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7.6.Method Parameter
7.6.1.How Arguments Are Passed
7.6.2.Parameter modifiers
7.6.3.Pass int value to a function
7.6.4.Use a parameter in a member function
7.6.5.A member function with two arguments
7.6.6.Pass int without 'out' and 'ref'
7.6.7.Pass integer by ref
7.6.8.ref parameters
7.6.9.Pass integer value by value

7.6.10.params int[] args
7.6.11.Use out for int type
7.6.12.Creating a method with a reference argument.
7.6.13.Variable arguments to a method in C#.
7.6.14.Method parameter hides the class member field
7.6.15.C# Parameter Modifiers
7.6.16.use of 'outer variable' in anonymous method