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 * ------------
 * HtmlCharacterEntities.java
 * ------------

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Properties;

 * A collection of all character entites defined in the HTML4 standard. The key
 * is the entity name, the property value is the decoded string.
 * @author Thomas Morgner
public class HtmlCharacterEntities extends Properties
   * The singleton instance for this entity-parser implementation.
  private static CharacterEntityParser entityParser;
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 5118172339379209383L;

   * Gets the character entity parser for HTML content. The CharacterEntity
   * parser translates known characters into predefined entities.
   * @return the character entity parser instance.
  public static CharacterEntityParser getEntityParser()
    if (entityParser == null)
      entityParser = new CharacterEntityParser(new HtmlCharacterEntities());
    return entityParser;

   * Creates an instance.
  public HtmlCharacterEntities()
    setProperty("ang", "\u2220");
    setProperty("spades", "\u2660");
    setProperty("frasl", "\u2044");
    setProperty("copy", "\u00a9");
    setProperty("Upsilon", "\u03a5");
    setProperty("rsquo", "\u2019");
    setProperty("sdot", "\u22c5");
    setProperty("beta", "\u03b2");
    setProperty("egrave", "\u00e8");
    setProperty("Pi", "\u03a0");
    setProperty("micro", "\u00b5");
    setProperty("lArr", "\u21d0");
    setProperty("Beta", "\u0392");
    setProperty("eacute", "\u00e9");
    setProperty("agrave", "\u00e0");
    setProperty("sbquo", "\u201a");
    setProperty("ucirc", "\u00fb");
    setProperty("mdash", "\u2014");
    setProperty("rho", "\u03c1");
    setProperty("Nu", "\u039d");
    setProperty("ne", "\u2260");
    setProperty("nsub", "\u2284");
    setProperty("AElig", "\u00c6");
    setProperty("raquo", "\u00bb");
    setProperty("aacute", "\u00e1");
    setProperty("le", "\u2264");
    setProperty("harr", "\u2194");
    setProperty("frac34", "\u00be");
    setProperty("bdquo", "\u201e");
    setProperty("cup", "\u222a");
    setProperty("frac14", "\u00bc");
    setProperty("exist", "\u2203");
    setProperty("Ccedil", "\u00c7");
    setProperty("phi", "\u03c6");
    setProperty("Lambda", "\u039b");
    setProperty("alpha", "\u03b1");
    setProperty("sigma", "\u03c3");
    setProperty("thetasym", "\u03d1");
    setProperty("Rho", "\u03a1");
    setProperty("hArr", "\u21d4");
    setProperty("Dagger", "\u2021");
    setProperty("otilde", "\u00f5");
    setProperty("Epsilon", "\u0395");
    setProperty("iuml", "\u00ef");
    setProperty("Phi", "\u03a6");
    setProperty("prod", "\u220f");
    setProperty("Aring", "\u00c5");
    setProperty("rlm", "\u200f");
    setProperty("yen", "\u00a5");
    setProperty("emsp", "\u2003");
    setProperty("rang", "\u232a");
    setProperty("Atilde", "\u00c3");
    setProperty("Iuml", "\u00cf");
    setProperty("iota", "\u03b9");
    setProperty("deg", "\u00b0");
    setProperty("prop", "\u221d");
    setProperty("and", "\u2227");
    setProperty("para", "\u00b6");
    setProperty("darr", "\u2193");
    setProperty("curren", "\u00a4");
    setProperty("crarr", "\u21b5");
    setProperty("not", "\u00ac");
    setProperty("Iota", "\u0399");
    setProperty("aelig", "\u00e6");
    setProperty("rdquo", "\u201d");
    setProperty("Ocirc", "\u00d4");
    setProperty("ntilde", "\u00f1");
    setProperty("reg", "\u00ae");
    setProperty("zeta", "\u03b6");
    setProperty("middot", "\u00b7");
    setProperty("cent", "\u00a2");
    setProperty("quot", "\"");
    setProperty("hellip", "\u2026");
    setProperty("Zeta", "\u0396");
    setProperty("rceil", "\u2309");
    setProperty("eta", "\u03b7");
    setProperty("nbsp", "\u00a0");
    setProperty("rarr", "\u2192");
    setProperty("frac12", "\u00bd");
    setProperty("real", "\u211c");
    setProperty("mu", "\u03bc");
    setProperty("dArr", "\u21d3");
    setProperty("divide", "\u00f7");
    setProperty("cap", "\u2229");
    setProperty("chi", "\u03c7");
    setProperty("times", "\u00d7");
    setProperty("euml", "\u00eb");
    setProperty("Gamma", "\u0393");
    setProperty("loz", "\u25ca");
    setProperty("acute", "\u00b4");
    setProperty("Omega", "\u03a9");
    setProperty("ndash", "\u2013");
    setProperty("clubs", "\u2663");
    setProperty("macr", "\u00af");
    setProperty("Yacute", "\u00dd");
    setProperty("Ugrave", "\u00d9");
    setProperty("Euml", "\u00cb");
    setProperty("Eta", "\u0397");
    setProperty("sect", "\u00a7");
    setProperty("asymp", "\u2248");
    setProperty("ordm", "\u00ba");
    setProperty("rArr", "\u21d2");
    setProperty("radic", "\u221a");
    setProperty("Uacute", "\u00da");
    setProperty("omicron", "\u03bf");
    setProperty("Chi", "\u03a7");
    setProperty("aring", "\u00e5");
    setProperty("Theta", "\u0398");
    setProperty("supe", "\u2287");
    setProperty("ensp", "\u2002");
    setProperty("uml", "\u00a8");
    setProperty("ccedil", "\u00e7");
    setProperty("lambda", "\u03bb");
    setProperty("gt", "\u003e");
    setProperty("uarr", "\u2191");
    setProperty("alefsym", "\u2135");
    setProperty("auml", "\u00e4");
    setProperty("sup3", "\u00b3");
    setProperty("circ", "\u02c6");
    setProperty("lsquo", "\u2018");
    setProperty("Auml", "\u00c4");
    setProperty("dagger", "\u2020");
    setProperty("Kappa", "\u039a");
    setProperty("cong", "\u2245");
    setProperty("zwnj", "\u200c");
    setProperty("shy", "\u00ad");
    setProperty("ouml", "\u00f6");
    setProperty("diams", "\u2666");
    setProperty("uArr", "\u21d1");
    setProperty("atilde", "\u00e3");
    setProperty("THORN", "\u00de");
    setProperty("or", "\u2228");
    setProperty("Ograve", "\u00d2");
    setProperty("ocirc", "\u00f4");
    setProperty("plusm", "\u00b1");
    setProperty("Ouml", "\u00d6");
    setProperty("nabla", "\u2207");
    setProperty("psi", "\u03c8");
    setProperty("sigmaf", "\u03c2");
    setProperty("euro", "\u20ac");
    setProperty("sube", "\u2286");
    setProperty("sup2", "\u00b2");
    setProperty("laquo", "\u00ab");
    setProperty("forall", "\u2200");
    setProperty("Oacute", "\u00d3");
    setProperty("iexcl", "\u00a1");

   * Externalized initialization method to make CheckStyle happy.
  private void fillMoreEntities()
    setProperty("piv", "\u03d6");
    setProperty("minus", "\u2212");
    setProperty("zwj", "\u200d");
    setProperty("tau", "\u03c4");