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  1. Use Inherited to annotate an annotation type, any instance of the annotation type will be inherited.
  2. Use Inherited to annotate a class, the annotation will be inherited by any subclass of the annotated class. If the user queries the annotation type on a class declaration, and the class declaration has no annotation of this type, then the class's parent class will automatically be queried for the annotation type. This process will be repeated until an annotation of this type is found or the root class is reached.

1.14.Standard Annotations
1.14.1.The Built-In Annotations
1.14.2.Standard Annotations: Override
1.14.3.Standard Annotations: Deprecated
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1.14.5.What is SuppressWarnings annotation?
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1.14.7.Insert an annotation to suppress warning
1.14.8.Use Override annotation
1.14.9.A demo for SuppressWarnings: unchecked and fallthrough warnings
1.14.10.Standard Meta-Annotations