List of Free code Firefox


  • 3Tris
    3Tris is a 3D Tetris like game in HTML5 (HTML+Javascript) tested on iPhone iPod iPad IE9 FireFox Chrome Safari.
  • accentuateus mozilla
    The Firefox add on allows you to type quickly and easily in more than 100 languages without extra keystrokes or a special keyboard. It works anywhere on the web: in your blog, web mail, social networking sites, or in online editors like Google Docs.
  • Add Art
    Add Art is a Firefox plugin that replaces ads on websites with rotating curated art images.
  • addon simple storage editor
    Firefox Add on SDK simple storage viewer and editor.
  • auto password
    Firefox Addon SDK extension to generate and manage site passwords.
  • barcodize firefoxmobile
    Barcodize Page Action for Firefox Mobile generate barcode of your current tab url from a page action.
  • basejs
    baseJS is a work in progress lightweight JavaScript library for Safari, Firefox, and especially Mobile Safari. Be sure to run 'git submodule init' and 'git submodule update' upon first clone of baseJS to get Sizzle imported.
  • beef taco
    A Firefox add on to opt out of ad networks.
  • browserid addon
    A Firefox plugin to support BrowserID login in the browser as well as the Sessions API.
  • campusparty firefoxos push
    CampusParty Europe Firefox OS Push Notification example.
  • cert manager
    Mobile firefox addon for cert adding.
  • checkinfox
    FourSquare client for Firefox OS.
  • cliget
    A Firefox addon that generates curl/wget commands that emulate the request as though it's coming from your browser allowing you to download protected files directly to a separate machine (e.g. server ).
  • commonplace
    Common, reusable components for the Firefox Marketplace...and beyond!.
  • copy shorturl
    A Firefox Extension to copy a short URL for the current page to the clipboard from the right click menu.
  • copy url
    Copy Short URL 's little brother: A Firefox Extension (Jetpack) to copy the current page's URL to the clipboard.
  • copy url firefox
    Copy URL is a Firefox addon that will copy the currently loaded page or image to the clipboard, automatically wrapped in an anchor or image tag. It defaults to HTML, but comes with BBCode and Wiki formats, or you can build your own.
  • copy urls expert
    Copy Urls Expert Firefox Extension.
  • css reloader
    CSS Reloader is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, that allows you to reload all the CSS of any site without you have to reload the page itself.
  • Custom New Tab
    Firefox Addon That allows the user to control what URL is opened in a new tab.
  • dailytabs
    Firefox addon to open tabs once a day until the date you specify.
  • DevCache
    Firefox extension for url based cache blocking.
  • DragonSaver
    Quick Firefox extension attempt to save images of Flight Rising dragons, with colors/genes/breed included in filename.
  • dynamicaudio.js
    An interface for writing audio with Firefox's audio data API with a Flash fall back for older browsers.
  • ephemeral
    This is Ephemeral, a simple short lived social network created to help test the Firefox Social API.
  • FastPrevNext
    Firefox extension: Easily browse through sequenced URLs.
  • feature testing
    Firefox for Android Feature Testing (Mobile CouchApp).
  • FeedMonkey
    TinyTinyRSS client for Firefox OS.
  • fennec gallery
    Firefox Mobile plug in for recognizing photo galleries and turning them into an easily browseable slideshow.
  • ff bubble animation
    Animation tests for Firefox doorhangers, bubbles and panels.
  • ffrecorder
    record firefox url history.
  • ffuzbl
    a Mozilla Firefox extension provides using layout of UZBL browser.
  • Fire Mobile Simulator
    A Firefox add on that simulates Japanese mobile phones.
  • FireFile
    Firefox CSS Live Editing Plugin.
  • fireflix
    Firefox flickr photo manager sidebar extension.
  • Firefox Addon Yourls
    Addon for Firefox to short any URL with YOURLS.
  • firefox client
    Node.js remote debugging client for Firefox.
  • firefox color management add on
    Provides a GUI for the color management option in Firefox so you don't have to mess with about:config. Also works with other XUL applications.
  • Firefox download organizer addon
    This firefox addon will organize your downloads into folders based on the downloads host url.
  • Firefox Drag UrLink
    Just a simple drag link Firefox extension.
  • Firefox html to epub
    Ajout d'une extension qui permet d'enregistrer une page web au format epub.
  • firefox keepass autofill
    Automatically fill in username/password combinations from a Keepass database.
  • firefox restart extension
    Restart Firefox quickly, for extension developers? Added a toolbarbutton to the customize ToolbarPalette? you can drag it to anywhere you like in the toolbar or addon bar.
  • firefox table 2clipboard
    If you want to paste data in Microsoft Excel on OpenOffice Calc with correct disposition simply use Table 2Clipboard.
  • firefox urledit
    A url editor extension for Firefox.
  • firefox zeroclickinfo
    Firefox Add on using the DuckDuckGo Zero click Info API.
  • firefox. url logger
    URL Logger extension to Firefox.
  • firefoxos quick start
    A guide and sample to get you creating Firefox OS apps in less than five minutes!.
  • FirefoxOS.GeoTracker
    GPS track recording web app for Firefox OS? and mobile browsers in general.
  • FireServ
    Firefox extension that adds a socket based webserver to your browser. Includes support for an optional MVC style framework.
  • firessh
    free, cross platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Form Plow
    A Firefox extension that takes advantage of what the browser knows about you and the sites you visit to proactively prevent phishing attacks and speed up form filling by autofilling fields.
  • Formlet
    Firefox extension for saving form data to bookmarklets.
  • formsaver
    Source code for the Formsaver Firefox 3 extension.
  • fx35 drag and drop
    HTML5 Drag and Drop in Firefox 3. 5.
  • fxa content server
    Firefox Accounts Persona Bridge.
  • gaia email libs and more
    E mail libraries for the Firefox OS Gaia E mail client.
  • gcli
    Command line component for Firefox/Ace/Skywriter.
  • github client
    Angular GitHub client for Firefox OS.
  • Jetpack extension
    A Firefox extension written mostly using the addons sdk and apis.
  • Google by Image Restartless
    Google by Image Restartless addon for Firefox; relatively simple, built on Addon SDK.
  • googly
    URL Shortener FireFox extension.
  • Grooveshark Remote Control
    A simple Firefox extension to remote control the new Grooveshark API from any webpage you're browsing.
  • gtranslate
    gTranslate is a Firefox addon which translates the selected text via Google Translate API.
  • firefox
    Firefox extension to convert an image to a torrent.
  • Hide Toolbars by URLs
    Firefox Addon. Hide toolbars like the locationbar for Tabs that are pinned as App Tabs in Firefox 4.
  • hologram
    A CSS3 Hologram illusion (for Firefox 4 Mobile).
  • HTML5 Desktop Notifications
    Desktop notifications plugin for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE9+.
  • html5 validator
    HTML5 Validator is a Firefox add on that helps with validating the HTML source using the engine (online or local instance).
  • ignotifier
    Multiple account Gmail notifier for Firefox (without storing passwords ).
  • Image Tweak
    Mozilla Firefox add on for improving the image viewing UX.
  • imgurfox
    A Firefox extension to upload images to
  • input.js
    Input.js is a JavaScript library to map controller and OS specific USB enumerations provided by the Gamepad API in Mozilla Firefox to an ideal virtual gamepad.
  • isa
    Intelligent security advisor for Mozilla Firefox.
  • jetpack oop
    Experimental use of Out Of Process capabilities in firefox 4 to provide multi process capabilities in addon sdk.
  • Jquery Alpha Image
    This plugin can change selected colours to transparent and give result as image or imagedata. This plugin works IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  • js Game Soup
    A Free Software framework for making games using Javascript and open web technologies. Runs on Firefox (Gecko), Safari/Chrome (WebKit), Internet Explorer 6+, and Android + iOS browsers.
  • js shorten the url
    This code is a firefox extention. To shorten the URL for the selected text or anchor text.
  • jsonview
    A Firefox extension that helps you view JSON documents in the browser.
  • jszhuyin firefox
    An offline Smart Zhuyin IME add on for Firefox. Built on top of JSZhuyin and add on SDK.
  • KeyTips jQuery Plugin
    The KeyTips plugin for jQuery (formerly the Access Key Highlighter plugin) provides various options for highlighting access keys on web forms when the user presses their browser's access key shortcut key, e.g. Alt in Internet Explorer and Safari, Shift+Alt in Firefox.
  • LargeLocalStorage
    Problem: You need to store a large amount of key value based data in IE, Chrome, Safari, AND Firefox.
  • Mephisto
    Testing HTTP Server , Firefox Add On.
  • Mobile Saved Password Editor
    Firefox Mobile (Fennec) add on for editing saved passwords.
  • mobilebarcoder
    Mobile barcoder Firefox addon.
  • MovyJS
    Users can control your website with their mouse move (or touch move) now! Use preset moves or create your move. This plugin works on IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and also on safari mobile and android mobile.
  • moz js
    Node.js low level modules equivalents for addon sdk /firefox platform. In order to use Node.js modules directly into firefox addon sdk !.
  • mozaic
    A different take on Firefox's Places Library.
  • MozGnowser
    The Gnowsys Servers when connected across a Distributed Network will require a system that will facilitate the Knowledge in Gnowsys Servers to be accessible and shareable via the Internet. The MozGnowser Mozilla Firefox Extension will enable knowledge.
  • Networking Dashboard
    Add on for Firefox showing internals of networking.
  • nicofox
    An addon for Mozilla Firefox, providing serveral features for video sharing website "Nico Nico douga".
  • nightly gupshup
    WebRTC on Firefox Nightly video chat demo app.
  • nosquint
    NoSquint is a Firefox add on that allows you to adjust the text only and full page zoom levels as well as color settings both globally (for all sites) and per site.
  • PassHash
    Password Hasher Firefox extension.
  • passifox
    Extensions to allow Chrome and Firefox (4.0+) to auto form fill passwords from KeePass (requires KeePassHttp).
  • password analyzer
    Firefox add on for analyzing saved password strength.
  • password exporter
    a Firefox add on that exports and imports saved passwords.
  • Password HasherUltimate
    Password Hasher Ultimate is an automatic password extension for Chrome. It's an enhancement of Password Hasher Plus (, which is itself a port of a Firefox extension (https.
  • Password Reuse
    A Firefox extension to detect password reuse.
  • peanut
    This is a silly, simple synchronized sound/ animation experiment using the gameQuery js library. The browser compatibility has unfortunately degraded over the years but it still kinda works in Firefox and slightly less so in Chrome.
  • people
    A Mozilla Labs Experiment: Adds a database of information about people to Firefox. (replaces mercurial repo for this project).
  • PixelPerfect
    Firefox/Firebug extension that allows web developers and designers to easily overlay a web composition over top of the developed HTML.
  • planetarium
    A Firefox 4 demo about the solar system.
  • plurk buoy
    Plurk Buoy is a Firefox Extension built with add on SDK , it displays the Plurk mobile version's link content in iframe, enhance the browsing experience on desktop.
  • pmog chat
    A Firefox extension that provides URL specific chat to PMOG.
  • post2friendica
    A Firefox addon to post images , links, and selections to Friendica using the context menu.
  • pwdhash scrypt
    Implementation of the Firefox PwdHash plugin using scrypt for password hashing incomplete.
  • r 2d2b2 g
    Firefox OS Simulator is a test environment for Firefox OS. Use it to test your apps in a Firefox OS like environment that looks and feels like a mobile phone.
  • Redirector
    Firefox extension to redirect urls based on regex patterns, like a client side mod_rewrite.
  • Regions.js
    A polyfill for the CSS 3 proposal for Text regions (Tested + Works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 8+).
  • requestpolicy
    RequestPolicy is a Firefox extension that gives you control over cross site requests. Be sure to look at the dev 1.0 branch as that's where all of the interesting work is happening. See also: html.
  • save my browser tabs
    Extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to save all of your open tabs to a text file (window/tab index, URL and title of each tab).
  • Saved Passwords Button
    A simple Firefox extension to quickly access the built in password manager.
  • Scrapbook Browser
    Centralized web interface for Firefox Scrapbook data (Simile Exhibit + Folder view).
  • ScreenInvader BrowserExtensionPack
    BrowserExtensions for the ScreenInvader that placed in the will one day contain widgets for firefox, chrome and opera that start the webinterface and load a video.
  • secure password generator
    Secure Password Generator add on for Firefox.
  • selenium ide grails formats
    Firefox plugin that adds Grails Selenium RC export formats to the Selenium IDE plugin.
  • selenium profiles
    A collection of (Firefox) profile templates for use with Selenium.
  • Server Switcher
    Firefox extension that allows you to easily switch between your development and live servers.
  • simple brick demo
    A really simple Firefox OS app using Brick components.
  • simplesynth
    A simple synth example for Firefox 4 Audio API.
  • socialapi dev
    Experimental support for a Social API in Firefox.
  • soundcloud gmail gadget
    Show SoundCloud Widget for any sound url in Google Mail (Firefox & Chrome Extension and Google App Gadget).
  • spedr firefox
    Spedr enables you to create short URLs by clicking an icon in url bar.
  • splat game
    Simple color puzzle games for Firefox OS.
  • storage lite
    Lightweight YUI 3 API for persistent cross browser key/value storage similar to the HTML5 localStorage API. Supported browsers include IE6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3.1+, Chrome 4+, and Opera 10. 5 +. No browser plugins required (not even Flash).
  • tabulator firefox
    Linked Data Browser, for Firefox.
  • Talk To Me
    Mobile Firefox Screen Reader Extension.
  • tilt this
    A web based builder for 3d Tilt objects (viewable by Firefox's Tilt devtool).
  • Transform URL
    Regex driven Location Bar transformer as Firefox Extension.
  • tree tabs
    Addon sdk (formely jetpack) extension equivalent to Tree Style Tab firefox extension.
    A server and associated firefox add on which provides quick access to the current status of the London Underground network.
  • u1 gallery
    Add photo gallery view option to Ubuntu One Files (Firefox Addon).
  • Unsocialize
    A browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox and Safari) for bypassing Facebook social reader app install requests. It provides a right click context menu item which extracts the article URL and opens it in a new tab.
  • URL Fixer
    URL Fixer is a Firefox extension that automatically corrects typographical errors in URLs typed in the Firefox Location Bar.
  • url lister firefox plugin
    A Firefox plugin that shows the URLs of all the tabs in a textarea so that it can be copied easily.
  • url Memo
    URL Memo Firefox Extension.
  • user agent overrider
    Firefox extension to override browser user agent string.
  • visual Color Editor
    Visual CSS color editor for Firefox 5 and above.
  • whereismycar firefoxmobile
    "Where is my car?" for Firefox Mobile addon (based on Jetpack SDK ) ** Winner of Mozilla Mobile Add ons Challenge! **.
  • Wordbucket Extension
    Built with Firefox Add on SDK , creates an index of words on pages for click based search.

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