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  1. Meta annotations are annotations that are applied to annotations.
  2. There are four meta-annotation types: Documented, Inherited, Retention, and Target.
  3. All the four are part of the java.lang.annotation package.

1.14.Standard Annotations
1.14.1.The Built-In Annotations
1.14.2.Standard Annotations: Override
1.14.3.Standard Annotations: Deprecated
1.14.4.How do I mark method as deprecated?
1.14.5.What is SuppressWarnings annotation?
1.14.6.Standard Annotations: SuppressWarnings
1.14.7.Insert an annotation to suppress warning
1.14.8.Use Override annotation
1.14.9.A demo for SuppressWarnings: unchecked and fallthrough warnings
1.14.10.Standard Meta-Annotations