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The wide-character I/O functions use the header .

Wide-Character I/O Functions and Their char Equivalents

Functionchar Equivalent
win_t fgetwc(FILE *stream)fgetc()
wchar_t *fgetws(wchar_t *str, int num,FILE *stream)fgets()
wint_t fputwc(wchar_t ch, FILE *stream)fputc()
int fputws(const wchar_t *str, FILE *stream)fputs()
int fwprintf(FILE *stream,const wchar_t *fmt, ...)fprintf()
int fwscanf(FILE *stream,const wchar_t *fmt, ...)fscanf()
wint_t getwc(FILE *stream)getc()
wint_t getwchar(void)getchar()
wint_t putwc(wchar_t ch, FILE *stream)putc()
wint_t putwchar(wchar_t ch)putchar()
int swprintf(wchar_t *str, size_t num,const wchar_t *fmt, ...)sprintf()
int swscanf(const wchar_t *str,const wchar_t *fmt, ...)sscanf()
wint_t ungetwc(wint_t ch, FILE *stream)ungetc()
int vfwprintf(FILE *stream,const wchar_t *fmt, va_list arg)vfprintf().
int vfwscanf(FILE * restrict stream,const wchar_t * restrict fmt,va_list arg);vfscanf()
int vswprintf(wchar_t *str, size_t num,const wchar_t *fmt, va_list arg)vsprintf()
int vswscanf(const wchar_t * restrict str, const wchar_t * restrict fmt,va_list arg);Vsscanf()
int vwprintf(const wchar_t *fmt, va_list arg)vprintf()
int vwscanf(const wchar_t * restrict fmt, va_list arg);vscanf()
int wprintf(const wchar_t *fmt, ...)printf()
int wscanf(const wchar_t *fmt, ...)scanf()

(C: The Complete Reference, Fourth Edition by Herbert Schildt McGraw-Hill/Osborne 2000 ISBN-10: 0072121246, ISBN-13: 978-0072121247)

16.1.Wide Character Functions
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