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  1. Documented is a marker annotation type used to annotate the declaration of an annotation type so that instances of the annotation type will be included in the documentation.
  2. Override annotation type is not annotated using Documented.
  3. Deprecated annotation type is annotated @Documented.

1.14.Standard Annotations
1.14.1.The Built-In Annotations
1.14.2.Standard Annotations: Override
1.14.3.Standard Annotations: Deprecated
1.14.4.How do I mark method as deprecated?
1.14.5.What is SuppressWarnings annotation?
1.14.6.Standard Annotations: SuppressWarnings
1.14.7.Insert an annotation to suppress warning
1.14.8.Use Override annotation
1.14.9.A demo for SuppressWarnings: unchecked and fallthrough warnings
1.14.10.Standard Meta-Annotations