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2.4.1.Java byte: byte is smallest Java integer type.byte is 8 bit signed type ranges from –128 to 127.
2.4.2.Using byte data type
2.4.3.Convert byte to String: Using the static toString method of the Byte class
2.4.4.Convert byte to String: Using simple concatenation with an empty String
2.4.5.Convert byte to String: Creating a byte array and passing it to the String constructor
2.4.6.Convert String to byte
2.4.7.Use toString method of Byte class to convert Byte into String
2.4.8.Use Byte constructor to convert byte primitive type to Byte object
2.4.9.Compare Two Java byte Arrays Example

2.4.10.Convert an UNSIGNED byte to a JAVA type
2.4.11.To convert a byte to it's hexadecimal equivalent
2.4.12.byte Array To Hex String
2.4.13.hex String To Byte Array
2.4.14.Convert byte[ ] array to String
2.4.15.Convert String to byte array
2.4.16.Convert Byte to numeric primitive data types example
2.4.17.Min and Max values of datatype byte
2.4.18.Byte Range