List of Free code Chrome


  • Abrakadabra Chrome
    Chrome Extension for correcting russian words written in english keyboard layout and other way round.
  • adb on chrome
    ADB ( Android Debug Bridge) server as a Chrome Extension.
  • AJAX Debugger
    Chrome extension that logs all AJAX (XMLHttpRequest) activity to the Dev Tools Console, allowing inspection of AJAX calls, and open calls in new tab.
  • Android Additions
    Chrome extension for additional documentation on http://developer.
  • android resource navigator
    Chrome Extension providing enhanced resource navigation for GitHub hosted Android projects.
  • Android SDKSearchExtension
    A Chrome extension that adds an 'ad' omnibox command and view source links for the Android SDK.
  • Android Sender
    send a link to chrome from android.
  • AntPile
    AntPile v2 supports building Flash apps for web, AIR, Android , iOS and Chrome Market.
  • Anychrome.crx
    candidate selection framework on google chrome like anything.el.
  • apng chrome
    APNG support for Google Chrome. Based on apng canvas library: canvas.
  • badass biz photos
    A Chrome extension that adds a modal business photo viewer to Yelp.
  • Bitcoin Microformats
    Google chrome extension. Detects Bitcoin microformat data in web pages. Pull requests very welcome.
  • bitford
    BitTorrent Client in a Chrome Packaged App.
  • bookmarktodesktop chrome extension
    Chrome extension for the Bookmark to Desktop android app.
  • CAGE
    CAGE Castle Age Game Enhancer Chrome Extension.
  • cast chrome sender helloworld
    This is a Google Cast Hello World sample for Chrome sender SDK using plain Javascript/HTML.
  • CAT434 flambient
    Chrome extension that adds the pxl effect from GuardianAmbientHeadlineRadio to Flickr photo.
  • chatRoomTest
    This chat room Demo use node.js & & html5. please use chrome to test.
  • chrome Android MarketHelper
    QR Code Generator for Android Market? on Web.
  • chrome apis
    Chrome Apps and Extensions APIs and IDE plugins to help you develop on chrome.* methods.
  • chrome app codelab
    The goal of this tutorial is to get you building Chrome apps fast. Once you've completed the tutorial, you will have a simple Todo app. We've done our best to capture some of the trickier parts to the development process keeping the sample simple and straightforward.
  • chrome bitcoin
    bitcoin client in chrome.
  • chrome devtools autosave
    Auto saving CSS and JavaScript changes from the Chrome Developer Tools.
  • chrome devtools autosave server
    Simple Node.js server for chrome devtools autosave.
  • chrome ext save css
    Chrome extension to automatically save changes in CSS and JS into local disk.
  • chrome ext view src
    Chrome extension for quickly viewing HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • chrome extension
    Collection of my chrome extensions.
  • Chrome Extension Example
    Sample application illustrating use of the Asana API.
  • chrome extension url qr encoder
    Shows a QR code of the url of the selected tab.
  • chrome extensions
    Some sample Chrome extensions... just useful code for reference.
  • chrome live reload
    It's a chrome extension to help web developers auto refreshing pages( html ,css) with press F 5.
  • Chrome Network Indicator
    A network load indicator for the Chrome webbrowser with statistics.
  • chrome pinstagram
    A Chrome extension for upload the photo to Instagram without iPhone devices.
  • chrome platform analytics
    Chrome Platform Analytics is a JavaScript library that supports the use of Google Analytics (GA) in Chrome Platform Applications and Extensions.
  • chrome prowl
    A chrome extension to send URL 's and/or selected text to a Prowl notifier.
  • chrome qrcode extension
    A Chrome extension that shows the current URL as a QR code without relying on some third party API.
  • Chrome Regex Widget
    A simple, regular expression tester for Chrome.
  • chrome tabs
    Chrome Tabs in HTML /CSS.
  • chrome url opener
    This Chrome extension allows you to save several URLs and open all of them in one click.
  • chrome user agent
    Allows you to re set the "User Agent" string in Chrome's HTTP request headers.
  • chrome zeroclickinfo
    Chrome Extension using the DuckDuckGo Zero click Info API.
  • chromeadb
    Chrome ADB( Android Debug Bridge) Client.
  • chromedragandgo
    Super Drag and Go Extension for Chrome.
  • chromelogger
    chrome extension for server side console logging.
  • ChromeMinesweeper
    a minesweeper game extension for chrome browser.
  • Chromerly URL shortener
    Chrome Extension to shorten your lengthy urls.
  • chromesoul
    Netsoul client for Google Chrome.
  • ChromeTTS
    Chrome Apps Text to Speech Sample.
  • CleanCopy
    A Chrome Addon to copy URLs from sites like Youtube and Amazon without all of the junk. Makes it nice for linking people in EMails or IM without URL shorteners.
  • clip it good
    Chrome extension for saving images to web image hosting providers.
  • cmdrslog
    chrome extension that takes automatic screenshots for a given url.
  • code cola
    code cola is a chrome extension for editing online pages' css style visually.
  • collection chrome plugin
    collect article by chrome plugin.
  • colorfox
    A better way to read manga comics online, a chrome extension.
  • ColumnCopy
    Google Chrome extension which enables selecting columns from table.
  • console text image
    Print text image to console on chrome.
  • craigslistpreview
    Chrome extension to inline Craigslist images.
  • css auto reload
    A simple but useful chrome extension for web developers, helps you automaticly reload the css files in the browser after you modify them, without ruining your codes.
  • CSS Diff
    Chrome extension that allows to easily compare CSS of two HTML elements.
  • d2 ext
    Drive 2.Ru Extension for Chrome.
  • deluge in chrome
    Provides quick overview of torrent information in Chrome for the torrent client Deluge.
  • devtools extension
    Basic example of a Chrome Devtools extension with communication between the inspected page and the panel.
  • deweyshort
    A Chrome URL Shortening Extension.
  • di
    A chrome web player. Doesn't work with the new layout.
  • DOCX.js
    Generate Microsoft Word DOCX files in pure client side JavaScript. Try in Chrome.
  • dossier
    simple tab collection for Chrome.
  • Drag ItOver
    A chrome web app for P2P file sharing using webRTC.
  • dragn download
    An Chrome extension that make all the links downloadable by drag and drop.
  • dropbox js for chrome extension
    This is JavaScript dropbox access library with example code.
  • Dropbox Picture Viewer
    This is a Chrome extension that not only allows you to view all your JPG files on Dropbox, but also lets you drag your images on Dropbox of different sizes and drop to your computer desktop or gmail.
  • Dualx
    Chrome OS QQ Client.
  • EDBE
    The Exploit Database Extension for Google Chrome.
  • encoder decoder chrome extension
    Chrome Extension to easily encode / decode HTML and URL strings.
  • firebase chrome extension
    A Sample Chrome Extension using Firebase.
  • Flickr Panorama View Improvement
    A chrome extension that inserts javascript into a browser on flickr photo viewer to illustrate a potential feature addition for flickr: improved panorama viewing.
  • Futupuri
    Photo booth packaged app for Chrome and Chrome OS.
  • G Maximize Chrome Extension
    Google Chrome Extension to enlarge photos in the Google Plus Lightbox.
  • GeekTo5K
    This is a sample chrome packaged app which works with a companion Android app.
  • git io shortener
    Shorten GitHub URL with in one click. (a Google Chrome extension).
  • GloveBox
    Bare metal webkit touch enabled scroll project. All JavaScript with no ext dependencies. It's called glovebox and it's open source, MIT You can check out a demo for ipad/safari/chrome here: html.
  • gmail Photo AttachmentRotate chrome extension
    Rotate attached photos from gmail in your browser when you choose to view in browser.
  • gridbee extension
    Google Chrome browser extension.
  • History Plus
    Google Chrome Extension. Overrides history page(Ctrl H). The list is group by domain and easy select date range.
  • hotgram
    Hotgram Unofficial chrome extension to view the most popular photos on instagram.
  • hover url shortener
    Chrome Extension for making a shortened URLs using Hover's URL forwarding service.
  • html5 notifications
    A simple experiment, focussing on using HTML5 notification support in Chrome and Safari. Works with Mountain Lion's Notification Center.
  • html5 notifications webOS style
    Chrome's HTML5 Web Notifications API Demo, in webOS esque style.
  • hudson chrome extension
    A Chrome Extension that monitors your Hudson Build Server and displays the current build status.
  • hudsonmonitor
    An extension for Google Chrome to monitor a Hudson CI server.
  • image downloader
    A Google Chrome browser extension that displays all images on a web page and allows the user to choose which ones to download.
  • imgcache.js
    JS library based on the File API to cache images for offline recovery (target: cordova/phonegap & chrome).
  • imo.ext
    This is chrome extension, which adds functionality to and changes its layout. All addons are optional and can be activated separately.
  • inCHROMEnter
    A simple Chrome extension to increment/decrement the URL of the current tab for fast browsing.
  • incrementor
    Google Chrome Extension to increment last number in URL.
  • ingress portals finder
    a Chrome Extension for the Game Ingress.
  • instachrome
    Chrome extension for saving URLs in Instapaper.
  • ios tweak sms desktop notification
    Receive desktop notifications in Chrome when SMSes are received on iPhone.
  • irc for gmail
    Embeddable IRC client for Gmail via Chrome extension. EXPERIMENTAL.
  • iWanaShare
    Share URL Chrome Extension.
  • JavaScript Photo Synth Viewer
    Fork of Henri Astre's Chrome extension v0.0.2_0.
  • jenkins chrome extension
    A Chrome Extension that monitors your Jenkins Build Server and displays the current build status.
  • jQueryTouch
    A set of jQuery plugins for iOS, Android , Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 22 and desktop browsers for unifying mouse/touch events.
  • json browser
    Chrome extension to allow browsing of json documents described by JSON schemas.
  • jsonfinder
    Browse JSON like you do it in Finder (Chrome extension).
  • jspiano
    play a canvas piano. download client side generated audio. 100% client side wav generation for audio frequencies on the fly with some effects. kinda an audio generation javascript playground. too support chrome something awesome would have to happen in relation to porting ogg to js =).
  • labs for google plus
    Framework for integrating small labs for Google+ into a single Chrome Extension.
  • lastpage chrome
    A Chrome extension for saving your current URL , for use with
  • lengthy
    Lengthy is a Google Chrome/Chromium extension that adds a table of contents to README files on GitHub.
  • Live Stylesheets
    small google chrome extension for editing a page's raw css.
  • LivePage
    LivePage for Google Chrome reloads website resources (such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript) as they change on the server.
  • livereload
    LiveReload applies CSS/JS changes to Safari or Chrome w/o reloading the page (and autoreloads the page when HTML changes).
    NOT MAINTAINED Mikrob'logging client for Chrome.
  • Minimalist Everything
    A chrome extension that makes HTML , CSS, & JavaScript injection easy for beginners and experts.
  • multisearch
    Google Chrome browser extension for searching multiple social networks.
  • my style
    My Style is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to insert custom CSS into pages, immediately see the visual results, and have that CSS persist for future visits.
  • My Time Organizer
    Time organizer for Google Chrome, written in HTML5 and using local storage. Features an easy to use, drag'n'drop interface and pretty animations.
  • network notifier
    Gives out audio notifications on connection or disconnection of internet in Google Chrome.
  • One Url OneTab
    Chrome Extension: Reuse an open tab for a localhost url instead of creating a new one.
  • oneclick
    Btapp.js demo that shows using the library in a chrome plugin to download torrent contents like normal downloads.
  • OpenList
    Chrome extension to open a list of URLs or search terms in new tabs.
  • oredev demo
    Demo app used my ?redev 2012 talk "Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools".
  • osdc backpack chrome
    "OSDC Backpack" Chrome extension. OSDC Backpack is a collections of open hacks, tools developed & contributed by community. This Chrome extension first hack in the Backpack.
  • persist ignoring whitespace on github
    A simple Chrome extension which makes GitHubs '?w=1' url 's persist across navigation and sessions (ignoring whitespace in diffs).
  • Perzoot Crawler Trainer Chrome Extension
    A Chrome extension to annotate urls and send the annotated html markup to a server.
  • photongx
    A photo gallery with next to no chrome, written in lua deploying with nginx.
  • Picasa Image Uploader
    Chrome extension for uploading images from web to your picasa albums.
  • pinboard chrome
    A fork of the Delicious extension felicious, modified to work on the Pinboard API and tweaked to my liking.
  • polymer chromeapps samples
    Chrome packaged app versions of the Polymer samples.
  • postman client
    The Postman Google Chrome extension.
  • PrettyPrint
    A chrome extension to pretty print JavaScript and CSS.
  • Project Axeman
    Google Chrome Open Source extension for Travian 4 that adds some ''missing'' features to the game.
  • proxy anywhere extension
    Proxy Server Anywhere Google Chrome Extension allows you to instantaneously change to your custom proxy from a click of a button.
  • Chrome Plugin and JS Library
    Chrome Plugin for Also includes the JS implementation of the API.
  • qrcode crx
    A Chrome extension that shows the current URL as a QRCode.
  • QRUrl
    Chrome Plugin for making QRCode for a URL.
  • remoteprez
    A tool to remotely control an HTML5 presentation. Features a node.js server, a public folder and a Google Chrome extension.
  • rgdb
    RGDB: Reaction GIF Database Chrome Extension.
  • Rose Hulman WeeklySchedule ChromeExtension
    Chrome Extension that uses Closure to make a Rose Hulman schedule grid.
  • safari gist more url
    A Safari port of google chrome gist more util, which shows extend url to clone (by 'ssh' and 'git') on Gist.
  • save2drive
    A Chrome extension to let you save link, image , audio and video to Google Drive.
  • send to google glass
    Chrome Extension that let's you send text notes and images to Google Glass.
  • sharemetric
    ShareMetric is a Chrome Extension designed to grab social network share metrics for the current browser URL.
  • sharkzapper
    Google Chrome extension to control Grooveshark ( HTML Interface). See README below for Licence.
  • SingleFile
    SingleFile is a Chrome extension that helps to archive a complete page into a single HTML file.
  • SMS Chrome
    Send free text messages to German mobile phone networks directly in your Chrome browser.
  • Spacebrew Chrome URL Launcher
    This is a chrome extension that enables you to control an instance of Chrome remotely. You can send it URL strings via Spacebrew. In response the browser will load the target page.
  • stop animations
    Browser extension (Chrome) to stop all animations on a page.
  • succynct
    Minimalist client for Google Chrome.
  • Table OfContents
    Chrome extension that creates an expandable table of contents on any web page with heading elements.
  • Tactical URL Expander
    A Chrome Extension that expands shortened URLs to their real URL. This project is dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
  • Tasks Rollover Chrome Extension
    The source code for a simple Chrome extension that will roll uncompleted tasks over to the current date for easier tracking and viewing within Google calendar.
  • Terra Big Photo
    Chrome Extension that shows the big photo of a Terra Portal Photo Gallery.
  • tetrisgame
    A free puzzle tetris game , also the game is in google chrome gallery:
  • three hub
    Chrome Extension that shows 3D models on your GitHub. On Chrome Store:.
  • tweetsat4sq
    Chrome extension which adds search box to #foursquare venue which search for tweets using venue location and query string.
  • Untamed Now Playing
    Chrome extension Saves 'now playing' data locally, which inturn can be displayed on an XSplit or OBS overlay.
  • url edit extension
    Chrome extension to help edit long urls containing long query strings.
  • url Opener
    chrome extension that opens all remembered urls at a click..
  • url shortener extension
    This project is the code set of " URL Shortener extension" for Chrome.
  • url switcher
    A Google Chrome extension that helps navigate through website URL hierarchy.
  • url tracker
    A chrome extension to track when certain urls have been loaded (useful for testing 3rd party tracking).
  • URLinator
    Chrome extension to open and copy many URLs at once.
  • video database manager
    GDG Chrome Apps Hackathon.
  • VKImageUploader
    Google chrome extension which allow you to post images which were found in the internet directly to your or group wall in the VKontake social network (,
  • vkonline
    Simple and awesome chrome extension for VK social network.
  • vkpd
    Chrome Extension for batch download of audio tracks from social network VKontakte.
  • washu library proxy chrome extension
    A Chrome extension to rewrite journal URLs to WashU Library Proxies.
  • webkit css
    Hack to display CSS rule line number in Safari/Webkit/Chrome Web Inspector.
  • wetbanana
    Click+ drag extension with physics for Google Chrome.
  • WhatsHare Chrome
    Share links and text from your desktop Chrome browser to your Android devices.
  • WindowGrid
    An extension for Google Chrome to help layout windows in a grid.
  • wormz
    HTML5 Canvas Experiment featured in Chrome Experiments.
  • wsftp
    A NodeJS server and Chrome Extension client that allows file transfer on web sockets, using
  • xsschef
    Chrome extension Exploitation Framework.
  • yadng
    Yet Another Drag and Go extension for Chrome.
  • YouTube HTML5
    Chrome extension that swaps YouTube's Flash or HTML5 video player with the default one.

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