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3.5.1.Important properties, method and event of TextBox control
3.5.2.TextBox can display different types of input fields depending TextMode property
3.5.3.Show AutoComplete
3.5.4.Set the focus to a TextBox
3.5.5.Get input value from asp:textbox (VB.net)
3.5.6.Set textbox text value in button action
3.5.7.asp:TextBox changed event (C#)
3.5.8.Use if statement to check form input data (VB.net)
3.5.9.Bind string value to asp:textBox (VB.net)

3.5.10.Use Cint to convert input value in asp:textbox to integer (VB)
3.5.11.Use Convert.ToInt32 to convert input value in asp:textbox to integer (C#)
3.5.12.Check form input value and report error in case of empty input (VB.net)
3.5.13.Set AutoCompleteType
3.5.14.Convert input in TextBox into decimal
3.5.15.Extrapolate date values from the typed text