List of Free code Form


  • alchemy forms
    The Alchemy Forms component.
  • alfraca
    A demo project that integrates the Alpaca forms engine with Alfresco.
  • alfresco listmanager
    Component used to manage custom list of values used in metadata forms.
  • angular dataform
    Reliable, componentized data form controls for AngularJS.
  • angular recaptcha
    Angular directive that allows you to use a reCaptcha widget inside an angular form.
  • Angular Simple Form
    Simple forms for Angular with intelligent defaults.
  • angularjs form builder
    A simple form builder application written with AngularJS.
  • App Forms Template
    FeedHenry Wufoo Template App.
  • asset manager
    . This makes it easy to package up content and reuse it across projects. This library also provides the ability to precompile all of the static assets into their production form (e.g., aggregated, minified content with hashed filenames). Less support is built in so you can have Less files live side by side with css files.
  • bcms feedback form
    A Feedback Form module for the BrowserCMS Content Management System.
  • bem form
    Form widgets based on jz forms and BEM tech.
  • BookClub
    An experiment in long form reading and typography in the browser.
  • Bosco
    A chocolate Treat that generates web forms.
  • cfwheels rte plugin
    Rich Text Editor form helper plugin for CFWheels.
  • cmex
    This is a CMS based on Laravel 4 aka Illuminate. It focuses on providing a consistent interface for adding "chunks" to a page, which are first of all just a piece of data, but which can be lifted up to complex forms , blogs etc. by your chunk class. By now it's in an early stage, but under active development.
  • CollidR
    An open source project leveraging SignalR to make real time forms easy.
  • Contact Dialog
    A contact form plugin for WordPress.
  • couch incarnate
    CouchDB views in DB form ; for chaining map reduce operations.
  • couchdb contact form
    Simple Contact Form CouchApp for CouchDB. Includes simple mail spooler.
  • crafity logging
    A node module for logging information in different forms.
  • CreditCardNanny Plugins
    A web browser plugin that detects potentially fraudulent sites, or just plain incompetent sites that may expose any form information in clear text despite being behind SSL.
  • croogo cakeforms
    form plugin for croogo.
  • css 3 forms library
    An imageless forms library written in css 3 with a javascript fallback.
  • custom contact forms
    Custom Contact Forms is a WordPress plugin.
  • Custom Form
    Custom styles for checkboxes, radios and selects.
  • database forms
    A package for Meteor that allows easy form generation for creating and editing database records.
  • demandbaselabs
    JS frameworks and tools to help kick start your Demandbase implementation. Includes fully customizable form connector and Google Analytics connector. Check back often for new integrations and tools.
  • demo spine address form
    Demonstration spine address form.
  • Dojo Form Generator
    Generate Dojo Forms from JSONSchema.
  • ember easy Form
    Easily build semantic forms in Ember.
  • ember formbuilder
    OBSOLETE Ember Form Builder is a form builder implementation for Ember.js and Handlebars. It's inspired by the Rails form builders, simple_ form and formtastic.
  • ember forms
    Easy forms for ember.js.
  • ember rails demo
    Form CRUD with Ember.js and Rails 3.2.
  • expo artcom
    easy drag n? drop upload form with output to list view, printable QR tag, and gallery view.
  • feedback.js
    Feedback form with screenshot.
  • Flask AppBuilder
    Rapid Application development with integrated security, auto form generation, google charts and much more.
  • form 4
    Some architecture site or something.
  • Form Binder
    Form builder for JavaScriptMVC with automatic binding to a model.
  • Form Extensions
    Symfony2 form extensions for Admingenerator project (also working standalone!).
  • Form Mate
    Form Mate is a Framework for making web forms.
  • form renderer component
    Form renderer component for AngularJS app.
  • Form Timer
    WARNING: Unstable, use at your own risk! Refactor coming soon. Time your forms. Make them easier.
  • form2js
    Javascript library for collecting form data.
  • forma
    Javascript client side < form > generator.
  • formage
    Bootstraped Admin GUI addon for mongoose, jugglingdb, or just as a form generator.
  • formal mongoose
    formal + mongoose = DRY! Define your form from your mongoose schema.
  • formdrop
    Dropin' forms since 2012.
  • formful
    reflect HTML forms from Resourceful resources.
  • Formgen
    Simple Zend Framework 2 Form Generator.
  • FormitMaker
    A form builder for MODX Revolution.
  • formloader
    A comprehensive form building package/module combo for fuelPHP.
  • Forms
    A FormView for SproutCore, with support for lovely animation.
  • forms android
    creating forms using titanium for android mobile.
  • forms angular
    Probably the most opinionated framework in the world.
  • Forms demo
    A demonstration of building a simple CRUD application using Sencha Touch's MVC architecture.
  • FreeTale
    A Web Analytics Tool To Playback Visitor Mouse Motions, Heatmaps of Scrolling Activity, Form Analytics and More.
  • frontend template
    My personal frontend development template, inspired and borrowed a lot form Paul Irish, Sen CSS and blueprint CSS framework.
  • function studio
    2D Function Studio to allow students to explore different functional forms of regressions.
  • gitReader
    Read and format git object form a git Repo.
  • googlediff
    drop in the original code form svn of Neil Fraser's diff_match_patch. uses jsinc and a simple index file and thus it is updatable.
  • grouple
    Inspired by Google Plus Circles, Grouple aims at simplifying the creation of groupings, in the form of circles.
  • guards.js
    Guard your forms with class (or any other selector).
  • hydra form
    Simple form style resets and beautification.
  • hyperagent forms
    A plugin for hyperagent.js that adds support for a HAL forms profile.
  • iciba
    A dictionary chrome extension copyed and changed form
  • impress
    Sophisticated CSS only templates for HTML forms.
  • JavaScript Boilerplate
    with the configuration file in the form object literal. It would be a template over which people can build their projects. We would also be looking into different APIs that can combine along with the best practices to enhance our customized solution.
  • jazzy forms dev
    Jazzy Forms an online form generator plugin for WordPress. This is the development branch, including code generation and automated testing.
  • JS Grid
    Javascript code to represent data in different ways ( table , form, charts etc.) Inspired by Oracle ADF.
  • leaflet control bing geocoder
    A simple geocoder form that uses Bing to locate places.
  • libform utils
    Improvements to form related views.
  • Locomotive Boilerplate
    Locomotive Boilerplate with Mongoose, Generated Forms , Emailer and Auth.
  • merb simple forms
    Plugin that provides an automatic forms generation.
  • meteor contactus form demo
    This is a basic contact us form processing demo made with Meteor.
  • meteor forms
    A smart package for generating forms.
  • mo
    A collection of OzJS core modules that form a library called "Mo".
  • mondrian
    This is a simple application that demonstrates how to have idiomatic layouts that adapt to different device form factors.
  • myformbuilder
    Form builder in javascript.
  • Name Dropper
    A Google Chrome extension to let users of Google Analytics know YOU went to their site, reverse privacy of sorts. Drop a calling card on each site you visit in the form of a Google Analytics tracking event, because you visiting their site is an event worth celebrating!.
  • NDSites
    A collection of improvements to websites used by my school, in the form of a Safari extension.
  • ngLocalized
    A simple angularjs form with live language switching.
  • Niceforms
    A non intrusive javascript method for customizing web forms.
  • node abnf
    Augmented Backus Naur Form (ABNF) parsing for node.js. See RFC 4234.
  • node ebnf diagram
    Generate png diagrams from Extended Backus?Naur Form (EBNF) grammars.
  • node formidable
    A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.
  • nodeformcols
    Separates the node forms into two columns and a footer.
  • nupload
    Nupload makes it easy to do direct object downloads and form based uploads to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.
  • odk paiute
    Render forms in the browser.
  • opc form
    "Magento Form Filler" extension for Google Chrome.
  • paymill payment form
    Example integration of a Paymill payment form.
  • performer
    A javascript form generation library for node and the browser that won't get in your way.
  • pform
    The Pines Form CSS design.
  • Photo GalleryWebsite
    A photo gallery website with user registration facility. Create your profile and store images in form of albums.
  • pjax Forms
    Integration of Pjax and Play Framework 2.0 (Scala).
  • placename
    find a normalized place name and lat/lon from a free form location query.
  • platforms
    basic skeleton for a webapp based on node.js with plat_ forms contest in mind.
  • poor form
    Built upon formaline's ultrafast parser, truly a formidable competitor.
  • quaderno
    a dynamic form system in javascript.
  • query string values extension
    Chrome extension that allows you to see the current tab's query string values in a clean form.
    my name in url form.
  • rack geo
    Rack middleware providing pass through adding of Geo bits from forms and cookies.
  • Rails Wizard Generator
    The Wizard Generator is a Rails application that generates wizards, forms and ActiveRecord objects.
  • recurly js
    Secure, PCI Compliant Transaction Forms With Fully Customizable CSS.
  • redmine timelog timer
    A simple javascript timer for timelog form.
  • RGoogle Forms
    Generate Google Forms from RMarkdown.
  • Rizeway Form Bundle
    Extra Types for Symfony2 Forms.
  • sacrum
    One codebase, two environments single page JavaScript apps in the browser, forms 'n links webapps on Node.js for almost free.
  • Safe 2D
    Safe 2D Form Encryption Chrome Extension.
  • sass color function generator thing
    This eats two colors and poops out the relationship between them in the form of a SASS function.
  • Security Form
    Security App that takes in reports.
  • Sencha Touch forms demo
    A demonstration of building a simple CRUD application using Sencha Touch's MVC architecture.
  • SFormWizard
    A form wizard yii framework plugin.
  • SharepointPlus
    SharepointPlus ($SP) is a JavaScript library which offers some extended features for SharePoint entirely on client side (requires no server install). $SP will simplify your interactions with the Sharepoint Web Services and will help you to deal with the List Forms.
  • ShtumiUsefulBundle
    Symfony 2 bundle with some useful things custom form types, dql functions, twig extensions, etc...
  • silverstripe userforms
    User Forms module provides a visual form builder for the SilverStripe CMS. No coding required to build forms such as contact pages.
  • sisyphus
    Gmail like client side drafts and bit more. Plugin developed to save html forms data to LocalStorage to restore them after browser crashes, tabs closings and other disasters.
  • site scaffold
    This plugin is a basic generator for some repetitive task when working with websites. You can use script/generate to create contact forms , admin painel with mini blog session and product catalog.
  • spree extra variant
    A Spree extension to add free form text variants to products without having to create all the different possibilities in the database.
  • stativus demo
    Stativus Demos in various forms...
  • statusjs
    Allows you to display a status message when submiting a form or performing other time consuming tasks.
    Example of how to run Socket.IO on multiple subdomains in the form of a simple chat server.
  • super tabber
    Tab and tab shift to switch between all controls on a form , regardless of browser.
  • superblog
    Small Blog with simple forms and layout.
  • taggle.js
    Form ready delicious style tagging.
  • tFormer.js
    tFormer.js Empower your HTML forms.
  • uni form
    Uni Form is a framework that standardizes form markup and styles it with CSS giving you two most widely used layout options to choose from. Anyone can get nice looking, well structured, highly customizable, accessible and usable forms. To put it simply: it makes a developer's life a lot easier. Support ? form.
  • Vellum
    An XForms form designer written purely in Javascript.
  • web google map
    OpenERP addon which offers a simple js widget for including google map in OpenERP forms.
  • webforms2
    Web Forms 2.0 Cross Browser Implementation.
  • WebWorksQNXWidgets
    Transforms regular HTML form components into widgets with a QNX look and feel to use in PlayBook WebWorks apps.
  • week 22
    Managing multiple forms of configuration.
  • wheels Form Builder
    Create a form and we will give you the source code for it.
  • yui dhtml forms
    Dav's YUI DHTML Forms Package.
  • Zeam Form Plone
    Plone support for Zeam Form.
  • zendconstructor
    Zend_ Form WYSIWYG constructor.
  • zf2 formbindexample
    ZF2 form bind example.
  • zforms
    JavaScript framework for complicated form development.

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