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 * Various string manipulation methods that are more efficient then chaining
 * string operations: all is done in the same buffer without creating a bunch of
 * string objects.
 * @author <a href="">Dungeon Project</a>
public class Main {
   * Gets a hex string from byte array.
   * @param res
   *            the byte array
   * @return the hex string representing the binary values in the array
  public static final String toHexString( byte[] res )
      StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer( res.length << 1 );
      for ( int ii = 0; ii < res.length; ii++ )
          String digit = Integer.toHexString( 0xFF & res[ii] );
          if ( digit.length() == 1 )
              digit = '0' + digit;
          buf.append( digit );
      return buf.toString().toUpperCase();


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