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11.78.1.Copy the source file system structure into the supplied target location.
11.78.2.Buffered copying between source(InputStream, Reader, String and byte[]) and destinations (OutputStream, Writer, String and byte[]).
11.78.3.Copies all data from an input stream to an output stream.
11.78.4.Copies the contents of the Reader into the Writer, until the end of the stream has been reached.
11.78.5.Copy a directory and all of its contents.
11.78.6.Copy a file and user buffer
11.78.7.Copy chars from a Reader to a Writer.
11.78.8.copy Completely (InputStream input, OutputStream output)
11.78.9.copy Completely (Reader input, Writer output)

11.78.10.copy Completely(URI input, URI output)
11.78.11.Buffered copying
11.78.12.Copy file and directory