List of Free code Dropbox


  • BackupManager
    Dropbox API management tool.
  • Better Adium File Sharing
    Adium plugin for sharing files via Dropbox Public Link.
  • cloudDrops
    A simple "CloudApp" clone that uses DropBox as it's cloud store. Drag and drop files on a menu bar icon to upload to Dropbox and place shortened share url into your clipboard.
  • DropBlocks
    A blocks based wrapper for Dropbox's iOS SDK.
  • Dropbox File Browser
    A desktop file browser app that uses Dropbox Mac OSX SDK. It supports login/logout, viewing files, downloading multiple files with queuing, canceling downloads, etc.
  • dropbox iphone sdk
    Unofficial Git clone of the Dropbox iPhone SDK.
  • Dropbox SDK
    AgileBits extensions to the official Dropbox SDK.
  • dropbox sdk ios
    Inofficial mirror of the official Dropbox SDK for iOS.
  • Dropbox Share
    Demonstrates receiving file in App through Dropbox Sharable Links.
  • Dropbox Sync SDK iOS
    An *unofficial* git clone of the Dropbox Sync SDK to use as a submodule.
  • DropBoxiOSIntegration2
    In this Dropbox demo lists all files in a Table view and on selecting one row it gives Sharable link.
  • DZDropboxClient
    A modernized version of the Dropbox SDK.
  • frenzy
    A Dropbox powered social networking tool for the Mac.
  • GDFileManagerKit
    A consistent iOS API for cloud file storage services including Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • IRDroplet
    A somewhat more modular Dropbox SDK.
  • ofxDropBox
    Openframeworks/ios addon for DropBox sdk sdk.
  • ParcelKit
    ParcelKit integrates Core Data with Dropbox using the Dropbox Datastore API.
  • QuantumKit
    Automagical Core Data change tracking and sync using the Dropbox Datastore API.
  • toado
    Toado is a very simple task manager demonstrating the integration of Core Data with the Dropbox Datastore API using ParcelKit.
  • Yini
    Private Social Network Built Upon Dropbox.
  • zendesk ios sdk
    Zendesk Mobile Dropbox for iPhone is a Cocoa library for integrating with Zendesk.

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