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 * JCommon : a free general purpose class library for the Java(tm) platform
 * (C) Copyright 2000-2005, by Object Refinery Limited and Contributors.
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 * USA.  
 * [Java is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
 * in the United States and other countries.]
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 * (C)opyright 2002-2004, by Thomas Morgner and Contributors.
 * Original Author:  Thomas Morgner;
 * Contributor(s):   David Gilbert (for Object Refinery Limited);
 * $Id:,v 1.8 2009/01/22 08:34:58 taqua Exp $
 * Changes
 * -------
 * 26-Jan-2003 : Initial version
 * 23-Feb-2003 : Documentation
 * 25-Feb-2003 : Fixed Checkstyle issues (DG);
 * 29-Apr-2003 : Moved to jcommon
 * 04-Jan-2004 : Fixed JDK 1.2.2 issues with createRelativeURL;
 *               added support for query strings within these urls (TM);

 * The IOUtils provide some IO related helper methods.
 * @author Thomas Morgner.
public class Main {
   * Checks, whether the child directory is a subdirectory of the base 
   * directory.
   * @param base the base directory.
   * @param child the suspected child directory.
   * @return true, if the child is a subdirectory of the base directory.
   * @throws IOException if an IOError occured during the test.
  public boolean isSubDirectory(File base, File child)
      throws IOException {
      base = base.getCanonicalFile();
      child = child.getCanonicalFile();

      File parentFile = child;
      while (parentFile != null) {
          if (base.equals(parentFile)) {
              return true;
          parentFile = parentFile.getParentFile();
      return false;

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