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11.4.1.Create a directory (or several directories)
11.4.2.Create directory
11.4.3.Create directory along with required nonexistent parent directories
11.4.4.Create a directory; all ancestor directories must exist
11.4.5.Create a directory; all non-existent ancestor directories are automatically created
11.4.6.Create a directories recursively
11.4.7.Creates a new and empty directory in the default temp directory using the given prefix.
11.4.8.Determine File or Directory
11.4.9.Deleting a Directory (an empty directory)

11.4.10.Determine if file or directory exists
11.4.11.Determine if File or Directory is hidden
11.4.12.If a file or directory readable
11.4.13.Get name of parent directory
11.4.14.Get name of specified file or directory
11.4.15.Get parent directory as a File object
11.4.16.Get the content of a directory
11.4.17.Checks, whether the child directory is a subdirectory of the base directory.
11.4.18.Delete file or directory
11.4.19.Delete directory recursively

11.4.20.Delete file or directory when virtual machine terminates
11.4.21.Calculate directory size
11.4.22.Change last modified time of a file or directory
11.4.23.Mark file or directory Read Only
11.4.24.Rename file or directory
11.4.25.Moving a File or Directory to Another Directory
11.4.26.Search for files recursively
11.4.27.Traversing all files and directories under dir
11.4.28.Traversing only directories under dir
11.4.29.Traversing only files under dir
11.4.30.Copying a Directory
11.4.31.Check if a directory is not empty
11.4.32.Getting the Current Working Directory
11.4.33.Get all files and folders under a certain folder and save them to a set
11.4.34.Recursively search a directory tree
11.4.35.Searches through the directory tree