a cloud based mobile security using Facial Recognition.
  • fractus
    Security centric Instant Messenger.
  • fuzzer
    Fuzzer for the Security Engineering class @ RIT.
  • gae security sample
    Simple GAE authorization example.
  • Globus Security
    Security Framework for Globus Project.
  • hbs4ode
    History based Security for Apache ODE.
  • IBM Security Tools
    Assorted tools for IBM Security Products.
  • itseclarge lab1
    IT Security in Large Infrastructures.
  • Java Distributed Hash Cracker
    Written for CIS 4278, Computer Security in 2008 as part of my undergraduate studies. I keep it around because it was useful for learning the OpenChord DHT library.
  • Java Parsers
    Collection of Parsers built in Java for Security Products. Most help with Risk Analysis.
  • java security
    Java Security for CodeSup.
  • Java SecurityMyths
    Java sample projects demystifying some Java security myths in web applications.
  • Java Web Security
    Java Web Security Sichere Webanwendungen mit Java entwickeln.
  • JavaOne
    JavaOne 2012 'CON3418 Confident Data Transfers with Apache Camel Security ' demo project.
  • Jena Security
    Security (Permissions) wrapper around Jena RDF implementation.
  • JGlobus
    jGlobus is a collection of Java client libraries for Globus? Toolkit security, GRAM, and GridFTP.
  • JLint
    Lagoon Security Java Connector.
  • jpospm security core
    jPOS Presentation Manager security core module.
  • jpospm security ui
    jPOS Presentation Manager security UI module.
  • jsm policy subsystem
    Java Security Manager Policy extension for JBoss/Wildfly.
  • lab1c
    Security for Systems Engineering, lab1c.
  • MalwareLab
    CSE 484 Lab 3 Mobile Security.
  • MIT 6857 S11 Mobile Device Security
    6.857 Final Project on Mobile Device Security.
  • Modified Secure Social Module
    Play framework User Registration as well as other websites based login.
  • MoSP Siafu
    Mobile Security & Privacy Indoor Simulation extended Siafu Context Simulator for coupled MoSP simulation.
  • mule example security
    Demonstrates Mule security concepts.
  • mule module shiro
    Shiro Security support for Mule.
  • noxit security
    An annotation based framework to implement auth* stuff for Java 1.5+.
  • Nu Security
    this is a mock "qqsec" for learning ui skills.
  • nx sec
    custom security realms, etc. for Nexus.
  • openske
    Open Security Knowledge Engineered Framework.
  • orangeleap common security
    Orange Leap's common security module used by tangerine and clementine.
  • org.liveSense.service. security Manager
    liveSense Security Manager service.
  • orwell
    A security library for the pathologically paranoid.
  • owasp aside
    Application Security in Integrated Development Environment.
  • owasp orizon
    The Owasp Orizon Project is an open source tool to perform some static analysis over a source codebase. It's is focused over security and it supports multiple programming languages.
  • Own hash function
    Security in IT assignment 2.
  • Passbag
    Mobile password security application developed with j2me.
  • plannow security
    Tapestry 5 Plannow Security.
  • Plus Security
    Repo Plus Security de Ignacio Siel Brunet.
  • proxy core
    Core subproject for security proxy project.
  • rhinauditor
    Static analyzer for JavaScript aiming for security bugs.
  • SafeTalk
    a DUCA 2013 project by In Security.
  • saml
    Library for create assertions in Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) format.
    Web camera based motion detected security system.
  • SecReq
    A research tool that allows to assess automatic classification of security relevant requirements.
  • Securefilesharing
    Computer Security Team Project.
  • Security 101
    Secure programming sample projects.
  • security 4j
    A handy library of Java CDI based security tools.
  • security experiments
    Security experiments for magrit dci.
  • security manager
    Security Manager and useful related utilities.
  • Security Project
    This is a semester project for a computer security class.
  • security tcc
    Matheus' TCC with code and documentation.
  • Security Technique
    The implementation of Security Technique in java.
  • security tools
    Security Tools is a Java module containing some security related helper classes.
  • securityincomputing
    Security in Computing: CIS3360.
  • securitymodule
    A Mule module for securing service endpoints with SAML assertions.
  • seeproject
    See project is a new generator of aplications security. Using object distributed to control a systems operations in the clouds.
  • sesam
    security service with access monitoring.
  • SI
    SI Seguran?a Inform?tica (Computer Security ) This is a repository for academic research and development.
  • smack xmpp
    Fork of the Ignite Smack XMPP client library for Java with some security patches.
  • soap security framework
    SOAP WS Security framework on the base of WSS4j.
  • ssoexample gss
    single sign on example using Java Generic Security Services API (GSS API).
  • turmeric security
    Turmeric SOA Security Services.
  • UltraVision
    Hardcore security and global ban system for Bukkit Servers.
  • wcsc pcotw solutions
    How I solve the Whitehatters Computer Security Club Programming Challenges of the Week.
  • webclient security
    Project goal is to implement easy to utilize tools and filters for securing client web applications from themselves, like CSRF, click jacking, etc.
  • wicketstuff security
    Wicketstuff security temporary location until we migrate it to wicketstuff core. Depend on this at your own risk.
  • wifisurvey
    Wifi survey tool designed primarily for site surveys and basic security evaluations.
  • WLANAudit Android
    An application to audit the security of WLAN Access points. The application tries to guess the access point default password via a public know algorithm. This app is NOT MEANT to be used as a hacking utility, so I'm not responsible of the usage you make of it.
  • zuul
    Zuul is an edge service that provides dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, security , and more.

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