List of Free code API


  • ABGetMe
    ABGetMe implementation for iOS using undocumented APIs (safely).
  • AccelBump iOS
    An API to do transfer data by accelerometer bump.
  • AFCensus APIClient
    AFHTTPClient subclass for the Census API.
  • AFContentRequestOperations
    Legacy content specific request operation subclasses re implemented with AFNetworking 2.0 APIs.
  • AHToolbox iOS
    iOS app consuming the AppHarbor API.
  • algoliasearch client objc
    Algolia Search API Client for iOS & OS X.
  • ANAPIRangeAdapter
    NSString category for translating indices returned in the API to NSRanges.
  • Anim API
    Anim API iOS Library.
  • Aperio
    markit finance api client.
  • api curly
    Mac OS API tester for the betterplace api.
  • api examples
    Example applications using the API.
  • api ios
    Offline Maps API for iOS.
  • Api Proxy
    api proxy for iOS development.
  • api sdk ios
    Viadeo API SDK for iOS devices.
  • Api Test
    php api test project.
  • App Scanner
    Developer tool to scan iOS apps for private API usage before submitting to Apple.
  • App Search
    App Store Clone Universal iOS App (uses App Store API 's).
  • AppTrackr API for Obj C
    A simple interaction library for AppTrackr.
  • bancha ios app
    An iOS app to manage every Bancha website via the API system.
  • BCI motoriek app
    Logging device motion and send the data to an API.
  • BTSerialConnection
    BTSerialConnection is simple API for writing and receiving data from serial devices.
  • bump api ios
    make your app bumpable in seconds.
  • bump phonegap
    Bump nicely wrapped into phonegap. Should work out of the box. You will need an API key for this to work properly.
  • Cambridge University Library Search for iOS
    An iOS app that searches the UL using the Newton search service API.
  • ChargeDemo
    Sample App for Charge API in Credit Card Terminal for iOS.
  • chrome cordova
    Chrome APIs and integration layer for running Chrome Apps on mobile using Apache Cordova.
  • CodeCollectionApp
    An implementation of collected codes and 3rd party API.
  • Coniglio
    A Nabaztag iOS client using API.
  • copy mac ios sdk
    Copy SDK Object C API for (Mac and iOS).
  • CoreTelephonyIMEI
    Test getting IMEI/MEID using CoreTelephony ***PRIVATE API ***.
  • creator ios
    Zoho Creator iOS API.
  • CrunchBase API Client for iOS
    CrunchBase API Client for iOS.
  • CUMapView
    use google map api to implement path.
  • currencyConverter
    Currency converter that takes data from public API and calculates the exchange rate.
  • CUSLayout
    iOS Layout Manager.Open source auto layout Manager,which is similar to Android,SWT,SWING API.
  • CustomCallout
    Clone of UICalloutView without use of private APIs.
  • D3Kit
    An easy to use iOS library to access the Diablo 3 API.
  • dark cloud
    iOS Static Library w/ Example project for DarkSky API.
  • data isolation
    An iOS app demonstrating the iOS 6.0 data isolation APIs.
  • DataProtectionDemo
    Sample application that demonstrates the use of the Data Protection API.
  • dbank objc
    Dbank API binding support.
  • DCTInstapaper
    Example of how to use connection controllers with Instapaper's basic API.
  • DDSigner
    Small OSX Sample App that does RFC 3285 Encryption of any file using the C CMS API.
  • deprecation
    A small module to assist with remote deprecation of Apps/ APIs.
  • DeviceColors
    DeviceColors uses a private API to retrieve the hardware color of iOS devices.
  • DLConstraintLayout
    Implementation of CAConstraint/CAConstraintLayoutManager for iOS that is compatible with equivalent OSX APIs.
  • DLXContact
    Easy API for iOS Contacts.
  • dNodi
    API for using xpath like queries against an arbitrary model.
  • DNSReg
    A sample iOS using the dns sd C API for peer discovery and resolution.
  • DREasyGradient
    Simple API to create gradients on iOS.
  • DurangoApp
    Just playing around with the XboxLeaders API.
  • DwollaTap
    Application utilizing the Dwolla API and Bump API to send money by bumping phones.
  • easy api mobile
    api cmd is light base frame,Custom code can use api cmd flexible and simplicity.
  • embedly ios
    iOS Library for accessing Embedly API.
  • eve api objc
    Old attempt at a good EVE API from a long long time ago. NOT complete. People were asking for it.
  • Evernote API
    Simple Evernote API management class for iOS.
  • EvernoteCloud SDK
    Evernote Cloud API SDK (Mac and iOS).
  • ExchangeKit
    Wrangling The Stack Exchange API.
  • extParse
    A Three20 Extension for the Parse API.
  • EyeEm iOS SDK
    Simple iOS SDK to access the EyeEm API.
  • faceDetection API
    Apple Face Detection api for iOS, Sample Application.
  • FaceOrNot
    Simple Toy using the Singly API.
  • FamilySearchCocoa
    An easy to use library for interacting with the API on iOS or OS X.
  • FantasyBaseball
    testing out connecting to yahoo fantasy api.
  • fast translator
    fast translator will work with Yandex.Translator API.
  • FatSecretKit
    iOS client library for the FatSecret API.
  • FirehoseCocoa
    Library for interacting with the Firehose Customer Support API.
  • FirstLaunch API
    Detect FirstLaunch of iOS App.
  • flash profiler
    open source profiler for flash applications, utilizing the flash.sampler api.
  • FlattrKit
    Easily access the Flattr v2 API on your iOS device.
  • ForecastKit
    Drop in set of iOS classes for the API.
    Facepunch API designed for iOS. Requires ARC and AFNetworking.
  • FringeFM
    Open sourced internals of SkronkFM; convenient APIs to interact with music services.
  • FunctionalReactivePixels
    A demonstration of how to use FRP with ReactiveCocoa in an iOS context using the 500px API.
  • FXNotifications
    An alternative API for NSNotificationCenter that doesn't suck.
  • GBMetadataFetcher
    GBMetadataFetcher library provides an API to retrieve TV Series metadata from Internet sources.
  • GeoEvents
    Application using the API for getting nearby event information.
  • Gestures
    Sample application of UIGestureRecognizer APIs.
  • gilt ios sdk
    iOS SDK For The Gilt Groupe API.
  • gps tracker
    geoposition api / gps tracker application build with (chaplin, geoposition API ).
  • hackernewsapi
    little sample app to play with HN Search API.
  • Handheld API
    API for our great handheld reader.
  • Haxcessibility
    Hackery via the AX (Accessibility) APIs.
  • Healthy APIEngine
    healthy project api engine for ios client.
  • hello ios playback
    A simple playback example using the iOS API.
  • here sideloader api samples
    Sideloader API samples that enable to integrate PayPal Here into other apps.
  • Hyves Api Example
    An example iOS project which demonstrates how to use the Hyves API library.
  • IFBKThirtySeven
    A collection of API adapters for 37signal's various services. Currently only contains adapters for Campfire and Launchpad.
  • IFToastingKit
    A client for the Campfire API based on AFNetworking.
  • ILMovieDB
    iOS library for interact with API v3.
  • IMDb Movie Search
    An app that utilizes the IMDb API to search for movies and returns their title, movie poster, and year released.
  • Imgur API for iOS
    this is Imgur API for iOS.
  • ios sdk
    Opensource SDK for interacting with the API.
  • iOS client
    iOS client for Api Bootstraper.
  • iOS In App Purchase
    In App Purchase. Basic StoreKit API integration for iOS projects.
  • ios integration
    Example code for connecting a native iOS app to the DreamFactory API.
  • iOS OpenCNAM
    iOS implementation for V2 of the OpenCNAM API.
  • ios posttomt
    Sample application of posting to Movable Type by Data API.
  • IOS Reference 1
    A native IOS application showcasing common document handling capabilities of the API.
  • IOSLinkedIn API
    Simple and non intrusive library to get access tokens for LinkedIn using Oauth2.
  • iOSNetworkingWithOanda Api
    A small library that wraps the OANDA API , for use in iOS.
  • iospoc
    iOS project using the Cirrus API.
  • iOSUpdateChecker
    Sample code of how to check for updates using the App Store Search API.
  • iOSWrapper
    Official Trade Me API for iOS.
  • ITM569 iOS
    ITM569 iOS API Project.
  • iwish
    iWish: The iOS API wrappers and additions you wish somebody made.
  • JFOperation
    NSOperation subclass with fine grained lifecycle management, through delegate or blocks based API.
  • JJPrivateKeyEvents
    Library that uses private APIs to capture global keystroke events for debugging purposes in the simulator.
  • Joined API iOS
    Joined API for iOS.
  • KeenClient iOS
    Official iOS client for the Keen IO API. Build analytics features directly into your iOS apps.
  • KFOpenWeatherMap API
    An OpenWeatherMap API Client for iOS and OSX.
  • Klout API Client for iOS
    Klout API Client for iOS.
  • KMWordPress
    An iOS app to display WordPress posts from an API.
  • Konjac
    Input Method using Translate APIs.
  • kooaba api v4 samplecode
    sample code for kooaba APIs v4.
  • LayoutEngine
    LayoutEngine demonstrates the use of Text Kit APIs to wrap text around objects.
  • lessneglect ios
    iOS Library for the LessNeglect API.
  • libFIOApi
    libFIOApi is a simple utility library for the API.
  • LinkedInIos
    LinkedIn Oauth2 API library for iOS.
  • LNToolkit
    hex colors, shadows, textfield with appearance apis...
  • localizeQr
    a small application that use localizeQr APIs.
  • LocationDataComparison iOS
    Comparing different data sources on iOS. Focused on APIs that provide location based info.
  • LTBlacklist
    The missing Blacklist app for your iOS 5/6+ with private APIs. No Jailbreak Required!.
  • LTDribbble API
    Yet another Dribbble API client for iOS 6.0+ and Mac OS X 10.8+ based on AFNetworking 2.0.
  • macfuse
    MacFUSE is an implementation of the FUSE API for Mac OS X.
  • MachInjectSample
    A sample project demonstrating the use of mach_inject with the new SMJobBless API.
  • marshwort old
    Online translating app (Yandex.Translate API ).
  • MBAlertView
    A fast block based alert and HUD library with a simple API.
  • md5test
    Test for CommonCrypto API for md5 hash.
  • mixi api sdk ios sample
    Sample Project for mixi API SDK for iOS.
  • MMMusicManager
    MMMusicManager is an iOS implementation of a music manager that includes purchaseable in app songs, custom playlist, and custom sinatra rails application API.
  • monetization libraries
    API libraries for Ruby, PHP, and iOS!.
  • MorseCodeGenerator
    Simple app that converts ascii to morse code. (What it's really about: messing around with the private api AudioServicesPlaySystemSoundWithVibration).
  • MSTranslateVendor
    Microsoft Translator API for iOS.
  • N5SplitViewController
    Custom implementation of a SplitViewController using iOS5 containment APIs.
  • nacho
    This is a system tray app that monitors a nagios install via nagios api.
  • Near TEECOM
    A toy app for playing with some iOS APIs.
  • NewDot
    The New API for interfacing with FamilySearch using Apple technologies.
  • Nom iOS API
    iOS bindings for the Nom API.
  • NowAndNext
    Now and Next, a simple App that uses BBC Programme APIs to show the upcoming programmes for BBC channels.
  • OAPromise
    OAPromise is an API separating async operations and their callbacks, adding consistency and useful features like fall through errors and progress reports.
  • open311 mobile
    GeoReporter iOS source code. Native iOS smartphone client app for Open311 API civic issue reporting.
  • OpenMic
    The result of playing with the Saygent api for two hours.
  • OpenWeatherMap API
    iOS api classes for
  • ORSimulatorKeyboardAccessor
    Use your keyboard in the iOS simulator with a blocks based API.
  • OSX Leap Mouse
    This is a mouse emulator using the Leap Motion API for Mac OS X. The project aims to be as intuitive as possible. Started just as a "five minute project" and is therefore incomplete. Please contribute!.
  • OTScreenshotHelper
    Take screenshot on iOS devices with nice interface. Can take status bar. No private API.
  • parseIAPwithRestore
    Using the iOS API to demonstrate In App Purchase and Restore Purchases.
  • PayPalHere Sample
    A sample app demonstrating how to launch PayPal Here App. Please contact us for documentation on the API.
  • perka client objc
    Allows easy integration of Perka's API with iOS applications.
  • PhoneCallBlock
    block phone call, using private api , not for app stroe.
  • places around you
    Playing a little wiht Apontador APIs.
  • PlayingCard API
    iOS Playing Cards API.
  • Playlist Generator
    ionia is an iOS app that will identify your music OTA and play a playlist of similar music using the Spotify API. It was created as part of a degree at the University of Sussex. It is no longer actively maintained.
  • PluginToBoym
    SDK 's for our beautiful API's.
  • pygowave next
    The PyGoWave ObjC/NeXT API.
  • QTKitBroken
    A repo showing that Apple's own API 's don't follow it's sandboxing guidelines.
  • QuickSpotify iOS
    Shows how easy it is to get async data from Spotify API.
  • Radr
    This project make use of the Radr public API for public searching.
  • ReplayRequest
    Translate your NSURLRequest to a curl request to debug your API calls.
  • REVClusterMap
    Simple Clustering API for MKMapView.
  • RKValueTransformers
    A powerful value transformation API extracted from RestKit.
  • rl ios api
    RareLogic iOS API library.
  • RottenTomatoes APIExample iOS
    An example app using the Rotten Tomatoes API with iOS.
  • RoutingHTTPServer
    A routing API for CocoaHTTPServer.
  • RSNetflixEngine
    A useful library to communicate with the Netflix API.
  • RubyTimeExample
    Example app that connects to the RubyTime API.
  • RunKeeper iOS
    An iOS RunKeeper API module.
  • SalesforceScripting
    Applescript interface to the API.
  • SearchCommands
    Rage + dlfcn = SearchCommands. API should be better, I am probably leaking stuff.
  • ShapecatcherKit
    An Objective CFramework for the api.
  • Six Degrees of Klout
    A 48 hour work sample project using Klout's API.
  • SkitchThat
    Playing with the Skitch API.
  • SocketShuttle
    A higher level API for SocketRocket with reachability and reconnect.
  • sounds like a stream
    Playing with the SoundCloud API.
  • spaceapi osx
    A Space API status client for the OS X status bar.
  • SparrowTileMaps
    A project focused on getting TileMap integration into the sparrow API.
  • SpartaESRA
    Add custom commands to ESRA using the API.
  • sphere hello api
    First steps to access the API of SPHERE.IO in several languages.
  • splogger
    Splunk Mobile Logging API.
  • SpunOut iOS Client
    iOS client for SpunOut's API.
  • SSLocationManager
    SSLocationManager is a compact obj c library written for iOS for obtaining detailed location information using CoreLocation and Yahoo! PlaceFinder API.
  • SSPostmark
    Quick and simple standalone class for working with Postmark Mail API.
  • SugarSync API Example
    This is a small class that allows uploading and downloading a file from SugarSync in iOS.
  • SunGard iOS API for Mobile Connection
    Self Discovered API for getting a user's grades and schedule data from a SunGard Mobile Connection Server.
  • SynCloud
    A Core Data Sync'ing API for iOS. Visit the home page at SynCloud
  • TastyKVO
    A simpler key value observing API (with blocks!).
  • TestDataProtection
    Test Out The iOS DataProtection APIs.
  • Texpad API
    Texpad iOS typesetting API.
  • threadless screensaver
    An example OS X Screensaver that uses to display Threadless designs.
  • ti evernote api
    Evernote API bridge for Titanium Mobile.
  • TiFlurry
    Titanium module for Flurry Analytics. iOS and Android modules use a cross platform API.
  • TiGeofence
    Example of how to incorporate iOS 5.1 Geofencing APIs in Appcelerator Titanium.
  • time machine
    An example of in app TimeMachine support, with a manager class to wrap the C API specifics.
  • Titanium Mixpanel Module
    Module to use Mixpanel iOS API with Titanium.
  • totango ios api
    Totango API for iOS.
  • TR9MP
    Tomb Raider 9 Steam_ API Client.
  • Transcript
    Improves SenTestingKit test output, and provides an API for defining custom reporters.
  • TransformerKit
    A block based API for NSValueTransformer, with a growing collection of useful examples.
  • TransitModel
    Model and API Loader realization for website.
  • Transloadit Android SDK
    SDK for use with android and the Transloadit API.
  • TRVSKit
    a collection of useful apis for objc, ios, mac hacking.
  • ukinflation ios client
    iOS client to consume the API.
  • uploadcare ios
    UploadcareKit: iOS SDK for Uploadcare API.
    Working with API with examples.
  • Volume Listener
    Catches press on volume buttons on iOS, without impacting on playing music and without private APIs.
  • VolumeButton Listener
    Volume button listener for iOS, using only documented APIs.
  • VolumeTest
    Testing FSMountServerVolume* and related APIs.
  • WiganWallgate
    Implementation of the Grand Central Dispatch API for Leopard.
  • WMCrowdtilt SDK
    Simple project with classes to access and digest the new Crowdtilt API.
  • WordPress Api
    (Work in Progress: API is likely to change).
  • xing
    Stock trade system with xing API.
  • XLDragDrop
    Encapsulation of NSView Drag & Drop APIs.
  • xunlei lixian api PureObjc
    xunlei lixian api PureObjc.
  • Yahoo Event Lister
    simple iOS that uses core location, HUD, operation queues and ASIHTTPRequest to pull event information from a public Yahoo api.
  • YahooFinance
    iOS API for Yahoo finance. Stock symbol search, stock details and currency conversion.
  • YandexGeocoder
    Use Yandex Geocoding API for forward and reversed geocoding.
  • yelp api
    Examples of code using our API.
  • yelp ios api v2
    An easy to use iOS client for Yelp Search v2.
  • YILogHook
    NSLog Hook using _NSSetLogCStringFunction (private API ).
  • Yipit API Testing
    Yipit API Testing getting deals around your location using YIPIT API.
  • YISwipeShiftCaret
    Swipe to shift text input caret for iOS (no private APIs ).

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