List of Free code Mobile


  • 1800freshstart
    mobile demo 1800 Fresh Start is the quickest way to apply for a car loan on the internet. Instant review process for any credit situation. Nationwide dealer network.
  • angular mobile nav
    An angular navigation service for mobile applications.
  • as3flobile air
    An extension of the as3flobile project to provide extended functionality targeting Adobe AIR on mobile devices.
  • Bitcoin Trader
    Bitcoin Trader by MtGox Live lets you buy, sell, trade, transfer and send bitcoins on MtGox. Now you can trade while mobile and on the go, or while laying in bed.
  • bridgely
    Mobile Directory with SMS.
  • BugTender
    mobile web app to manage Bugzilla from your phone.
  • CardKit
    A missing mobile web app toolkit for front end developers.
  • carousel widget
    Carousel Widget in Mobile.
  • cblite tests
    tests for mobile servers, clients, and sync interop.
  • cfunited 2010 mobile application
    This is the mobile application for the CFUnited conference.
  • Chatoms Phonegap
    The phonegap solution for Chatoms mobile.
  • checkin
    mobile web app for checking in guests at an event.
  • checklist
    Checklist is an easy to use mobile web app for creating quick to do or shopping lists.
  • Civi Mobile
    A small but very effective mobile interface to your CiviCRM installation.
  • cordova mobile spec
    Mirror of Apache Cordova mobile spec.
  • cordova phonegap
    Meteor package that provides support for mobile hardware support via Cordova Phonegap.
  • countly sdk blackberry webworks
    Countly Mobile Analytics Blackberry WebWorks SDK.
  • Crestron Mobile
    Connect CommandFusion iViewer to Crestron processors.
  • croxit
    WebView for mobile platforms on steroids.
  • D2 WC Mobile app
    A demo app for the conference D2 WC, not an official app for it.
  • Datea mobile
    phonegap application for Datea.
  • dcm mobile
    Mobile web app for the Del Close Marathon.
  • detectmobile.js
    detectmobile.js allows you detect mobile browsers, create intelligent mobile redirects in HTTP cache safe manner using Javascript.
  • deviceapi normaliser
    A library that can be used to normalise the data coming out of the mobile device api code across browsers and bring it back "on spec".
  • digital mass
    A bare bones mobile app used to trace & share your bicycle commutes for posterity!.
  • DragoMobile
    Dragoman Overland Ltd. Mobile App.
  • dragonfly wp theme
    A mobile first theme for WP.
  • ember crud
    Simple CRUD for Ember.js 1.1.2 with Ember Data 1.0.0beta3 + Touch gestures mobile (responsive) version + Grunt templates precompiling.
  • ember mk
    Mobile Kit for ember.js.
  • ember phonegap starter
    Please refer to app kit This is a starter kit to get you up and running with Ember inside a mobile application. This can be dumped inside a PhoneGap wrapper to create an App wrapper for your Ember application.
  • Energy Management
    UC Berkeley mobile energy management dashboard.
  • events app
    Initially intended as a mobile Web app for Mozilla community events. Hopefully it will be evolve to be useful for everyone having an event.
  • ExpandingSearchBar
    A tutorial on how to create a mobile friendly and responsive expanding search bar.
  • Faith of Life Network
    Faith of Network mobile app.
  • flexapp
    Free mobile app website template.
  • FPMobile
    Facepunch Mobile app, powered by Hexxeh's Facepunch API and Phonegap.
  • gatekeeper.js
    The JavaScript library for event delagation in mobile browser.
  • generator mobile boilerplate
    Scaffolds out H5BP Mobile Boilerplate.
  • gesture
    A gesture library for desktop & mobile & tablet browsers.
  • gof patterns
    A simple "flash cards" mobile app for the Gang of Four design patterns.
  • GPGMail Mobile
    OpenPGP for mobile phones.
  • grouptabs
    Mobile Web App to organize payments in dynamic groups of people.
  • grunt stripmq
    Generate a fallback from your mobile first stylesheet.
  • gtEvents
    gtEvents is a mobile web application for Events at Georgia Tech. It is a widget project for gtMob.
  • hn
    Hacker News mobile app.
  • House Control
    Mobile web application that works with an arduino that controls x10 modules.
  • ibug
    Debug JavaScript on your mobile device from the comfort of your desktop browser.
  • imobile
    imobile Magento mobile theme.
  • impressRemote
    A mobile remote for impress.js.
  • indico mobile
    Mobile Interface for Indico.
  • infiniwall
    Infinite, loopable, lazy loaded, 360? scroller for desktop and mobile.
  • interact.js
    Cross platform (desktop & mobile) dragging and resizing.
  • iPhonebook
    Advanced phonebook for mobile devices.
  • ipresent
    A mockup mobile presenter.. on mobile.
  • JSGestureRecognizer
    JavaScript implementation of UIGestureRecognizer for Mobile Safari.
  • jupiter broadcasting mobile community
    The Jupiter Broadcasting community project.
  • kanade
    A Mobile web app to list anime series for every season, with scores and stuff for easy comparison.
  • kendo mobile music store
    Mobile version of the Kendo Music Store sample project.
  • kendo mobile sushi
    Kendo Mobile Sushi example.
  • khan mobile
    A mobile application for Khan Academy.
  • Kissmetrics JS for Appcelerator
    A Javascript library to send Kissmetrics event from Appcelerator mobile apps.
  • Leaflet
    JavaScript library for mobile friendly interactive maps.
  • lgbt rights
    A simple mobile friendly web app that reports LGBT rights based on the user's location.
  • lorem ipsum aggregator
    a collection of lorem ipsum generators. mobile first. yes.
  • lungo angular bridge
    Joining the joys that are Lungo and Angular together into an integrated mobile solution that you'll love.
  • luoofm
    client for mobile device.
  • m4ed
    m4ed mobile learning platform aims to ease the creation and delivery of mobile learning services.
  • mad parse
    Mobile App Distribution with Twilio and Parse.
  • meditracker
    mobile application for tracking medicines.
  • Meteor Slides
    Easily create responsive slideshows with WordPress that are mobile friendly and simple to customize.
  • microwave
    Mobile friendly Javascript Data API based Google Wave Client.
  • Miniscroll JS
    A simple scrollbar for desktop and mobile application using javascript.
  • mobi nightlytt
    Nightly Tester Tools for Mobile addon.
  • mobifyjs demos
    Demo mobile sites created using Mobify.js.
  • mobile 2 msite
    Version 2 of our mobile site.
  • Mobile Cube
    Fork of the Mobile Cube Roundcube theme from Sourceforge.
  • mobile detect.js
    Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions).
  • Mobile Detection
    Detect Mobile OS and Device.
  • Mobile Fusion Tables
    Turn your Fusion Table into a mobile friendly searchable web app.
  • Mobile HybridApp HelloHybrid
    Starter Kit for Training.
  • Mobile HybridApp TartanatorPlus
    Starting Kit for in class training.
  • Mobile JavaScript Application Development
    Code of the book " Mobile JavaScript Application Development" published by O'Reilly.
  • mobile module sdk ios
    iOS Mobile Module SDK.
  • Mobile Notes
    A proof of concept app for AFrameJS create and store notes on a mobile device.
  • Mobile Transitions
    High performance JavaScript library to emulate native mobile transitions. Designed to be as easy to use as possible. Just look to example.
  • Mobile WebSimulator
    test the responsiveness of your website.
  • Mobile Widgets
    Helper libraries for building cross platform mobile widget applications.
  • mobile1
    Sample project from Mobile Web App Design book.
  • MobileApp Shared
    Shared components of the UPS mobile app.
  • mobilenode
    A tiny node like environment for native mobile apps.
  • Mobilized Header Footer
    An approach to mobile navigation using dropdown menus to group header / footer links. See the demo below:.
  • mobSpot
    A Location Aware Social Network , with Discovery, Advertising, Mapping etc for Mobile Handsets.
  • morningbrewmobile
    A simple mobile optimized site for reading Chris Alcock's The Morning Brew.
  • mrtoad
    mobile sites debug you.
  • mt theme carrington complete
    This is the Carrington Blog and Mobile themes combined into a unified theme.
  • muralapp
    Mobile application which adds an interactive layer to the thousands of murals in the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.
  • mygov mobile first foundation
    A slightly reorganized version of Foundation, with core mobile styles up front (for the most part) and tablet and desktop second.
  • nomzsavior
    A mobile web app to track groceries and prevent food waste.
  • nuxeo webengine mobile
    Mobile Application for Nuxeo.
  • offline map poc
    Proof of concept for offline mobile mapping with PhoneGap, Leaflet, and MapBox.
  • PageSlider
    A simple library providing hardware accelerated page transitions for Mobile Apps.
  • phpbbmobile style
    Style to be used with phpBB Mobile.
  • plomobile
    Plomobile is a modern mobile site solution for Plone CMS. It delivers good mobile user experience on both smartphones and thin client mobile browsers.
  • pre bnetauth
    Mobile Authenticator for on WebOS.
  • processing mobile
    A collection of demos for the Processing.js workshop tour.
  • ProgrammeTV
    A simple mobile app to get the french TV schedule for tonight.
  • PSU Mobile
    Plymouth State Mobile Web App.
  • public art finder
    All the stuff needed to get a barebones Public Art Finder mobile website setup in your city.
  • pull to refresh js
    Pull to refresh feature for mobile Safari with native Scrolling.
  • radvisor
    The source code to an enhanced mobile interface for Resident Advisor events.
  • Really Good Jokes
    A mobile web app for black jokes, demonstrating mobile web app best practices.
  • replication bench
    run replication scenarios to simulate tons of mobile clients.
  • Responsive Dropdown Navigation Menu
    Building a Responsive, Mobile First Navigation Menu.
  • Rhynn
    Mobile MMORPG Fantasy Worlds: Rhynn, server , client, and tools.
  • richie
    Richie is a Javascript rich text editor for mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Scale
    Mobile first boilerplate focusing on readability.
  • SDK to go
    Mobile SDK for creating apps directly on mobile devices.
  • Shopware Mobile
    A mobile optimized template for the eCommerce software "shopware".
  • sloganizer
    A widget for generating random sentences with mobile device capable animation.
  • snoopy
    A view source and page info bookmarklet for mobile browsers.
  • SObjectDataJS
    Low level JavaScript library for working with the Salesforce Mobile SDK.
  • socketbug
    Socketbug Mobile Web Application Debugging.
    A simple mobile app in Spine that uses Yahoo YQL.
  • spring mobile samples
    Spring Mobile Sample Applications.
  • statusnet client
    StatusNet Desktop and Mobile clients (mirror from Gitorious).
  • StorageJS
    A micro wrapper for client side storage, targeted at mobile devices.
  • strong remoting
    Communicate between objects in servers, mobile apps, and other servers.
  • sushi
    Sushi Bill mobile web application.
  • table 42
    A product mockup with fancy bleeding edge mobile prototyping tech.
  • tapsterbot
    Mobile device automation robot.
  • tinybo
    a weibo app powered by sina mobile cloud.
  • touchTouch
    Touch Optimized Mobile Gallery.
  • tweetpleth
    A real time choropleth map of queried mobile tweets.
  • umm
    Unofficial Moodle Mobile app.
  • unCloud
    is an application that enables anyone with a laptop to create an open wireless network and distribute their own information. Once it is launched, a passerby using a mobile internet device can connect to this open wireless network. The person running.
  • US Census Browser
    US Census Browser Mobile Applictication.
  • vim cheat sheet
    A mobile friendly Vim cheat sheet.
  • Walkable App
    Walkable App is an open source application that shows location based points of interest, based on your current location. Walkable is built as a multi platform mobile application using PhoneGap.
  • washboard
    An alternate Tumblr dashboard with blacklisting for mobile users.
  • weight tracker
    A 60fps mobile app.
  • wl mobile
    Mobile app for Wolne Lektury.
  • www
    Resource files for the VirPong mobile app.
  • zepto tooltip
    Responsive and Mobile Friendly Tooltip.
  • zktouch
    A mobile component set for zk.

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