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 *  terms of version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by 
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public class Utils {
  public static String toHtml( String string )
    if( StringUtils.isNullOrEmpty( string ) )
      return "<html><body></body></html>";

    BufferedReader st = new BufferedReader( new StringReader( string ) );
    StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer( "<html><body>" );

      String str = st.readLine();

      while( str != null )
        if( str.equalsIgnoreCase( "<br/>" ) )
          str = "<br>";

        buf.append( str );

        if( !str.equalsIgnoreCase( "<br>" ) )
          buf.append( "<br>" );

        str = st.readLine();
    catch( IOException e )

    buf.append( "</body></html>" );
    string = buf.toString();
    return string;

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