List of Free code iPad


  • 8digits iOS SDK Sample App
    A universal (iPhone and iPad) application using 8digits iOS SDK.
  • Account Viewer
    Master your Salesforce Accounts! A free open source native iPad app.
  • Actors for Netflix on iPad
    iPad app that navigates the Netflix catalog by Actor using the OData API and calls the Netflix Player to watch a movie. Winner of best use of Web API's prize at the iPadDevCamp. Code is stable and functional, but unfinished.
  • AlphaHunter
    iPad app using Cocos2d , Game Center, SQLite, and Mobclix. On the App Store at:
  • Animation Explorer
    An iPad app for exploring the properties of UIView and CALayer. Certainly a work in progress.
  • AntiClaus
    Free source code built in Objective C and Cocos2D for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad (iOS).
  • AppStore UI .framework Headers 5.1.1
    Here are the headers for the AppStore UI.framework from iOS 5.1.1 from an iPad.
  • APSplit View Controller
    Custom UISplit View Controller for iPad.
  • AQGrid View
    A grid view for iPhone/iPad, designed to look similar to NSCollection View.
  • Atomic Table
    iPad app to learn everything about the periodic table of elements.
  • AUIScrollViewLayout
    UIScrollView Demo where UIViewController spaghetti is eliminated. For iPad and iPhones. iOS 5 Compatible.
  • Aviary SDKSample
    A sample universal app demonstrating Aviary SDK integration in iPhone/iPad apps.
  • badass github jobs ipad
    An iPad app for GitHub jobs. Mostly out of boredom. I also tend to spend a bunch of time reading those listings , so it has personal use, too.
  • baker
    The HTML5 ebook framework to publish interactive books & magazines on iPad & iPhone using simply open web standards.
  • BluetoothTest
    iPad app I wrote for testing the bt connection and experimenting with the Game Kit framework.
  • bounding bandits
    Open source iPad puzzle game using HTML5 + Objective C.
  • Brightcove Sample
    A sample application for iPhone/iPad for the Brightcove iOS SDK.
  • BSForwardGeocoder
    This is a forward geocoding API for iPhone/iPad.
  • BYDialogRevised
    a popup dialog demo for Ipad.
  • CAMediaTimingFunctionVisualizer
    iPad app to preview animation based on custom animation curve created.
  • Camera Example
    An example iPhone/Ipad Camera App.
  • CariocaEntretenimento
    Ipad demo app for displaying multiple online photo galeries.
  • CathayMeeting
    share meeting materials on iPad.
  • CDPieMenu
    Fully and easily customizable rotary wheel control also called pie menu for iPhone and iPad. Very similar to the control in Convertbot. As the only one in the internet it rotates with inertia/mementum. Drawn using Core Graphics without any images.
  • ChildrenBook
    This is an iPad children book app, including animation , read features. Children may have fun while they are learning.
  • chirpradio ios
    CHIRP Radio's iPhone/iPad application (if we go private before SDK release's it's due to Apple's developer policy).
  • CIFinator
    Simple CI Filter demo app for iPad.
  • Cocoa Charts
    Open source iPhone/iPad graph/chart framework includes line chart,stick chart,candlestick chart,pie chart,spider web chart etc. Based on iOS graph SDK, Using native Objective c Codes.
  • Cocos2dStudy
    Cocos2d projects in <<iPhone and iPad Cocos2d Game development>>, written with the latest stable v2.0.0 version.
  • Codea Runtime
    Codea Runtime Library for iPad by Two Lives Left.
  • concentration
    A concentration / matching game written for the iPad.
  • CoreDataMsster
    core data project for iPad with one to many relationship and 2 table Views.
  • CVS Tycoon
    conveniences shop iphone/ipad game based on cocos2d.
  • CXAdjustBlockView
    A self management container(UIScrollView) of views(UIView) for iOS (iPhone/iPad) that make all the views linked on one direction relationship with animation scaling.
  • DashApp
    DashApp is an iPad application that allows you to run multiple iPhone Web Apps simultaneously in a Dashboard like environment.
  • Data Table
    A simple iPad project for visualising web data in a table format.
  • Detour
    the world's first available web browser for iPad.
  • DicomViewer
    A dicom image viewer for iPad.
  • DKKeyboardView
    Implementation of Keyboard with Next, Previous and Done Buttons. Works both on iPhone/iPad in all UI Orientations. Other buttons can be easily added and customized.
  • Drag Demo
    Sample ipad app that demonstrates drag & drop.
  • Draw GeoHex
    This is a sample application to draw GeoHex v3 on iPad.
  • Drupal Map App for iPhone and iPad
    Example project that uses AFNetworking, iOS Map Kit, and Drupal 7.
  • DSFlipView
    iPad Album Style Core Animation Flip View.
  • Dudel
    Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers Mastering the iPad SDK My implementation of the Dudel sample application.
  • DZWebBrowser
    A simple iPhone/iPad web browser.
  • ECTouch
    Elegant Chaos's iOS utility library. Contains our iPhone/iPad specific utilities.
  • eyebrowse
    Light app to mirror a web view from iPad to TV at full resolution.
  • Fire UIPaged ScrollView
    Very nice UIScrollView ready to handle View Controllers as pages, handle orientation changes and integrate with UIPageControl and UISegmentedControl out of the box. iPhone & iPad Samples included!.
  • FlashCardSets ipad
    creating a flash card sets ipad app to experiment with cocos2d and more of the apple sdk's.
  • Flip Framework
    Simple framework for creating 1 dimensional flip gesture iPad applications.
  • FotoFilters
    Spice up your Photos by applying Filters (with Twitter Support) || iPhone+iPad.
  • FullScreenAnimations
    Shows examples of a Path style open book animation in a Universal iPhone/iPad app using MGSplit View Controller, and a falling star animation, like in Calgary Eats.
  • fussball3d isgl3d
    Fussball game in 3D for the iPad done with Isgl3d.
  • Game of Life for iPad
    A version of Conway's game of life for the iPad created as part of "Programming Night" at the Durham Hackerspace "SplatSpace".
  • game programming lunch and learn
    An implementation of pong for a multipart ipad game programming lunch and learn I'm giving.
  • gamemenu
    A basis for game menus on the iPad.
  • geoprocessing map ipad
    ArcGIS demo application shown at the User Conference 2012 Plenary for Geoprocessing Presentation.
  • gik animated callout
    A customisable, animatable MKAnnotation View with a UITable View subview, designed to behave the same as callouts in on the iPad.
  • GMGrid View
    A performant Grid View for iOS (iPhone/iPad) that allows sorting of views with gestures (the user can move the items with his finger to sort them) and pinching/rotating/panning gestures allow the user to play with the view and toggle from the cellview to a fullsize display.
  • Goban
    Go board game application for iPad.
  • Google Translate API
    Google Translate API for Mac/iPhone/iPad.
  • GraphApp
    Sample iPad Sample Application by using "s7graphview".
  • gridTabController
    A small library for grid style handling of open UIViews. Kind of like the pre iOS5 tab handling in safari for ipad.
  • growthpush ios
    GrowthPush SDK for iPhone/iPad.
  • Guardian Narratives
    Attempt to add tag filtered searching against guardian open API on an iPad.
  • Hacker News for iOS
    Hacker News client for iPad and iPhone.
  • Hacker News Reader for iPad
    Hacker News Reader for the iPad.
  • Hand Animation
    This project consists to create a demonstration app on iPad that use the LEAP Motion device to animate a 3D hand model.
  • hello social
    This is a repo support for my book: Dasar Pemrograman Aplikasi iPhone dan iPad.
  • HelloiPadGLSL
    A Simple Example of GLSL on iPad.
  • HelloiPadGLSLPortraitLandscape
    An example of how to rotate an EAGLView between all four iPad orientations.
  • HelTweetica
    Twitter app for iPad that won Best Social App at iPadDevCamp NYC 2010.
  • hiveboard
    An iPad prototype for the game Hive.
  • HomepwnerUniOne
    Universal iPhone/iPad application that shows an interactive list of items that allows a user to select, delete, or reorder items in the list. This application is based on the the book "The Big Nerd Ranch: iPhone Programming", by Joe Conway and Aaron Hillegass .
  • Horizontal table view
    iPhone and iPad horizontal table view.
  • HSImageSidebar View
    A view based on the sidebar in Apple's Keynote app for iPad.
  • I7CoreTextExample
    CoreText Framework Example for iPad (iPhone).
  • ibbq dcg
    Demo iBBQ iPad app for Demo CampGuelph.
  • IconUtility
    Mac app resizing images for iPhone/iPad application icons.
  • Image Loader
    Helps to load and cache images asynchroniously (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
  • Image Scrubber
    image scrubber toolbar for iPad/iPhone.
  • inchtime
    the class time table iOS app in China. for iPad now. with 50K user from appStore 2013.01.
  • iOS Image Manager
    An objective c (iOS SDK iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) Library than manage the download and local cache storage of images with an easily extendable objects for special needs. Ideal for avatars or remote images. It automatically keeps the app footprint low and deletes old images to reduce hard drive usage.
  • ios KRCamera
    iPhone and iPad Camera Framework, it supported iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad to Use Camera Device. It supports iOS 4.x ~ 6.x.
  • iOS pong starter
    A basic Pong implementation for the iPad. Uses no additional libraries, just a view, images , and gestures.
  • iOS Reversi
    An iPad Reversi game that I am writing for a RayWenderlich tutorial.
  • iOS SDK Sample
    A sample universal app demonstrating Aviary SDK integration in iPhone/iPad apps.
  • iOS Tree Table ViewController
    Creates an expandable tree table for iOS build on UITableViewController. Use this for putting a left hand navigation tree in the left of an iPad project.
  • iosFlock
    Fork of macFlock to iOS devices running with Open Frameworks. Requires Open Frameworks 062 for iPhone. Tested on 1st generation iPad and iPhone 3GS.
  • iosglk
    iPhone/iPad implementation of the Glk API.
  • iOSMazes
    Source code for the iPad app 3D Mazes: Play, Create & Share.
  • iPad Drupal App Demo
    Demo of a simple iPad app that gets articles from Drupal 7 using the Drupal iOS SDK.
  • iPad Dynamic Table Cells
    Classes to facilitate managing dynamic iPad UITableView cells.
  • iPad Filesystem
    A simple split view based filesystem browser for the iPad. Find out what you can read or write!.
  • iPad iPhone Photo Booth iPhone as Wireless Cam for iPad
    iPad+iPhone Photo/Party Booth. Or basically use the iPhone camera and show the live view on the iPad.
  • ipad parallax examples
    There are simple examples of parallax using just UIView and UIScrollView.
  • iPad Popover Sample
    Example of iPhoneOS SDK 3.2 using the iPad Popover Control.
  • iPad Sample
    Sample app for iPad.
  • iPad UITableView DnD Demo
    Rudimentary system to allow drag and drop of UIViews between UIViews. The demo allows drag and drop of UITableViewCells beween four UITableViews.
  • iPadDisplayOut Sample
    This is a sample code for using iPad external display.
  • iPadESRI
    Add ArcGIS iOS API AGSMapView to standard Apple iPad template.
  • iPadModalView Example
    How to present and dismiss a modal view controller on the iPad.
  • iPhone CoreLocation Data
    CoreLocation Demo for the iPhone (and iPod Touch and iPad, etc.).
  • irepemulator
    iRepEmulator is an iPad application that emulates Veeva iRep. It will hit a server with your live content on it for testing in a full screen web browser with Veeva UI emulation and provide slide navigation without any modification to existing code. It does not support Veeva iRep API methods.
  • iTurtle
    Turtle Graphics (logo) for iPad.
  • JATicker iOS
    Customizable scrolling LED ticker library for iPhone and iPad.
  • Java for ios and windows phone
    Java code on native App for iphone, iPad (iOS) and Windows Phone. GWT compile Java code into JavaScript and we execute it in a Web View.
  • JKExpand Table View
    Expandable Nested Table View for iOS (iPhone & iPad). JKExpand Table View is a subclass of UITableView.
  • JMActionRow Table ViewController
    A table view that will display an "Action Row" (Toolbar) when selecting a cell (as seen in famous Twitter "Bot" iPad app).
  • JSONReader
    An iPad sample app that pings a web service to get feed returned in JSON format. It then displays the returned content in table and page format.
  • KidPuzzlePad
    iPad version of the game.
  • KnightFight
    A 2D isometric game for iPhone and iPad built using Cocos2D.
  • KOPopup View
    Popup UIView for iPhone/iPad in both orientations with nice effect.
  • lg48
    Ludumdare #23 ipad game.
  • Lightstreamer example Stock List client ios
    This project contains an example of an application for iPhone and iPad that employs the Lightstreamer iOS Client library.
  • List MenuButton
    ipad dropdown menu list.
  • littlego
    Little Go. An iOS application that lets you play the game of Go on the iPhone or iPad.
  • LocNotes
    LocNotes is the source code for Locayta Notes version 1.0, an iPad/iPhone note taking app incorporating the Locayta Search Mobile full text search library for iOS. The app is available for free in the App Store and the source code for version 1.
  • madvertise ios sdk
    madvertise SDK for iPhone / iPod / iPad.
  • maestro
    Cocos2d iPad game for molyjam.
  • MagicFingers
    Multi touch, Core Animation (CAReplicatorLayer) iPad app.
  • MagnetoMeter
    iOS (iPad + iPhone) Magnet O Meter demo /test app to measure magnetometer data.
  • Mancala
    The game of Mancala for the iPad.
  • MDPNews iPad App Demo FlipView
    MDPNews Demp iPad App.
  • Messages Table ViewController
    A messages UI for iPhone and iPad.
  • MGSplit View Controller
    A flexible, advanced split view controller for iPad developers.
  • MGTile Menu
    Tile based contextual menu for iPad and iPhone developers.
  • Mitt Saldo Library
    This library contains all the code needed to interact with banks/cards. This library is the library powering Mitt Saldo iPhone/iPad app.
  • MobFox iOS SDK
    MobFox SDK to implement ads in an iPod, iPhone or iPad application.
  • Move Multiple Images iPad
    Sample code for someone on
  • MoviePad
    iPAD application to demo the Rotten Tomatoes API.
  • MSHelper
    An iPhone and iPad Helper Class for Sound/ Images and everything else.
  • MWStackLayout
    This is a UICollectionView that mimics the photos app on iPad.
  • MySearchableMapView01
    read the name provide a basic iPad map with searchable table View based upon a local plist created from an Excel spreadsheet CSV file.
  • NavigatorKit
    The Navigator class cluster from separated from Three20 re factored to bare minimum with complete support for Split View Controllers and the iPad user interface idiom. Supports UISplit View Controller and MGSplit View Controller.
  • News Reader
    iOS News Reader compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • NoteBuddy
    Flashcard sharing app for iPad.
  • novaRPG
    RPG Engine for iPhone/iPad based on Cocos2D.
  • NQFoldingView
    Control for ipad and iphone that is a view contain image that fold and unfold with animation and the image can be pinched.
  • OpenDoorsDemo
    iPad demo project to show how to animate the default image so that it looks like doors are opening.
  • Packer
    iPad arcade game similar to the old Tapper game. You collect outfits from conveyor belts to earn points. Uses cocos2d 1.1.
  • PageCurl
    A page curl/page flip example for the iPad.
  • PageScroll View
    A generic View that mimics Apple's homescreen paging that supports both iPhone & iPad and rotation.
  • panoramagl
    Fork of PanoramaGL library for iPhone and iPad.
  • Particulate
    iOS iPad project for exploring core animation emitters. A sandbox for developers to play with emitters and change their behaviors in real time.
  • PdfAnnotator for iPad
    A handy tool for annotating pdf files on the iPad. Check the demo :
  • Photo Album
    This project simulates the albums? beautiful user experience of ipad?s Photos app. You can use multiple gestures to pinch, rotate, drag the pictures or albums. All the pictures or albums will be sorting elegantly with beautiful animations. It?s a good.
  • Photo Flick
    Old iOS 3.2 photo slideshow application for iPad, retired from App Store. Not tested against iOS 5. Good luck!.
  • Photo Gallery
    iPad Web Photo Gallery.
  • Photo Wheel
    Photo Wheel is a photo browsing app written for the iPad. This is the companion app for the book Learning iPad Programming.
  • Photo WheelPrototype
    Photo WheelPrototype from "Learning iPad Programming".
  • phototype ipad
    Photos browsing iPad interface based on metadata.
  • Physics
    A really simple example of how to use a particle system in Cocos2D for iOS. Tested on iPad 4.3.
  • PicTile
    Make puzzles out of your photos and play them on your iPod, iPhone or iPad.
  • PlayBallSlots
    creating a slots game for the iPad.
  • playsketch
    A sketching animation tool for iPad.
  • popclock
    PopClock is a simple iPhone / iPad clock app that utilizes the Cocos2d and Box 2d libraries.
  • PopoverDemo
    Demonstrates using the iPad's popover control to host a list of values to insert into a text field.
  • PopoverView
    A simple UIView popover control for iPhone/iPad written in Core Graphics.
  • PSGridScroll
    PSGridScroll is a view control that lays out a list of child views into a scrollable grid. An iPad example project is included.
  • PSStackedView
    open source implementation of Twitter/iPad stacked ui done right.
  • PSTreeGraph
    A tree graph view control for iPad applications. This is a port of the sample code from Max OS X to iOS (iPad).
  • PTImageAlbumViewController
    "Image Album" ? or " Photo Album" if you like that better ? View( Controller) for all crazy iOS developers out there... (by @pittleorg) [meta: image, photo , album, gallery, iOS, iPhone, iPad, component, library, viewer].
  • PTShowcaseViewController
    An initial implementation of a "showcase" view( controller) for iOS apps... Visualizes images, videos and PDF files beautifully! (by @pittleorg) [meta: image, photo , video, document, pdf, album, gallery, showcase, gallery, iOS, iPhone, iPad, component, library, viewer].
  • pugpig
    Pugpig is an open source framework that allows you to publish beautiful HTML5 magazines, books, newspapers and videos for the iPad, iPhone and more. Pugpig is a hybrid that mixes the best bits of native code with the juiciest cuts of HTML, producing a lovely reading experience whilst allowing you to publish once across all platforms.
  • PullToRefresh UIScroll View
    Adds pull to refresh functionality to an iPad UIScrollView.
  • Pulser
    Space themed iPad game.
  • PunchHipster
    Game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • QSControls
    Part of the QuasiStep, a loose collection/ library of utilities, controls and other helpers for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) development.
  • QSForm
    Part of the QuasiStep, a loose collection/ library of utilities, controls and other helpers for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) development.
  • QSUtilities
    Part of the QuasiStep, a loose collection/ library of utilities, controls and other helpers for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) development.
  • quantlib on iOS
    This is a set of scripts that enable the QuantLib library to be built as a framework for iOS for inclusion in iPhone and iPad applications.
  • receiptbooth
    Mobile photo booth using Bluetooth receipt printer and iPad or iPhone.
  • Reddit Images Browser
    an iPad app for browsing reddit images.
  • repassitory ios
    ipad/iphone version of Repassitory personal password database.
  • RKRichText View
    RKRichText View is one of the most advanced Editable Rich Text Views. It is tested to work with iPhone/iPad OS 5.0 and newer.
  • RTFlyout Menu
    Fly out (drop down) menu component for iPad.
  • salescase
    iPad sales and order entry app for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers that can sync with a web server.
  • Sample Animation
    Simulate animation using image on iPhone or iPad.
  • Sample OAuth
    iPad sample application of google OAuth2.0.
  • Scroll View Animate
    Attempt to re create the 3D style rotational animations seen in Elements & Wired IPad applications.
  • ScrollTest
    A basic iPad photo viewer that mimics Apple's version in almost all aspects.
  • SeeMeHearMeTouchMe
    iPad video chat that lets you draw your emotions.
  • Share Board
    A Real Time Collaborative Sharing & Editing Application for the iPad, with experimental support for OS X.
  • Share Kit
    Drop in sharing features for all iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Slide Chat iPad
    Box organized a hackathon in mid august 2012 and we wanted to be part of it. The theme was productivity. We build a great solution to enable people to discuss documents while chatting to each other face to face.
  • slingball ios
    A ball slinging game for two simultaneous players on a single iPad.
  • Small Ball
    Iphone ,Ipad Small ball Game.
  • SnowFall
    A UIView subclass for iPhone/iPad sdk. Simulates a snowfall in transparency over another view.
  • SnowFalling Demo
    A nice iOS framework to able you to create iPhone and iPad Apps with snow falling effects on a UIViewController, with rotation of flakes, from left and right directions, and flakes with big, medium and tiny size's.
  • SNStackNavigation
    A navigation framework like Twitter for iPad.
  • Social Coder
    GitHub Client for iPad.
  • Split Screens
    Example of using dual screens with iPhone 4S and iPad 2 to display different content via airplay mirroring.
  • SSTableView
    Custom Table View for iPhone/iPad made by SeedShock, Inc.
  • stack scroll view
    Stack Scroll View Panel like Twitter Ipad app for iOS developers [iPad].
  • Stack Table
    Stack data structure iPad app.
  • StrategyTrackeriPad
    This is a sample project using the API SDK for iOS that demonstrates how it can be used for non DOL APIs. This universal (iPhone & iPad) app displays a list of agencies provided by a GSA owned web service that the user can then select to view.
  • Tables in View iPad
    2 tables in a view, test for core data.
  • TCPhotos500px
    TCPhotos500px is an app for iPad that allows you to explore beautiful photos from 500px.
  • ThumbnailPickerView
    iOS UI control displaying a set of thumbnails resembling iPad's toolbar thumbnails view.
  • TMPanelViewController
    Demo for TMPanelViewController for the iPad.
  • Tug of War
    ipad game for carl.
  • UIClock
    UICollectionView based clock for iPad.
  • UIExternalDisplayController
    Use this view controller to display views on an external display for iPad or iPhone4.
  • UIImagePickerWithEditor
    iPad UIImagePicker that lets the user crop and zoom the chosen image before returning it.
  • UITableViewDragAndDropExample
    An example of dragging and dropping names between two UITableViews on the iPad.
  • universal ipad iphone example
    Example universal iPad/iPhone app.
  • uservoice ios sdk
    UserVoice for iOS ( SDK for iPhone and iPad apps).
  • VDFramework
    A framework for iPhone and iPad.
  • Vertigrow iPad
    iPad app I built for Vertigrow a long time ago to help them mockup living walls as a sales tool. Basic image dragging app.
  • vkontakte API iPhone iPad
    Vkontakte API for iOS.
  • VuGraph SDK ios
    VuGraph SDK For iPhone & iPad.
  • Web Monitor
    iPhone/iPad app to display the status of running web sites.
  • WEPopover
    Generic popover implementation for iOS with same API as the UIPopoverController for the iPad, but configurable with custom background and available for iPhone as well.
  • wsabi2
    A second version of the wsabi iPad app for biometric device control over Web Services.
  • WSChart
    chart views for iPad and iPhone.
  • XCDYouTubeVideoPlayer View Controller
    YouTube video player for iPhone and iPad.
  • XMPPClient
    This is a client on iPad fro chat based on iOS5 and xmpp protocol.
  • ZAGuideView
    ZAGuideView is simple drop in guide for your iPad apps. You can include and organise a variety of data, including HTML, Video, Images , etc.
  • ZDepth Animation
    Mimic the National Geographic National Parcs iPad app animation.

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