List of Free code iPhone


  • Actioneer
    Action/event tracking application for iPhone.
  • add to homescreen
    Add to home screen popup for iPhone /iPad.
  • amarok remote
    Remotely control amarok from a web browser like Safari on the iPhone.
  • app demonstrator
    Proof of Concept ( iPhone & co) Application demonstrator.
  • app ojiichankeitai2
    A Javascript(node & iphone safari) Implementation of Ojiichankeitai.
  • AppAnonimaArmonisti
    iPhone application to follow Anonima Armonisti.
  • bbcprogrammes iphone webapp
    An iPhone WebApp showing BBC Programmes schedule data.
  • beast iphone plugin
    iPhone Plugin for Beast.
  • blathy
    A personal iPhone web application to monitor my energy usage.
  • bookr
    A simple iphone webapp for e book libraries.
  • butler
    A simple web app for the iPhone using Sinatra and iUI.
  • cameramobile
    connection between Intalio and iphone with Camera.
  • CamerPlugin Iphone
    Build Automation for iphone.
  • CastRoller iOS Application
    CastRoller iPad and iPhone application.
  • CloudStack API iPhone App
    Demo for CloudStack API.
  • convert iphone png
    Convert iPhone PNG files online!.
  • dominion randomizer
    Dominion randomizer webapp for iPhone.
  • DowryCalculator
    iPhone App to calculate dowry.
  • drawpad
    Drawing web app made especially for the iPhone , but works in all modern browsers.
  • driversale
    connection between Intalio and iphone with GPS.
  • DrupalConCPH iPhone app
    DrupalCon Copenhagen iPhone app.
  • emoji
    A Safari Extension to convert emoji characters to iPhone emoji icons.
  • employee directory app
    Employee Directory App for iPhone.
  • empltz
    email or sms templates for iPhone.
  • exemplar
    Less than painful prototyping for the iPhone.
  • FailyMail
    Satirical headline generator iPhone web application.
  • FeedMyHome
    Custom LockScreen for jailbr0ken iphone.
  • fever ipad theme
    iPad theme for Fever based on the original iPhone theme.
  • flick switch
    an iPhone toggle switch.
  • food diary iphone client
    Phone gap based client app to the food_diary api.
  • genericosbr
    Web version of the iPhone app for generic medications.
  • gfda iphone
    Good Fucking Dating Advice iPhone App.
  • HeyGoTimes iAPP
    iPhone App Project for HeyGoTimes.
  • highschoolapp
    An Iphone app designed for helping high school students.
  • holmesplace
    A rails backed iPhone App to show the timetable for Holmes Place.
  • hope iphone
    iPhone app for The Next HOPE.
  • iap demo
    rhodes native extension for in app purchase for iphone.
  • iCookpad another view for iPhone.
  • igooglefight
    iPhone webapp for google fights.
  • igss
    An iPhone web application for GSS.
  • ijAES
    A very simple iPhone web app to AES encrypt and decrypt.
  • iJunku
    unofficial Junkudo book search for iPhone.
  • iPHIN
    iPhone application for the PHIN.
  • iPhone
    some hacks for iPhone.
  • iphone 2itunes
    Browse and Watch the videos in your iTunes library from your iPhone.
  • iphone 4r
    A rails plugin that adds some iPhone helpers and javascript goodness.
  • iPhone Icons
    Test f?r die hochaufl?senden iPhone 4 Icons.
  • iphone level editor
    A drag and drop tool to create levels from a sprite atlas for iphone apps.
  • iphone meeting cost tracker
    iphone meeting cost tracker.
  • iphone merck manual
    Merck Manual for the iPhone.
  • iphone prompter
    an iphone /ipad app for phonologists & phoneticians: displays written stimuli in the sound booth.
  • iphone style radio button
    iPhonr style radio button widget.
  • iPhoneSwitch
    Make checkboxes into iPhone style switches.
  • iPhoneWebApp101
    A number of examples of how to build iPhone targeted web apps.
  • iphonify
    Make iphone versions of RSS feeds.
  • ireader
    Web Based RSS Reader for iPhone /iPod touch. LDR/FLDR FrontEnd.
  • iSandaTosyo
    unofficial Sanda City Library books search for iPhone.
  • isandy
    iPhone /iPod Touch interface for iwantsandy.
  • iStat
    iPhone web application for WebCTRL allowing occupant setpoint adjustment.
  • iTabbar
    Add a fixed tab bar to your mobile web app like iPhone native App Using with jQtouch, Zepto, iScroll.
  • iTVais
    iTVais is iPhone interface for TVais.
  • iWDL
    iPhone Weather Display Live.
  • iWeb
    iPhone development using web technologies exclusively.
  • Jaipho
    iPhone optimized javascript gallery.
  • js Dosca
    iPhone interface for Dosca.
  • loan calculator
    loan calculator iphone /ipad app for a buddy.
  • MacSosumi
    Desktop Find My iPhone client for Mac OS X.
  • maps blog
    Blog for both the web and iPhone bus schedule applications.
  • MediatankController
    Control your NMT from your iPhone or computer.
  • MemeiPhone
    iPhone native app for Yahoo! Meme light blogging platform (now EOLd).
  • Messenger
    Recreating the iPhone Messeges app as a webapp for iOS 5.
  • mt plugin imt
    Movable Type plugin for iPhone and other WebKit based mobile devices.
  • mt theme midcentury mob
    A theme for Movable Type that provides an iPhone optimized version of your blog.
  • munistop
    An attempt at a scary fast way to check NextMuni (works with the iPhone ).
  • myclien
    clien for iphone /ipad with phonegap + jQueryMobile.
  • nagios4 iphone
    An interface to collect and display Nagios data from several servers on iPhone.
  • ntubus
    iphone friendly real time NTU Shuttle Bus info.
  • Ocarina Helper
    This is a Project for help me (you too) to play the iPhone app Ocarina (by Smule).
  • omniboard jqtouch
    Companion iPhone webapp for the Omniboard app.
  • onepage scroll
    Create an Apple like one page scroller website ( iPhone 5S website) with One Page Scroll plugin.
  • PastryKit
    A little known and unreleased iPhone web app Javascript framework developed by Apple.
  • phonegap ios gen
    temp prototyping for phonegap/ iphone toolchain.
  • Photoshop Scripts
    Scripts to export to HDPI, MDPI and LDPI. Included iPhone retina.
  • pic each minute rails
    Backend of the iPhone application.
  • pinax mobility
    Add iphone /ipod mobile interface to your pinax apps.
  • pingpong
    Small iPhone web app for keeping track of Table tennis score.
  • plex iphone
    An iphone optimized version of the Plex web interface.
  • plexremote
    iPhone remote for plex.
  • polaroid
    A polaroid photobooth for hipster parties. Use a Mac as your camera, and your iPhone as the shutter.
  • power card viewer
    iPhone app for browsing DnD 4e power cards.
  • prettyMobile
    An iPhone website development toolkit.
  • QuickPastefire
    Send links to your iPhone via Pastefire from context menu.
  • salesreport
    connection between Intalio and iphone with iPhone or iPad.
  • ShatteringChords
    Small group worship music iPhone /iPad app.
  • Shopping List WebApp
    A shopping list web app for iPhone that is designed to be used offline as well.
  • silkworm
    interactive silk art iphone node hipstertude.
  • splitter
    split a bill with your iphone.
  • ss mobile
    Shopstyle on your iPhone.
  • stickySectionHeaders
    Makes headers for sections in lists sticky. Known from the iPhone OS tables views.
  • Stork iphone
    Stork schedular for iphone client.
  • Survey
    An iphone /ipad native web app for administering surveys.
  • SwissAlert
    An iPhone application to have the most important Swiss emergency phones at hand.
  • TCS
    iPhone /iPad version of TCS.
  • tfocus
    Old (abandoned) web based iPhone todo list w/ server.
  • time coach
    An iPhone app for ADHD adults who need help staying on task.
  • TimeCopy
    iPhone app for current time copy to clipboard.
  • TiPopover
    An iPad style pop over for iPhone.
  • tmradio iphone web
    A web application to listen to
  • TomeApp
    Tom? Storyworld Companion for the iPhone.
  • Transmission Add Torrent Bookmarkelet
    Bookmarklet to add torrents to Transmission WebUI from Iphone.
  • Triangle
    Allows people to keep track of unique users at an event by swiping any card with a Mag Stripe on their iPhone. This is the server side code.
  • Tristania
    The official Tristania iPhone application.
  • tuerhtml5
    tuer for ipad iphone web site.
  • Tumblr Savior
    Tired of posts about the iPhone filling up your dashboard? Hate hearing about some athlete's latest blunders? If you just want to hide posts about certain topics, Tumblr Savior is here to save you. Just add your most despised terms to the black list.
  • tvmanager
    iPhone web app for managing recorded TV.
  • txtv
    A teletext reader for iPhone.
  • UkrZaliznitsya FreePlaces
    an iPhone application to check if there are any free place for a particular train.
  • voiceconnectr
    Google Voice iPhone Web App.
  • warikan
    Nico Nico Programming 6 iPhone App.
  • weathereye
    A weather web app for the iPhone.
    A dice rolling web app for iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • WFUMobile PhoneGap
    Wake Forest University's official iPhone application.
  • WhitneyPeytoniPhoneApp
    Whitney Peyton iPhone Application using the Rhodes framework.
  • xbmc iphone remote
    remote for xbmc (xbox media centre) for the iphone , fork geared towards karaoke features.

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