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These functions use the header .

Wide-Character Array Functions and Their char Equivalents

Functionchar Equivalent
wchar_t *wmemchr(const wchar_t *str,wchar_t ch, size_t num)memchr()
int wmemcmp(const wchar_t *str1,const wchar_t *str2, size_t num)memcmp()
wchar_t *wmemcpy(wchar_t *str1, const wchar_t *str2, size_t num)memcpy()
wchar_t *wmemmove(wchar_t *str1, const wchar_t *str2, size_t num)memmove()
wchar_t *wmemset(wchar_t *str, wchar_t ch, size_t num)memset()

(C: The Complete Reference, Fourth Edition by Herbert Schildt McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2000 ISBN-10: 0072121246, ISBN-13: 978-0072121247)

16.1.Wide Character Functions
16.1.1.Wide-Character Functions
16.1.2.Wide-Character I/O Functions
16.1.3.Wide-Character String Functions
16.1.4.Wide-Character String Conversion Functions
16.1.5.Wide-Character Array Functions
16.1.6.Multibyte/Wide-Character Conversion Functions
16.1.7.An open-ended means of classifying characters.