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  1. The wide-character functions use two headers: and .
  2. The header defines the types wint_t, wctrans_t, and wctype_t.
  3. The wide-character functions operate on characters of type wchar_t, which are 16 bits.
  4. The types wctrans_t and wctype_t are used to represent a character mapping (character translation) and the classification of a character, respectively.
  5. The wide-character EOF is defined as WEOF.
  6. The mbstate_t type describes the state of conversion from a multibyte to wide-character .
  7. The header also defines the macros NULL, WEOF, WCHAR_MAX, and WCHAR_MIN. The last two define the maximum and minimum value that can be held in an object of type wchar_t.

16.1.Wide Character Functions
16.1.1.Wide-Character Functions
16.1.2.Wide-Character I/O Functions
16.1.3.Wide-Character String Functions
16.1.4.Wide-Character String Conversion Functions
16.1.5.Wide-Character Array Functions
16.1.6.Multibyte/Wide-Character Conversion Functions
16.1.7.An open-ended means of classifying characters.