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Create a custom dialog with radio button group
using System;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;

class MyDialog : System.Windows.Forms.Form
  private Button okButton;
  private Button cancelButton;
  private CheckBox checkbox;
  private GroupBox radiogroup;
  private RadioButton radio1,radio2,radio3;

  public int Radio;

  public bool Check {
    get { return checkbox.Checked; }
    set { checkbox.Checked = value;}

  void OnRadio(Object sender,EventArgs e)
    int n=0;
    foreach(Object o in radiogroup.Controls)
      if(o is RadioButton)
        RadioButton r=(RadioButton)o;

  public MyDialog()
    Size = new Size(400,300);
    FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.FixedDialog;
    Text = "Dialog test";

    okButton = new Button();    
    okButton.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK;
    okButton.Location = new Point(20,230);
    okButton.Size = new Size(80,25);
    okButton.Text = "OK";

    cancelButton = new Button();
    cancelButton.Location = new Point(300,230);
    cancelButton.Size = new Size(80,25);
    cancelButton.Text = "Cancel";
    cancelButton.DialogResult = DialogResult.Cancel;

    checkbox = new CheckBox();
    checkbox.Location = new Point(20,30);
    checkbox.Size = new Size(300,25);
    checkbox.Text = "CheckBox";

    radiogroup = new GroupBox();
    radiogroup.Text = "Radio Buttons";
    radiogroup.Location = new Point(10,60);
    radiogroup.Size = new Size(380,110);

    radio1 = new RadioButton();
    radio1.Location = new Point(10,15); 

    radio1.Size = new Size(360,25);
    radio1.Click += new EventHandler(OnRadio);
    radio1.Text = "Radio Button #1";

    radio2 = new RadioButton();
    radio2.Location = new Point(10,40); 
    radio2.Size = new Size(360,25);
    radio2.Click += new EventHandler(OnRadio);
    radio2.Text = "Radio Button #2";

    radio3 = new RadioButton();
    radio3.Location = new Point(10,70); 
    radio3.Size = new Size(360,25);
    radio3.Click += new EventHandler(OnRadio);
    radio3.Text = "Radio Button #3";



public class CustomDialogTest{

  public static void Main()
    MyDialog dlg = new MyDialog();

    DialogResult r=dlg.ShowDialog();

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