List of Free code Twitter


  • Autolinker.js
    Simple utility to automatically link the URLs , email addresses, and Twitter handles in a given block of text/HTML.
  • Bachebook
    Twitter like social network service.
  • Bird Tag
    Mobile Buisness card based on the twitter API for BB and iphone.
  • BuscaTuits1.2
    Twitter search for mobile devices with pulldown to refresh made with LungoJS 1.2.
  • camelympics
    Twitter image laoder for the Olympics.
  • chromnitweet
    Update your Twitter status right from Chrome's Omnibox ( URL bar).
  • combotweet
    AJAX powered Twitter/Shizzow/etc client.
  • couchdb twitter client
    A Twitter Client hosted by your local CouchDB.
  • crows
    Crowdsourced event coverage system developed by Pittsburgh IndyMedia during the G20. Incorporates twitter, flickr, google maps, podcasting, youtube, and public reporting widgets to create a fully integrated seamless event portal. Includes a mobile site and detection compatible with all smart phones.
  • d3 twitter compare
    A template for visualising twitter account comparisons.
  • denby
    Denby. A delightful web based Twitter client. Discerning and distinctive.
  • devnest iphone
    An iPhone application for the Twitter Developer Nest (DevNest) events in London, based on PhoneGap and jQTouch.
  • drtwoot
    A customizable Macintosh Twitter client, built with HTML , CSS, JavaScript, and Fluid.
  • feeds reader
    Reads a feed url and search in twitter with a hastag.
  • fi test
    HTML5 Canvas Twitter Photo Gallery.
  • finagle cluster demo
    Finagle Hack a thon at Twitter Japan @yakitori.
  • flight
    A component based, event driven JavaScript framework from Twitter.
  • hailwhale
    Real time graphs of multidimensional data , ala Twitter's Rainbird.
  • iBooks Social Widget
    iBooks Author HTML widget designed to make it easy to post to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ from an iBook.
  • iframely
    Self hosted Embeds API. Supports Iframely, oEmbed, Open Graph and Twitter Cards protocols. + Readability.
  • iphone twitter
    twitter client for iphone.
  • jobGears
    jobGears is a clean simple way to create your curriculum on the fly with a nice WYSIWYG Ajax powered interface. After your done, you can either print a PDF, save it for later editing, create and share a permalink using your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • JQMTwitter
    A jQuery Mobile application which makes a call to the Twitter search API.
  • jquery .livetwitter
    Lightweight, live updating Twitter search plugin for jQuery.
  • jquery render tweets
    A jQuery plugin that renders tweets in Twitter API JSON format to HTML.
  • jquery socialist
    jquery social media plugin that aggregates and combines Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and.. Combine social feeds from multiple social networks or RSS in elegant layouts via this social plugin.
  • jQuery Twitter Plugin
    A jQuery plugin for putting twitter searches on websites.
  • jsOAuth Twitter
    Twitter client library for jsOAuth.
  • JustDashboard
    JustDashboard is a information 'dashboard' that can show different information, including clock and date , twitter, graphs and weather. It can also control your XBMC HTPC.
  • k twi
    twitter client for Japanese mobile phone by CakePHP.
  • kadoh twitter
    Example application for KadOH that looks like Twitter..uh?.
  • laravel grunt
    Example of using Grunt.js with Laravel. Twitter Bower is along for the ride.
  • mbtweet
    HTML5 twitter client application.
  • nl.fokkezb.tweetsView
    Alloy widget for a in app twitter like experience.
  • Node js SDK
    LoginRadius's Node.js SDK is a development kit that lets you integrate Social Login through providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and over 20 more on a Node.js website. The SDK also fetches user profile data and can be customized from your LoginRadius user account. Ex: social icon sets, login interface, provider settings, etc.
  • node twitter
    A node.js module for interacting with the Twitter API.
  • node watchlist
    Example node.js application using TradeKing and Twitter's APIs.
  • omnitweet
    An experimental minimalist Twitter Client for Google Chrome.
  • ospriet
    An example audience moderation app built on Twitter.
  • phnx
    A Twitter client for webOS written in Javascript & HTML5 with the Mojo framework.
  • Photo House
    Print photos from VK, facebook, twitter, flickr, whatever you want!.
  • Pigeon
    cross platform mobile Twitter App developed using PhoneGap.
  • pump2tweet
    Find your twitter friends on the Pump network and push Pump notes to Twitter.
  • qop
    qop Embed a chat widget on Twitter using Pusher.
  • quoteurl
    Source code of the website Quote A Google AppEngine based application to share Twitter dialogues and quote interesting sets of tweets.
  • rails social network
    Twitter like Rails app.
  • Recipes for Mining Twitter
    Adaptations and Extensions of Twitter Related Examples from Mining the Social Web.
  • responsive tables
    Responsive table patterns for Twitter Bootsrap, with column choose, drilldown and custom visible classes.
  • retweet
    A simple Twitter application template, built in Ruby with Sinatra and Data Mapper.
  • searchstagram
    A quick Flask application to search the Instagram and Twitter API by user location or submitted address and date /time.
  • skeet
    A simple, usable Chrome Extension Twitter client based on the Chrome Extension.
  • snapbird
    A Twitter API based search app, circumventing the 10 day search limit.
  • Social Network Harvester
    Collect and store data from various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion) to allow the analysis of the underlying social networks.
  • sortis
    Sortis A twitter client for power users, and a springboard for developers.
  • SOSEnchente
    Website to connect people who are victims of floods and other natural disasters and people who are willing to help them, by letting victims put online their real and most desperate needs and let them share them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • spaz webos
    A microblogging client (Twitter,, StatusNet) for Palm webOS.
  • Stalkeame
    Stalkeame scans the pictures Twitter users upload to TwitPic, analyzes each picture's EXIF data and displays the location where each photo was taken.
  • streamie
    An extremely hackable full realtime twitter client.
  • sundae
    A photo portfolio site that aggregates feeds from instagram and twitter to create a user portfolio.
  • thewall
    Anonymous Twitter like wall (Agility.js demo ).
  • Tightlybound
    Tightlybound. Hundreds of little communities. You join, and you get put in a section. You can only interact with people in this section. Each section consists of 200 people. Once it's full, it's full. However, people will be kicked after a month or so of inactivity and have to join a new one. A twitter like interface, only encouraging deep discussion. In your little slice of the network.
  • titweeter
    Titanium Mobile Twitter Client.
  • trigger reader
    Sample mobile twitter app from
  • Trister
    Twitter web client based on Flask & Sencha Touch. Trister = Tri[sta] + [Ma]ster.
  • Tuiter
    Twitter API lib for nodejs.
  • twean
    Clean your Twitter timeline by removing image previews and promoted tweets.
  • twebz
    Decentralized Twitter Client for CouchDB and Node.js.
  • Tweetable
    Tweetable A jQuery plugin for displaying twitter feeds.
  • tweetnode
    Day project: taking twitter data and creating a visualization showing the most popular hash tags.
  • Tweetopia
    3D Twitter hashtag visualization based on WebGL and Three.js.
  • TweetSwarm
    Auto retweeting networks of Twitter accounts.
  • twi loli
    TwiLoli is a Twitter web client written in Ruby on Rails.
  • twic
    [archived] Twitter client as a Chrome Extension.
  • twicli
    A Web Browser based Lightweight Twitter Client.
  • twippera
    Opera widget for Twitter.
  • twitflick
    Post status update to twitter including a shortened flickr photo URL.
  • twitter animation test
    Quick test of animating a twitter bird with common libs (jquery and jsanim) and a sprite sheet.
  • twitter archive parser
    Import all your Twitter info in a single database.
  • twitter cldr js
    JavaScript implementation of the ICU (International Components for Unicode) that uses the Common Locale Data Repository to format dates, plurals, and more. Based on twitter cldr rb.
  • Twitter Color Chrome
    Coloring your twitter tweet.
  • twitter friends map
    This project used the @anywhere twitter library , which has been discontinued with no replacement, this project is now unusable.
  • twitter hashtag archiver
    Save tweets from a hashtag to a CouchDB database with node.js for later use.
  • Twitter JS Widget
    An alternative to the default Twitter widget.
  • Twitter library
    Twitter library for Firefox Addons SDK.
  • Twitter Reach Calculator
    Calculates the reach of a given URL on twitter.
  • twitter relative time js
    Convert Date to relative time the twitter display requirements with javascript.
  • Twitter Search It
    TwitterSearch It! (by URL ).
  • twitter text js
    A JavaScript implementation of Twitter's text processing library.
  • twitter trends
    Example of bem app.
  • twitter urls to clients
    Safari / Chrome extension to convert all urls to mac twitter app specific URLs.
  • twitter widget source
    twitter widget source is an application using HTML 5 and jquery to get twitter feeds.
  • TwitterFontana
    An open source alternative for those flash based Twitter fountains, built using HTML5 , CSS (SASS) and Javascript.
  • TwitterFridge
    Turn a tweet into fridge magnets then have fun with multi user drag aroundableness. An experiment in Node JS, Express,, Jade, Stylus, Mongo, _, Twitter etc...
  • TwitterFriends
    JQuery Plugin that shows a autocomplete component with the twitter friends of a user when an @ simbol is placed in a text field.
  • TwitterJSClient
    Twitter client written in JavaScript packaged as a node module.
  • twitterlib
    Twitter JavaScript API library.
  • Twittia
    A slim Twitter client for OS X. Doesn't implement much, only the things I care for.
  • twitview
    A web based Twitter reader application for iPhone.
  • twoot
    An open source light weight OS X twitter client based on jQuery and Fluid.
  • Watermarkify
    Watermarkify is a simple jQuery text field watermarks plugin that is used to display animated watermarks in form fields like in Twitter. Watermarkify supports text fields, password fields and Text areas.
  • wp sharrre
    WP Sharrre is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create nice widgets sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. More information on

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