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2.27.String vs Byte Array
2.27.1.Obtaining the Characters in a String as an Array of Bytes
2.27.2.Construct string from subset of char array.
2.27.3.Converts bytes to a hex string
2.27.4.Get byte array from hex string
2.27.5.Gets a hex string from byte array.
2.27.6.Convert bytes to a base16 string.
2.27.7.Convert a string into a byte array in hex format.
2.27.8.Convert a byte array to a String with a hexidecimal format.
2.27.9.Convert a hexidecimal string generated by toHexString() back into a byte array.

2.27.10.Converts a hex string to a byte array.
2.27.11.Get 7-bit ASCII character array from input String.