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9.33.Customized Map
9.33.1.Implementation of a bit map of any size, together with static methods to manipulate int, byte and byte[] values as bit maps
9.33.2.A fixed size map implementation.
9.33.3.A memory-efficient hash map.
9.33.4.CaseBlindHashMap - a HashMap extension, using Strings as key values.
9.33.5.Clones a map and prefixes the keys in the clone
9.33.6.Converts array into a java.util.Map.
9.33.7.Ordered Map
9.33.8.A hash map that uses primitive ints for the key rather than objects.
9.33.9.HashNMap stores multiple values by a single key value. Values can be retrieved using a direct query or by creating an enumeration over the stored elements.

9.33.10.A Map where keys are compared by object identity, rather than equals()
9.33.11.A java.util.Map implementation using reference values
9.33.12.A simple hashmap from keys to integers
9.33.13.An IdentityMap that uses reference-equality instead of object-equality
9.33.14.Creates a mutable map from two arrays with keys and values
9.33.15.Fixed size hash map using String values as keys mapped to primitive int values.
9.33.16.Hash map for counting references to Object keys.
9.33.17.Hash map using String values as keys mapped to primitive int values.
9.33.18.IntMap provides a simple hashmap from keys to integers
9.33.19.List ordered map

9.33.20.Lookup table that stores a list of strings
9.33.21.Map implementation Optimized for Strings keys
9.33.22.Map with keys iterated in insertion order