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11.77.Byte Array
11.77.1.Load file to byte array
11.77.2.Load File as byte array
11.77.3.Convert Byte array to Int
11.77.4.Gets an array of bytes corresponding to the given object
11.77.5.Convert byte array to string
11.77.6.An optimized reader for reading byte streams that only contain 7-bit ASCII characters.
11.77.7.Convert a base16 string into a byte array.
11.77.8.Convert a byte array to a human-readable String for debugging purposes.
11.77.9.Convert the bytes within the specified range of the given byte array into a String

11.77.10.Convert the bytes within the specified range of the given byte array into a signed integer in the given radix
11.77.11.Converts a byte array into a hexadecimal string
11.77.12.Converts a byte array into hexadecimal characters which are written as ASCII to the given output stream.
11.77.13.Decode hex string to a byte array
11.77.14.Encode a byte array to hex string
11.77.15.Get bytes from InputStream
11.77.16.Read and return the entire contents of the supplied file.
11.77.17.Reads bytes available from one InputStream and returns these bytes in a byte array.
11.77.18.Return the specified class. Checks the ThreadContext classloader first, then uses the System classloader.
11.77.19.Translates between byte arrays and strings of "0"s and "1"s.