List of Free code iCloud


  • Beginning ObjC Project
    From chapter 9 of Beginning Objective C: A simple Core Data based Contacts application with iCloud support, sandboxing (Address Book access only), and networked sharing of data via an included XPC bundle.
  • CloudNotes
    Implementation of the iCloud demo app shown at WWDC 2011 (but not released).
  • icloud indicator
    A UI element that enables users to resume or remove games from the iCloud.
  • iCloudExample
    iOS Universal app Shopping list. Simple example of Core Data iCloud synchronization between devices.
  • iCloudPlayground
    Implements and tests the basic iCloud APIs , shows how to detect conflicts and perform manual merges.
  • iCloudSyncStatus
    Adds an item to the menu bar which shows the current synchronization status of a specific iCloud container.
  • Minimal iCloud Client
    A minimal example that demonstrates how to read UIDocument based iCloud documents and receive notifications when they are updated.
  • Minimal iCloud Host
    A minimal example that demonstrates how to create and save UIDocument based iCloud documents.
  • MYSSharedSettings
    Access local settings and settings shared via iCloud with properties.
  • NSConferenceiPhoneCoreDataRecipes
    Sample iCloud/Core Data code for NSConference 2012.
  • TaggedLocations Demo
    Apple's TaggedLocations plus UIManagedDocuments in iCloud, test bed.

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