List of Free code Form Input


  • form
    Javascript library to create HTML form inputs.
  • inputs
    NO LONGER MAINTAINED Add a very simple way, masks in form fields.
  • javascript default input
    Set default values of text and password form input tags on page load.
  • jquery example
    jQuery plugin to populate form inputs with example text that disappears on focus. See also
  • jquery grewform
    This little plugin helps to declare complex form logic, like 'show this <input> when user select this option'. Yes! In declarative style.
  • Memoria
    Extensible form storage for memorising user inputs with local storage. Never lose your form data ever again!.
  • phoneItIn
    Non invasive, non intrusive Javascript phone number entry helper for Web form inputs.
  • simple form autocomplete
    Add a jQuery autocomplete input to your simple_ forms.
  • timepicker
    A jQuery plugin to enhance standard form input fields helping users to select (or type) times.
  • value
    get / set form input values.
  • ximple forms
    Module for Axiom CMS that allows the creation of input forms on the fly.

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